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Under the fusion of their spirit liquids, one Sacred Heart fruit quickly became two.

"Here you go." Chen Xiang happily gave Lv Qilian a Sacred Heart fruit.

"Thank you." Lv Qilian gave him a gentle smile, placed him inside a jade box, and said: "I will now start to condense spirit liquid for you, how much do you want?"

Chen Xiang thought for a moment, then said: "Three thousand drops. You can condense ten drops in two hours, and a hundred drops would appear every day every ten hours. This will take a month, and it will be very tiring."

"It's fine. I'll be fine at most once for half a year." Lv Qilian laughed: "It's worth it to work hard for one month in exchange for a Sacred Heart fruit."

Seeing Lv Qilian smiling so sweetly, Chen Xiang stared at her without blinking.

Lv Qilian withdrew her smile when she saw Chen Xiang's fiery gaze. She had obtained a Sacred Heart fruit and was indeed in an excellent mood.

"Sister Qilian... I think there's a way that might make our spirit liquid even more powerful. " Chen Xiang's mind flashed, and he suddenly said.

"What method?" Lv Qilian frowned, she saw the naughty look in Chen Xiang's eyes and had a bad premonition.

Chen Xiang scratched his head and laughed, "Do you still remember the last time we kissed …."

"No." Lv Qilian already knew what method Chen Xiang was talking about and immediately refused.

"Sister Qilian, I really do not have any other evil intentions … I just wanted to verify my thoughts. You and I both know that the last time we had such a huge difference in our abilities, and I also don't know what Alive Slain Method is. My spirit liquid was greatly different from yours, but it's different now. " Chen Xiang righteously spoke with a serious face.

"Now that I have cultivated the Alive Slain Method, my strength is almost the same as yours. When we refined the spirit liquid to fuse together, you have also personally witnessed the effect."

Although Chen Xiang's flowery words sounded very reasonable, she still felt that Chen Xiang wanted to openly take advantage of her.

"In that case, forget it." Seeing Lv Qilian's unwillingness, Chen Xiang sighed.

Although Lv Qilian looked unwilling on the surface, she still wanted to give it a try. Last time, when Chen Xiang kissed her, the two of them used their powers at the same time, causing the spirit liquid to quickly heal her injuries.

"It's fine to try, but you must promise me not to touch my body." Lv Qilian seemed to have made an important decision. After she said it, she suddenly regretted it, but she was also filled with anticipation.

Chen Xiang was overjoyed and immediately nodded in agreement, laughing, "Let's do it on the bed."

"This is good enough." Lv Qilian snorted lightly, "Why aren't you coming over?"

Lv Qilian sat on a soft blanket and when he went over, he felt that this place was no different from a bed. He sat in front of Lv Qilian and looked at that slightly embarrassed and beautiful face.

"Relax, it's not like we've never tried before." Chen Xiang laughed mischievously as he hugged Lv Qilian's slender waist, causing Lv Qilian to involuntarily lean into his embrace.

"Bastard." Lv Qilian raised her head to look at Chen Xiang. Just as she let out a low curse, her sandalwood mouth had already been stuffed shut by Chen Xiang, and she had already felt a warm tongue seeping into her mouth. She had done it even more shyly when she was at the Gods join method, and she was even more familiar with kissing at that time.

In the beginning, the two of them had actually kissed with great tacit understanding. Neither of them mentioned the matter of activating the Alive Slain Method together, and the two even hugged each other even more tightly. Lv Qilian had already taken the initiative to hug Chen Xiang's body, and the two of them kissed together without thinking …

After a long while, the two finally parted their lips. Lv Qilian's cheeks were slightly red, her head was lowered, and she was gasping for breath. It was obvious that she had entered a very excited state, and realised that her resistance to Chen Xiang had become weaker and weaker.

Chen Xiang caressed her face and laughed: "Let's begin, we've played enough just now, we can proceed without worry now."

Lv Qilian's chest rose and fell as she took a few deep breaths, a trace of emotion could be seen in her eyes as she nodded her head slightly. This time, she took the initiative to raise her head, and the two of them were like a couple.

Chen Xiang laid down, allowing Lv Qilian to lie on his broad and robust body, and sent her a sound transmission: "Start the circulation of the Alive Slain Method."

"Mm, you're still not very familiar with it yet. I'll cooperate with you." Lv Qilian replied. The two of them were already very satisfied before this, but to be able to be so intimate with each other now, their hearts felt extremely happy.

In order to test if cultivating the Alive Slain Method together was effective, they had no choice but to put aside their emotions and focus on operating the Alive Slain Method.

Not long after, a layer of pale white light appeared around their bodies. The tips of their tongues intertwined as they slowly condensed a refreshing energy.

"It's working." Chen Xiang excitedly transmitted his voice to Lv Qilian, causing him to hug Lv Qilian even more tightly.

"Be serious." Lv Qilian said softly, "This is a critical moment."

Chen Xiang did not dare move, the two of them continued to embrace each other as if they were in deep sleep. The white glow around them became denser and denser, as a large amount of Holy Spirit Qi was being absorbed by them.

The two of them continued like this for more than half a day. During these few hours, they didn't say much and just hugged and kissed each other. They enjoyed themselves quite a bit.

"It's already been five hours, why don't I feel like I've managed to condense something?" Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Lv Qilian. "Sister Qilian, what about you?"

Lv Qilian was a little surprised: "No, I felt like I managed to condense something close to my throat, and it's solid. I think it should be a pearl.

Chen Xiang laughed: "It's probably because you're a woman, and half of the children are women."

When Lv Qilian heard this, she pinched Chen Xiang's waist lightly.

Chen Xiang had long since gotten used to pinching girls, but he still retaliated against Lv Qilian. His huge claw moved to Lv Qilian's waist, at the bottom of his butt and grabbed at it with a bit of force.

"Don't touch my body." Although Lv Qilian was angry, she could only shout out with the sound transmission, she did not seem to be very angry.

It has already been twelve hours, Lv Qilian sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "I can feel that the pearl I condensed has already formed, it should be over now, right?"

"Mm, anyway, there will be chances in the future." Chen Xiang laughed, and then, the two of them consciously split up.

At this moment, Lv Qilian was straddling Chen Xiang's stomach, and her sandalwood mouth was slightly opened, only to see a transparent pearl floating out from her mouth. This was a transparent pearl that was the size of a longan.

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