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In terms of recruiting strong warriors, Chen Xiang would definitely not fall behind in the battle with the Fire Divine Palace.

Just to make them our hanger-ons, not disciples of the Dragon Subduing School, so that when the time comes someone will take advantage of the situation to take advantage of us, and we have to guard against them. As for the benefits, that's better than the Fire Divine Palace, I can afford it. Chen Xiang said.

Li Baojun nodded his head: "If we have Hunyuan Dan s as rewards, then we will definitely attract a lot of strong warriors. That Fire Divine Palace uses all the high grade Ground level pills and a few Heaven level pills, if Leader can truly have a large number of high grade pills, I think our hanger-ons will grow strong very quickly."

"No problem, wait for me for a while …" Chen Xiang had originally planned to think of a way to raise his cultivation, but it seemed that he would have to first refine a large group of Hunyuan Dan s. As for Flying Dan s, he would leave them to Li Baojun to refine.

He returned to the dragon vein. Right now, he had to condense a large number of creation divine liquid and use them to duplicate a large amount of medicinal ingredients for the Heaven level Pellets.

For example, there were two main ingredients for Hunyuan Dan. For example, Chen Xiang could only copy one of the three days worth of ingredients, which was ten in a month. If it were other Ground level Pills, he would be able to make a huge pile of them in a month.

However, he was already very satisfied. If it was anyone else, they would need to grow ten sets of Hunyuan Dan's main medicinal ingredients. Who knew how long it would take?

"If I had tried my best, I would have been able to produce four pills in a single furnace. There are only forty pills in ten batches, but it's enough to recruit forty people for half a year. Giving them a Hunyuan Dan every six months is a very good deal."

Although Chen Xiang ate Hunyuan Dan like he ate beans, for others, it was already considered good to have one every year.

Now that they are using pills to recruit people to join them, it looks like they will not attack for a while, unless they are able to gather their energy and add a large amount of pills, they will not dare to attack. The prerequisite is that, the Immortal Monarch who was cultivating in the divine way will not take action, if the Immortal Monarch takes the lead, I am afraid that the Fire Divine Palace will attack much earlier. Long Xueyi said.

"Little Naughty Dragon, you revealed a few moves previously. If you make a move, can you kill that Immortal Monarch?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No, I can't. Unless I have ten more years to live, I won't be able to defeat that guy. The reason I was able to kill the Dragon Slaying Clan was because those guys were too weak … Actually, it's very much because they were frightened by me. " Long Xueyi laughed tenderly: "So sometimes boasting in battle is also a very strong tactic."

"You also know that you're bragging. You know your own limits." Chen Xiang laughed: "Oh right, are you using the God wind? I keep having the feeling that when you made your move, you were hiding some other energy."

"Not at all... If I am able to use the real God wind, you can bring me to the Fire Divine Palace right now and kill that Fire Divine Palace who cultivates the spirit. Long Xueyi said: "But it's already very powerful, but you can't use it, that's the special ability of my White Dragon Clan, even if we don't use the Divine Powers to transform into Divine Powers, we can still use it to attack."

Chen Xiang nodded, and said: "So it turns out that you have yet to reach that realm.

Long Xueyi replied: Of course it's difficult, but to me, it's just a matter of time. If it was you, you would need a long time to cultivate, become a Worldly Immortal first, and then you would need more divine power, if not you would know how much divine power to condense the God wind, just like how you used the powerful mysterious flame, I think you would be able to drain your divine power in an instant.

Chen Xiang took in a deep breath. He already had a lot of divine power in his current Divine Sense Sea, but condensing a God wind would only take an instant.

"When I've finished preparing the Hunyuan Dan's medicinal ingredients, I'll go look for the Heaven level Pellets that can strengthen my divine soul. It's been a long time since I've looked for the medicinal ingredients, I hope to be able to find them."

Chen Xiang mumbled, closed his eyes, and concentrated on refining the creation divine liquid … Time passed in the blink of an eye. Two months had passed and Chen Xiang had come out of the dragon vein, arriving at the City Lord's Mansion's City Lord's Mansion, but the moment he arrived, he sensed that there were dozens of powerful auras here. They were all unfamiliar auras, but to this New Imperial Heaven World, he could be considered a group of people that were very strong.

However, these auras were not calm and they would fluctuate from time to time. Obviously, it was because of the influence of their emotions.

Arriving at a large hall, he saw that there were many experts of extraordinary strength here. There were men, women, old and young, and there were also many more of them than he could sense. There were over a hundred of them.

"What's going on?" Once Chen Xiang arrived and saw that it was a noisy place, some people's faces and ears were flushed red, as if they could fight at any time.

Chen Xiang swept his eyes across the people here. All of them had passed through the seven Nirvana Tribulations, and in these two months, Duan Chong and Li Baojun had indeed recruited a few disciples.

The old man and the middle-aged man mostly looked the same, but there were quite a few young ones as well. The old man and the middle-aged man mostly looked the same, and there were quite a few young ones.

"More than half of them are here to poach. They should be sent by the Fire Divine Palace." Li Baojun said, it was obvious that he had gotten used to this kind of thing.

An old man walked out and said loudly: "What poaching, we just do not want our friends to be deceived by you, what's so good about being your Dragon Subduing School's hanger-on, although there are powerful elders who are suppressed by you, but they all seem to be indifferent, everyone knows that your Dragon Subduing School will sooner or later be destroyed by your Fire Divine Palace, if your Fire Divine Palace attacks your Chen Martial Continent, your Dragon Subduing School will definitely help, and all of your hanger-ons will definitely die, we just cannot bear to see all of these hardworking cultivators, close to flying friends being buried by your hands."

Duan Chong and Li Baojun had other plans as to be able to persuade these people to enter the City Lord's Mansion. If they were to be persuaded to leave, they would not become their hanger-ons, so Li Baojun and Duan Chong was not worried about them arguing with each other here.

Furthermore, in order to gain the confidence of the demons, they allowed the demons to burn, kill and plunder in the Human Realm. However, all of you turned a blind eye, and even bragged about the good news of the Fire Divine Palace every day. Didn't you all see how the Fire Divine Palace was being scolded so badly by the people in the Human Realm? A woman said coldly.

Chen Xiang could already tell that those who were persuaded to leave had already left, but those who stayed behind were mostly itinerant cultivators, who could not bear to see Fire Divine Palace and Demon and Devil Realms colluding with each other. Even if they did not want the pills given by the Dragon Subduing School, they would still join the Dragon Subduing School.

"When we came, we had already decided to fight against the Fire Divine Palace. We didn't have enough power ourselves, so we had to join hands with many knowledgeable people, and we definitely could not let a fellow like the Fire Divine Palace, who has a heart of a snake and a heart of a scorpion, obtain the dragon veins of the Chen Martial Continent. For the future Di Tian, that would only be a disaster." An old man sat on a chair, closed his eyes and spoke indifferently.

"The reason you people came here to persuade us is because you have obtained the benefits of the Fire Divine Palace. You should be worried that you will be ruthlessly killed by the people here in the battlefield in the future before coming here to persuade us." Chen Xiang suddenly said: "If they are not my Dragon Subduing School's hanger-ons, they are all on the side. Let me see who is the one who actually did such an ungrateful thing, don't you know that it is because of the Fire Divine Palace that the Spirit Demon beings are able to invade the Human Realm at such a large scale? Even if there is a force that wants to attack the Spirit Demon beings, they will all be stopped by the Fire Divine Palace, you know that clearly."

"I will remember your faces. Leave Dragon Subduing City quickly and I will not forgive you if I see you again in the future."

Chen Xiang's voice was filled with killing intent: "Before I change my mind, hurry up and get lost."

A few people on the scene recognized this person who had suddenly appeared. The Immortal King Wang Qiongjin of the Fire Divine Palace had previously lost to this person when he was refining pills, and it was a tragic loss at that.

People who concoct pills were very powerful, but they did have a very high position in a force. This was because everyone saw that Li Baojun and Duan Chong, the two elders, were very respectful to him.

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