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Amongst the people present to watch Chen Xiang refine pills, many of them were Alchemist and some were high ranking Alchemist. Even if they weren't from the Alchemist s, they were from influential families and had some understanding of pill refining.

"This guy's flames are very ordinary. He doesn't have a Fire Soul, nor do he have many Fire Vein, but the flames are very strong. What exactly is going on?" An old man mumbled puzzledly.

Although Chen Xiang tried his best to conceal the aura of the flames, a few experts, who were extremely sensitive to flames, still felt that something was amiss.

"Elder Wang, is this flame very powerful? I think he is still using all his strength to burn the Golden Iron Root and the heart of the Golden Iron Tree. Although these two medicinal herbs are about to die, they are not something that anyone can easily refine. " Tan Zhongsen said. He was the son of the Dan King, also a Alchemist.

Elder Wang shook his head. "This little brother is an expert in alchemy, he clearly has a solid foundation. He is much stronger than you! The powerful Alchemist s, when concocting pills, were precisely controlled by the Alchemist. They all held their fire and burned the medicinal ingredients with all their might, forming a force!

"Even some of the Alchemist s of the ninth rank find it hard to make the flames possess an invisible power."

There were a few ninth grade Alchemist present, and all of them were capable of refining three high grade Ground level pills. They were all just one step away from Dan King and two of them were present at the scene. Elder Wang was one of them.

"At least I can't do it!" The other hunchbacked yellow haired old man sighed softly.

"So you're saying, he's a ninth level Alchemist?" Ever since she started to fight with Chen Xiang, she had investigated a lot of things related to Chen Xiang. She knew that Chen Xiang was still young, and not over a hundred years old.

The old man shook his head: "I'm not sure, he did not take the examination, it's hard to say, but if he can concoct a difficult to refine middle Ground level pill like the Iron bone Dan, he would at least be a Alchemist of the eighth level!"

Level eight Alchemist, after hearing the words of authority, Tan Zhongsen's face turned a little ugly. Fire controlling ability was very important to Alchemist, it was the key to successfully condensing a core. However, this little brat's fire controlling ability was even better than that of a ninth level Alchemist!

The faces of those who had placed big bets didn't look any better. Those who were able to refine medicinal ingredients into pills, were usually Alchemist s who had strong fire control abilities.

Chen Xiang's control of the flames could be said to be as smooth and as simple as controlling his own hands and feet. This was related to him cultivating the divine way, cultivating the Fire god method, and having a Heaven fire soul.

It was hard to burn the metal tree roots and the heart of the metal tree, but it was easy to burn them inside the Yanlong furnace.

But right at this moment, the Yanlong furnace suddenly started to shake, it was shaking intensely and Chen Xiang was sweating profusely. When the people who had placed bets saw this, they were ecstatic, and wished for nothing more than to laugh out loud, because they knew that Chen Xiang was about to be done for.

"Chang Zi, do you still have more Spar on you?" Chen Xiang suddenly used his divine sense to send a sound transmission to Duan Sanchang.

After Duan Sanchang saw his furnace shake, his back was sweating. If Chen Xiang lost, it would be more than 20 billion Spar s!

"There are still some more. What do you want to do?" Duan Sanchang suddenly felt that something was amiss.

"Hurry up and bet, I'm doing it on purpose for others to see, let them think I'm going to lose." Chen Xiang whispered to Duan Sanchang.

Duan Sanchang sighed in his heart. He was really too sinister as he laughed to himself and immediately said: "Little brother, do you still accept your bet? "Since it's a gamble, the more dangerous it is, the more exciting it is. Although I am not a gambler, I have experienced that kind of feeling before."

Everyone secretly despised Duan Sanchang. He was about to fail, yet he still bet. Wasn't he trying to make Chen Xiang lose even more miserably?

Chen Xiang opened his eyes and sneered: "Do you really think I will lose? "Fine, you can bet as much as you want. Let's see who will be the final winner!"

The crowd immediately burst into an uproar. The cauldron was about to explode from the shaking, yet they still accepted the bet.

Duan Sanchang laughed: "This little brother is indeed straightforward, there are five hundred million Spar here!"

Duan Sanchang threw out a Storage bag, and threw it on the ground. All of these Storage bag had Spar, with a sweep of his spirit sense, he could see that the Spar were stored inside.

Just as Duan Sanchang raised the stakes, a few of them also began to throw their goods out.

"I still have a hundred million Spar here. If this little brother wants to suffer, I'll grant him that wish."

"I'm coming too. I still have 200 million. This is the last one!"

"300 million, go all out and kill this brat!"


There was no lack of old fellows among them, there were even some who threw out their treasured swords and such.

At this time, all of them added together had already accumulated to thirty billion Spar!

Chen Xiang laughed out loud in his heart. He had indeed made the furnace shake on purpose, in order to squeeze out all of the group of people's wealth.

Originally, she was moved by Duan Sanchang's offer, because she also wanted to make it difficult for Chen Xiang to win. However, she knew Chen Xiang's identity and knew that he was Chen Xiang's friend.

The Peach Blossom Heaven Lady Mu Jialan had a leisurely expression. Her beautiful eyes were clear as she quietly looked at what was happening in front of her. She was not a gambler in the first place, and did not compete for fame or profit, thus she was not tempted by Chen Xiang.

The cauldron shook more and more violently, as if it could explode at any moment. Everyone also hid far away, worried that they might be hit by the cauldron shards.

's news had spread across the entire street in a short period of time. A few disciples from famous sects that liked to gamble had rushed over and surrounded the spacious hall.

They had asked Chen Xiang and upon knowing that they could still bet, they threw away their Spar s without hesitation.

Very quickly, everyone's wager had already accumulated to forty billion Spar!

"It's been so long since the Dingsheng pill shop opened, but this is the first time it's been so lively. I had thought that some Dan King would come over to praise me, but who would've thought that there would be people here to gamble." An aged voice slowly sounded.

"Father!" Tan Zhongsen anxiously walked over, and the person who came was Dan King.

Everyone was secretly surprised to see that the Dan King was here, some of them did not expect to be able to witness the glory of the Dan King.

Dan King Tan Sheng, was a very pleasing looking old man. Although he already had the appearance of an old man, his voice had a certain aura, his clothes were not luxurious, but he was extremely refined, with a sense of immortality.

"Little brother, you started off with ten White jade lotus seed, and bought such a precious Destiny box, I believe you have some background, I wonder if you'll accept the wager right now?" Tan Sheng said clearly.

To be able to trap a Dan King, Chen Xiang was overjoyed in his heart. He smiled and said: "Of course I accept it, with Dan King's appreciation for me, even if I lose, I will still be very happy!"

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