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"Quick, save them!"

Long Fei shouted.

He discovered that there was a sword wound on the female assassin's chest. The sword had penetrated her body, and the wound was extremely severe.

jojo also immediately recovered.

"First help her clean her wounds, and I'll concoct a healing pill."

Now that he didn't have a single healing pill, he could only concoct it immediately.

A few minutes later.

A Highest Grade Medicine Powder was out of the furnace and quickly handed it over to jojo.

Long Fei wanted to go in and take a look, but he was blocked outside by jojo, and said: "Young Master, what she injured is her chest, if a man like you sees it, how can she face others in the future?"


Long Fei looked through the gap in the door and coincidentally saw half of the female assassin's chest, "Damn, it's so big!"

"Young Master!"

jojo stomped his feet in anger.

Long Fei quickly ran out.

"The top quality bamboo shoot type beast is simply too savage."

Following that …

Long Fei took care of the Qi in his body to calm himself down, and then began to refine the Healing Pills.

He felt more and more that there would be a fierce battle waiting for him tomorrow.


"Refining is a success!"


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining a Highest Grade Medicine Powder, gained 100 experience points, 10 true breath points, and 10 points as a reward."


"Congratulations, player …"

… ….

The Highest Grade Medicine Powder s were now completely easy for Long Fei.


true pill's success rate was still not high.

Long Fei still only had a success rate of fifty percent, but he secretly felt that there was a problem with the spirit herb formula.

It was not that the pill formula Liu Feng gave him was wrong, but there seemed to be some spirit herbs within the spirit herbs that could restrain him, causing Long Fei to be unable to find them.

He could only refine the pill according to the method he had used before.

Midnight passed.


"Refining is a success!"


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for raising your Alchemy to its current level of Yellow Rank Level 6! Obtain 500 experience points, 50 true breath, and 50 Points as a reward. "

"Young master, she's awake! She's awake!" jojo suddenly ran out and shouted.

Long Fei inspected the pellets, and found that there was enough for tomorrow. He also walked into the room and said: "jojo, stay away from her."

He had no choice but to be on guard.

In the beginning, Long Fei seemed to not have moved, but he had already activated his King Kong Shield s, so even if she stabbed down with her sword, she would not be able to harm Long Fei.

Long Fei was not an idiot.

How could he give up his life for nothing?

jojo said: "Young master, she did not attack you just now, much less now."

She was just so kind.

No matter what other people did to her, she would always think highly of them. Even if they wanted to kill her earlier, she wouldn't hold a grudge.

jojo was too simple and kind.

Long Fei walked to the side of the bed, the killer was still wearing his veil, Long Fei asked: "I want to know who injured you? You were not injured in Fire Wolf Valley. "

This was very strange.

Liu Luoxi did not chase after her.

The female assassin knew her situation, and hid nothing from Long Fei: "She was my original master."


Long Fei frowned, "You said that Fire Glass City has another killer at failure alliance?"

The female assassin said: "failure alliance..." He laughed self-deprecatingly and said, "We are not killer at failure alliance at all. Entering the failure alliance is my lifelong goal. "

"Not the killer at failure alliance?"

"Are you guys fake?" Long Fei asked.

The female assassin said, "We will impersonate the killer at failure alliance because we can get a very high price this way."

"Holy sh * t!"

"What a clever way." Long Fei could not help but praise him, and thought to himself: "When are you going to act like the killer at failure alliance to earn some extra money?"

The female assassin smiled bitterly: "I'm not afraid of your joke. This is the first time we are pretending to be the failure alliance, because the price your Great Elder offered is too attractive. 50 million silver!"

"Fifty million...?"

"Fuck, Long Zhanwu that bastard, he really doesn't take the Long family's money seriously." Long Fei secretly clicked his tongue and asked: "Fifty million shouldn't be enough to invite you all to kill me, right?"

The female assassin said: "They are on Long Zhanhai's side, but … "The plan has changed. Now, the fifty million bounty is being used on you alone."

"Long Zhanwu's condition is that you die in the arena!"

Long Fei laughed coldly, "Truly ruthless, do you want this daddy to die on the stage and be laughed at by the entire city?"

And then …

Long Fei asked: "You still haven't told me how you were injured."

The female assassin bit her lips and said, "I … I wanted to give up the mission. Long Zhanwu ordered my master to kill me, I never thought that he would actually attack me, and fortunately, I escaped very quickly, they did not expect that I would flee to your place. Originally, I wanted to kill you to complete the mission, but … I can't go back. "

"Can you take me in?"

"As long as I can survive, I'm willing to do anything, kill people and set fires. I can do anything despicable and dirty things, as long as I live!"

Long Fei smiled, "Your master will let me die on the stage, what meaning do you have to follow me, a person who is about to die?"

"You won't die!"

The female assassin looked at Long Fei seriously and said: "I saw how you killed the Large Power King Kong Ape. That kind of sword aura is unrivalled.


Long Fei frowned, a trace of killing intent flashed past his eyes.

The secret had been discovered!?

At this point in time, he would not trust anyone.

Even a woman with a bamboo shoot shaped chest wouldn't believe it.

The female assassin felt the cold Qi from Long Fei's body, and immediately said: "I did not say a single word, and I did not say the weapon you were holding either."

"There's more!"

My master will definitely think of a way to disguise himself as a disciple of the Long family to compete with you in the arena. He has a very sinister technique called the 'Conical Yin Method', it is an extremely vicious technique, a vortex of air will appear on his palms, once it touches your nerves, it will temporarily paralyze you and you will be killed in an instant.

Long Fei's heart trembled, and said with a bland smile: "If you betray your master like this, and I accept you, will you betray me like this?"

The female assassin was startled and looked into Long Fei's eyes. She said without hesitation: "Before I have my revenge, I will! I want to live, I want revenge, I don't even have my life left, how can I take revenge! "

No concealment.

Because, she knew, she couldn't hide it from Long Fei.

jojo looked at the female assassin and said: "Young Master, please take her in. Look at her, she is very pitiful. Her parents and family were all killed by someone.

Long Fei laughed: "Do you really believe what she says?"

jojo muttered to herself, "She won't lie to me."

Long Fei said: "I am not jojo, and will not believe you just because of a few words. After the stage is over, I will decide whether you are going to stay or not."


Long Fei had already decided.

He needed someone who could do anything for him.


Long Fei didn't believe her at the moment.

After tomorrow, if what she said was true, Long Fei would let her stay.


Furthermore, she was a top-grade bamboo shoot chest-type beauty, a killer beauty!

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