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A hum came from the dragon salyer.

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The blood-red blade exploded.

The auras of the Wild Mountain Devil and the Divine Tiger blood lineage burst out.

Long Fei's eyes sunk, the idea melded into the dragon salyer, following that, his body also flashed with the blood light and blade aura of the dragon salyer.

One with the saber.

Long Fei moved, and said to the dragon salyer in his heart: "I know you can hear me, and I also know that you want to find your other half. Now … I'll give myself to you. Power, speed, technique, whatever you want, I'll give you whatever you want, but … I want you to kill him in one slash. "


Long Fei gave up control of himself.

At this moment.

The 80,000 true breath values in his body instantly disappeared. At the same time, Long Fei shouted in his heart, "Wushuang!"

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After a few explosions, his energy attribute was doubled and his true breath was ignited.

The dragon salyer moved.

As the blood light receded, Long Fei's figure flashed like lightning, directly slashing through the skies, and he gave a low snort, "One blade flowed, Dragon Slash!"


The Raging Dragon on the dragon salyer's back rose up into the sky. A real dragon was not a wyvern like the Ice and Fire Dragon, but a divine dragon from ancient China.

And then …

Descending from the sky.


The dragon salyer fell and the Dragon God entered his body.

Long Fei's body also instantly passed through Nangong Wudi's body, without touching a drop of blood, he quietly stood there, at that moment Long Fei could feel the power of the dragon salyer.

The dragon salyer was made from dragon blood.

Its true strength was not Dao Feng, nor was it the power to slay dragons, but the power of the Dragon God!

Long Fei stood there quietly, and said indifferently: "The dragon salyer's power does not depend on your own strength to stimulate it, but on its own strength. It is the ruler of all these, and by letting itself be the strongest, Nangong Wudi, you are too weak!"


Nangong Wudi spat out a mouthful of blood, and a scarlet number floated up the top of his head.

999 critical hit damage with 999 HP.

This was the power of the Dragon God!

The true might of the Dragon God.

It was truly the power of a dragon salyer.

Nangong Wudi slowly turned around to look at Long Fei. His eyes were filled with fear as his ice-cold aura gradually filled his entire body, "No, no, impossible. I, I, I … Long Fei, you will also die soon, just you wait, you, the Blood Refinement Sect won't, I won't let you go, I will definitely not … "

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His body exploded into a cloud of bloody mist that rained down.

It filled the entire Taimian Plaza.

It was also at this time that the Ghost Warrior started to cheer, the resentment in their hearts had finally exploded out, and one by one, they walked to Long Fei's side and knelt down, kowtowing and saying: "Thank you, thank you!"

"Thank you!"

"Thank you so much. We are free."

At this moment.

Long Fei closed his eyes and listened quietly.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Nangong Wudi' for obtaining 10 experience points, true breath point, and Energy Values point."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'dragon salyer'."

"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Flaming Yellow Qi'. Do you wish to refine it?"

… ….


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for levelling up. The level 'war chief level' in front of you is' war chief level 2 '."


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for gathering dragon salyer s. You have obtained 100 experience points, 100 true breath and 100 Points as your reward."

The system sounded out continuously.

"We're back, we're finally back, dragon salyer!" Long Fei quietly looked at the other half of the Space Ring, feeling the dense evil aura from his body.

No matter what.

Now that it was back, all he needed to do was to repair it.

As long as it was repaired, the dragon salyer's mission would be completed.


It was a pity that he did not have the Striking Energy Value. Otherwise, the boss' Nangong Wudi 'would definitely have more and better items.

The Striking Attribute!

At the same time.

Long Fei took a look at the items that dropped.

Item: Flaming Yellow Qi



Description: The scorching yellow energy of the world. A strand of essence energy from the Primal Chaos Ancient Era.

Description 2: The ancestor of the Nangong Imperial Clan, Nangong Haotian, obtained this in a mystic realm. The Nangong Imperial Clan was unable to refine this pill for 10,000 years.


"Release and refine?"

Long Fei didn't quite understand, as he read through it once more carefully. He muttered to himself, "Is grade and utility a question mark? What the hell is this? Is it something that even the System can't recognize? "

"What if it is swallowed?"

"What if it's poison gas?"

"Ten thousand my ass! Who would I be afraid of?! If I don't die, I will die for tens of thousands of years!" Long Fei hardened his heart, and resolutely ordered: "Refine!"

In this lifetime, I'm afraid you will lose your entire life.

There had never been a way out for martial arts training.

If he didn't even have this much courage, then what the heck was he?

The system sounded out.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for successfully refining the 'Flaming Yellow Qi'!"

"Holy sh * t!"

"The Nangong Imperial Clan can't even refine it for tens of thousands of years, and I succeeded in less than a second? I must have reached the acme of perfection in my Inherent skill, right? " Long Fei muttered in his heart.

From the moment he first saw the 'Flaming Yellow Qi', he had felt that it was an incomparable force that brought with it a magical force that attracted him.

Thus …

Only then would he disregard the danger to refine it.

Actually, he wasn't confident either.

What was it?

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"Rumble …" Rumble …. "Rumble …"

A loud sound echoed out.

A series of rumbling sounds came from Long Fei's Pubes, followed by a continuous increase in its size. The originally tattered Pubes seemed to want to tear it apart.

Incomparable pain.

"F * ck!"

"It's really poison." Long Fei could not help but curse in his heart as he thought to himself, "I really want my life."

Ignoring everything else, Long Fei swallowed a few antidote pills first.

The medicinal pill entered his body.

It was like a clay ox entering the sea, with no reaction at all.

Long Fei took out a handful of Highest Grade Medicine Powder and threw it into his mouth and swallowed it. It was still useless, and his true breath was rapidly decreasing.

Just a moment ago, after levelling up, his true breath had already reached a total of two hundred thirty thousand points when he killed Nangong Wudi. In less than ten seconds, he only had about ten thousand points left in his true breath Slot, and it was still decreasing.

Too fast.

It was as if over a hundred god-level skills had been released at the same time, disappearing in an instant.

The most crucial point.

Why didn't he get it?

Long Fei didn't know at all.

There was no true breath … Long Fei took out the 'Dragon Spirit Pellets', and ignored the time spent on it. He placed the hundred into his mouth, and the true breath of these Dragon Spirit Pills reached the second one hundred thousand points.


It was still useless!

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The Pubes s were still buzzing.


Chapter Six!

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