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Nothing else is important. Just get the result!

Fu Tianqiu's heart was startled, he could not believe it at all. He stared at the black-robed old man and said: "You are in cahoots with him, right? To improve the true pill of my Fu Family, is he even worthy? "

Nangong Lei became anxious and asked: "Teacher, what exactly happened?"

He was stupefied.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Even Long Zhanhai was confused. What's going on?

I already said that Long Fei lost, how did he win the bet so quickly?

Could it be … Long Fei had really succeeded?

Long Zhanhai himself didn't quite believe it. His ancestor once said, the bodies of the Long Family members aren't suitable for Alchemy. Even if one wanted to refine it, it wouldn't be far.

Therefore, the Long Family had never advocated Alchemy for disciples.

The crowd below the arena was also in an uproar.

"Did you succeed?"

"He really succeeded?"

"Impossible, true pill is not some other pill, it's impossible to improve it."

"Could it be that the black-robed old man was bribed by Long Fei?"

… ….

All sorts of questions sounded.

Long Fei didn't explain in the slightest. Step by step, he walked in front of Fu Tianqiu and coldly laughed. Didn't Fu Tianqiu say that he was very good just now? "

"Kneel before your father now!"

The Long family had no shame, and the Fengyuan Merchant Union had no shame either. Kneeling before Long Fei in front of all the people in the city would cause the Fengyuan Merchant Union's reputation to suffer a great loss.

It would also become a criticism of competitors.


The business of the Fengyuan Merchant Union in the Fire Glass Dynasty would be pushed out.

Can't kneel!

Fu Tianqiu clenched his fists, and shouted: "Long Fei, you said that you have successfully improved and improved? "I don't believe that you can refine one right in front of me if you have the ability."

"Otherwise, I would never believe you."

Nangong Lei looked at the black-robed old man, who remained silent. Nangong Lei also took a step forward and shouted, "That's right, that was a modified true pill, but who can prove that you refined it yourself? You can fake it. Long Fei, you better refine it in front of everyone, or else … You've lost. "

I don't believe it.

No one believed it, and neither did Nangong Lei.

Zhuge Tianlong, Li Chongtian, and the others did not believe it either.

Improved true pill?


Many people below the stage also shouted loudly, "We have to refine it on the spot!"

"You're right. Otherwise, who would know where you bought these Ling Dans?"


"Long Fei, if you want to prove it, you must refine it in front of everyone in the city."

… ….

Long Fei smiled, turned around, looked at Nangong Lei, and said: "Wasn't that slap just now painful? Alright, I'll give you three more old things a slap. "


Long Fei slightly shouted, "Prepare a pill furnace!"

Nangong Lei's face turned sinister as he said solemnly: Prepare a pill furnace for him. Long Fei, if you are unable to concoct it, I will take your life!

No doubt about it.

The words "succeeded" from the black-robed old man were like a slap on the face of Long Fei.

It was very painful!

But they refused to accept it.

Long Zhanhai walked over and whispered, "Xiao Fei, if you don't want to refine it, no one can stop you."

He wasn't sure either.

Long Fei smiled faintly: "Uncle, you can go now. I will slap their faces until they become swollen, moreover … This time, I will let the Long family control the life vein of the Fire Glass City's medicine! "

What is a true pill?

Pills that had abundant spirit energy and were the best supplementary pills for martial practitioners.

Any martial artist needed it.

Whoever could control this pill could control the market in Fire Glass City.

In the Fengyuan Merchant Union, holy dragon mansion Zhuge of the Alchemy Family had occupied the medicine market, but it was immediately pushed aside because of this true pill.

Like to play? Then let's play it big!

Long Zhanhai looked at Long Fei, unable to see through his thoughts, but as long as it was something Long Fei wanted to do, he was willing to fully support him no matter what.

"Disciples of the Long family, retreat!"

At this moment.

Zhao Er took out a pill furnace from the Fengyuan Merchant Union.

Liu Feng also stood below the stage, his eyes blazing with fire.

Fu Tianqiu sneered, and said: "Liu Feng, you are a dog of the Fengyuan Merchant Union, you can forget about leaving the Fu Clan in your lifetime, do you understand?"

"It's impossible for him to succeed!"

Long Fei's eyes became angry, and the moment he grabbed the pill furnace, he bellowed, "Look carefully!"

And then …

The true breath surged and the fire started.


He placed the same spiritual herb into the pill furnace.

Long Fei's true breath was tightly controlled, and in the end, a few fire-attribute spiritual herbs that were gathered in the Great Desolate Mountain Range were placed inside, causing the true breath to frantically burn.

Half a minute later!


"Refining is a success!"

After the System's voice rang out, a rich fragrance permeated the air. Everyone in the surroundings could smell that the Spiritual Energy was extremely dense.

It was also at this time.

Long Fei took out the 'true pill', and immediately placed it in front of Fu Tianqiu, "Did you see it clearly?"

His Alchemy had reached less than a minute!

It was dazzlingly fast.

The black-robed old man didn't spare a single move, but … He still did not see clearly, and still did not know how Long Fei had managed to refine it successfully.

Just with this Alchemy alone, he had reached a realm that no one could compare to.


Long Fei didn't even look at the pill furnace. He knew that he had succeeded, which showed his confidence.


Everyone was shocked.

What kind of Alchemy technique was this?

Like a ghost, he was completely unable to understand what was going on.

Fu Tianqiu's face turned pale white, he shouted once again: "You dog, this old man asks, have you seen clearly yet?"

Fu Tianqiu's body swayed, and he shook his head: "Long Fei, this, this, this is only an ordinary true pill, it hasn't improved at all."

Its appearance was not any different.

What shocked him was Long Fei's speed, and her success rate.

true pill were extremely hard to control and would easily fail, even if he was a Alchemy Grandmaster.

Long Fei sneered, and directly stuffed it into his mouth. He suddenly roared, "I'll let you experience what a newly-obtained true pill is like."

The medicinal pill entered his body.

His spirit energy flooded in.

Fu Tianqiu's Pubes was continuously being struck, and the strong spirit energy was overflowing. Even the people around him could feel it.

Fu Tianqiu was so shocked that his entire body was trembling. "Impossible, impossible, the Fu Clan was unable to improve the true pill even after studying it for thousands of years, you can't succeed …"

However …

The truth was the truth.

Long Fei did not care, he moved and shouted: "Kneel in front of me."

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Fu Tianqiu's body sank, and started trembling all over.


A slap landed on his face.

Fu Tianqiu was instantly slapped so hard that he kneeled on the ground.

Long Fei slapped down again, and shouted: "Kowtow!"


Fu Tianqiu's forehead heavily struck the ground, and blood poured out from his forehead. However, he still did not dare move, because … He had lost.

"We lost so utterly …"


This wasn't the end.

It was rare for someone to build up momentum for him, if he did not make good use of it, he wouldn't be called Long Fei.

"The true pill is awesome, right?"

"I'll let you know, true pill is nothing but trash in my eyes!" Long Fei slightly shouted, "All of you, come out!"

— —

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