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Shattered ice crystals from the Purple profound Holy Mountain were scattered all over the place. This was originally a sacred weapon, but now it had been destroyed by a mysterious giant tablet.

The reason why Chen Xiang was able to obtain this Heaven-suppressed immortal monument was all thanks to the Fire Divine Palace. If not for them being able to find the huge profoundbing in the profound Cold Ancient Realm, who knows how long this Heaven-suppressed immortal monument would have been sealed for.

"What a powerful Heaven-suppressed immortal monument, I have used up both my divine power and Dragon Power." Long Xueyi's voice was extremely weak. Just now, Chen Xiang could feel a strong energy surging out from her body, able to unleash the powerful energy hidden within the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument.

"Kill him." Yang Jiutao's face was extremely sinister, his veins popping, this sacred artifact was truly powerful, even in the Heaven Realm, it was still a priceless treasure, and this was lent to him by the secret expert of the Fire Divine Palace, in order to allow him to successfully take over the Divine Weapons Heavenly Country.

But now it had been destroyed. Destroying a Holy-ranked Artifact, even in the Heaven Realm, was an earth-shattering thing.

With the Sacred Fire School's power treasures destroyed, the morale of the people on the side of the Chen Martial Continent boosted and they charged even more. Furthermore, they sent out their elites and each of them sent a small team that was well-trained.

Yang Jiutao roared. A red cloud suddenly appeared in the sky, burning with intense flames and steaming hot, causing everyone on the battlefield to look like they were inside a furnace.

"Die." Yang Jiutao's palm descended and the fiery clouds in the sky rolled, turning into a giant flaming palm that fiercely smashed downwards. The strong force caused a large piece of the ground to be torn apart.

In front of this gigantic flaming palm, Chen Xiang was like a mosquito. Even after being struck by the palm, he was still pressed down heavily to the ground.

The huge fire palm imprinted itself onto the cracked ground. The flames were still burning, and when it struck the ground, a torrential wave of fire engulfed the entire battlefield, burning all the corpses on the ground and causing the stench of blood to fade.

"This guy actually used flames to attack me." Chen Xiang was pressed down by the huge palm, and when he was struck ruthlessly, the impact caused his entire body to feel pain, but it was nothing much to him.

"Devouring magic kungfu." When Chen Xiang used the Devouring magic kungfu, he entered into the depths of the abyss like a bottomless whirlpool. As for the giant flaming palm that was suppressing him, it was like an ocean water that crazily revolved and entered Chen Xiang's body.

"I have used more than half of my Innate Qi to activate this Fire cloud palm. Even if I cannot kill him, I can heavily injure him. At this time, my power has not dispersed, and I can at least seal him for a period of time." Yang Jiutao thought, but when he saw that his palm had sunk down, his face changed.

Chen Xiang's devouring speed became faster and faster, because these flames were all formed from extremely pure energy, and he also used the Fire god method to turn his dantian into a Fire Dan Tian, digesting these flames very quickly.

The gigantic flame palm was slowly shrinking, and was being devoured by Chen Xiang, becoming his own power.

After the power of the Fire Palm had weakened and was unable to seal Chen Xiang, he suddenly jumped into the air, dragging a long trail of flames with him. This was the remaining power of the Fire Palm.

"Block him!" Seeing Chen Xiang rushing down, Yang Jiutao bellowed, wanting to call for help and work together to kill Chen Xiang.

But at this time, only his three elders from the Sacred Fire School were not being held back. They had all come to Yang Jiutao's side, and did not dare to rush forward like this to battle with Chen Xiang, who was falling stars.

"It's my turn now." Chen Xiang took a deep breath, and the Genuine qi of five elements in his body suddenly started to seethe with excitement. The five Beast statue s seemed to emit excited roars from his dantian, causing the Innate Qi that he released to become even stronger.

The Genuine qi of five elements smashed together, turned into Genuine qi of universe, and poured into Chen Xiang's limbs and bones, fusing together with his valiant Body of Heavenly Sage, causing his current strength to become even stronger.

"The power of earth …" Chen Xiang channeled the chant within the Ground killing, and through his many years of understanding the Ground killing, he was able to transform the energy within his body into the power of earth.

Chen Xiang seemed to have merged with nature at this moment. Even though his entire body was emitting a very strong aura, it seemed to contain a kind of natural spirituality. When he punched out, the force released from his fist felt like a surging torrent, a surging wave. That kind of aura also made people feel like they were standing at the foot of countless towering mountains.

"Withdraw." Yang Jiutao's expression changed suddenly, because he had already seen through something. He knew that the power the other party used was most likely from inside the Heaven Earth Killing Method.

The three elders of the Sacred Fire School had already escaped at their highest speeds, but they were still shrouded by the terrifying energy. That power seemed to have countless invisible hands, which ripped the bodies of the three elders apart as bloody pieces fell from the sky, causing the hearts of the group of people below to jump out of their chests.

Half of Yang Jiutao's body had already been torn off, and his head was still stuck on that half of his body, not yet dead. His face carried incomparable fear, and he knew that he was going to die, "This is heaven and earth …"

"Hmph." With a cold snort, Chen Xiang appeared behind Yang Jiutao in the blink of an eye, and using that power, he punched towards Yang Jiutao's head, turning him into a blood mist.

The Leader and the clan elders were all wiped out. Just now, Yang Jiutao had already asked the other powers for help multiple times, allowing them to join hands and take down Chen Xiang.

Right after Chen Xiang killed Yang Jiutao, he felt a familiar aura.

"This guy finally made his move, but he's too late."

This was the Immortal Monarch inside the Sacred Fire School, they were the people from the Fire Divine Palace, someone had already reported what had happened here, but they were still a step too late. By the time the Immortal Monarch arrived, both and Purple profound Holy Mountain were no longer here.

"Elder Li, Elder Duan, Immortal Monarch is here." Chen Xiang anxiously sent a sound transmission to them, the strength of Immortal Monarch was extremely terrifying, only Duan Chong and Li Baojun could fight together.

However, this Immortal Monarch did not plan to participate in the battle.

In order to prevent Immortal Monarch from attacking the weaker people, Li Baojun and Duan Chong immediately rushed over. At this time, the powerhouses brought their own men and quickly retreated, some of the powers had already been exterminated, and only a few old fellows were holding on. In this battle, the alliance suffered heavy losses, because they were too careless.

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