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After each continent merged, they would be separated into three main regions. The Human Realm s, Demon Realm s, and Devil Realm s, the forces near the border would all go there to negotiate and try their best to compromise.

The Human Realm was the largest and also the largest in number of people. Furthermore, the Human Realm was divided into five large regions, East, West and West. If one did not rely on the Transmission array, to fly from the south to the east would take twenty to thirty years.

The Chen Martial Continent was located in the south, and there were two Tong Tian Aristocratic Family s and two ancient sage realms here. Currently, they were both like the sun in the sky, controlling a large portion of the large and small sects and clans.

In just a short span of a month, the situation had already been set. Right now, there was no strong power that could dominate the Human Realm, let alone the entire Human Realm, even a region could not match up to it. For example, in the south, there was an ancient sect that wanted to dominate them and become the emperor of the south.

The emperors of the south were not that easy to deal with, unless they were very strong. However, that was not realistic, because right now, all the great powers were evenly matched, able to balance each other out. If they were to break the balance, they would be annihilated by the combined forces of the other powers.

Chen Xiang looked at the Transmission array from amongst the Continent of the King s and sighed and shook his head. This place was also packed full of people, because all the Transmission array s had lost their effectiveness, making it difficult to travel through space.

It was just as the rumors said, the space had become firmer. It was difficult for ordinary Transmission array to open a door to the void, and only the big sects and ancient clans had a method to teleport to the Primordial Era.

Because in ancient times, space was also very strong.

Many people were trapped here, and these people were traveling everywhere. They all came from other regions, and the central region had the most people here because it was the center of the world. It was the most prosperous place, and also the most powerful.

"My Luotian Gate has been destroyed as well. Is it still a Mortal Realm? Something that even the Sacred Dan Realm can use, can't do it anymore! " Chen Xiang sat on the ground in displeasure, drooping his head and sighing.

"I can't use it in the Heaven Realm, otherwise Wu Canghong would not leave it for you. Although the Sacred Dan Realm is a high level world, it is very special there, you can view it as a special super large profound Realm, somewhere between the Heaven Realm and the human world, but it is filled with dense immortal qi." Long Xueyi said.

Luotian Gate can only be a collector's item now, but they can still be used in the Sacred Dan Realm in the future.

"Damn it, if I go back to the Super Martial School now, won't I have to fly back by myself?" When Chen Xiang thought about that long road, he felt a headache.

The rest of them were also like that. Fortunately, they were in the most prosperous city in Continent of the King, so if they were in a place that was full of birds pooping or the heavens should not scream, they would also want to cry.

"Go look for Dongfang Xinyue and Liu Meng'er. They have an ancient array in their hands, they might even come up with a treasure to travel to another place." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang laughed bitterly: "We still have to go to Divine Weapons Heavenly Country. I don't know how long we'll have to fly."

A few old men with white hair suddenly descended from the sky. It had to be said that flying was forbidden in City of the King, so the fact that they could fly freely meant that their status was not low.

"The formation master is here. There's hope!" A person shouted excitedly.

"Great! I was planning to buy a few pairs of shoes and run back home, but I don't need them anymore."

"Will a few pairs of shoes suffice? Although your place is also in the south, it is the northernmost area. "From here to that place, there's at least a hundred pairs …"

Everyone wanted to laugh, but they couldn't. This was only the south. If they had to cross over a large region, then that distance would truly be terrifying.

"Kids, take advantage of young age and walk a bit more paths. Although we are array masters, it will take at least half a year to set up an ancient transmission array." An old man used an unknown stone to check the toughness of the space.

Another old man said: "In this half a year, there will be enough time for some people to walk back. Even if the Transmission array Great Formation is established, the price would be very expensive, because the energy required to open it is huge. You all should go and earn the Spar first."

"Don't wait anymore. Go back and train yourself more."

These young men were extremely unhappy. These old men were standing and speaking without feeling any pain in their backs. If they had the strength, then that was fine too. But if they were weak, then they would have met with a formidable beast in the form of a human, and they would be dead for sure.

If they accidentally stumbled into some dangerous areas, even a giant would fall into them.

At this time, someone from the Transmitting Square shouted, "Whether or not you have friends from the Chen Martial Continent, who can unite with us, we can still be considered close to the Chen Martial Continent from here. It should at most be around a year!"

Chen Xiang almost vomited blood.

After all the large and small worlds were merged together, the large and small continents merged together to form a huge land mass. It was a mixed game, at least for those who liked to travel, this was a good thing.

Some of the warriors at the bottom level also thought that it was a good thing because the spirit energy had become very rich. For those like them who lacked resources, the cost of cultivation could be reduced.

"Is there anyone who would like to go to Rough and Random profound Land?" A grey robed man around twenty years old shouted. Everyone quieted down.

Isn't the Rough and Random profound Land the Great Forbidden Land that suddenly appeared in the south? This was originally a profound Realm. However, due to the great change in the world, it suddenly jumped out. This was because there were many huge ancient beasts inside, hence the name "profound Realm".

Even the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family and the top ten sage realm experts were only moving around in the outer regions.

"I'll go!" Chen Xiang immediately replied, and then walked towards that person.

"Are you crazy? An elder of the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family has just died in that place. " An old man hurriedly shouted.

"You are afraid of death, but we are not!" The grey robed man snorted and continued to shout: Go to Rough and Random profound Land, you're not afraid of death … …

A well-dressed man disdainfully said, "Two brainless idiots who overestimate their capabilities. Do you think you're some kind of immortals?"

The gray-robed man was instantly enraged. Although his clothes were simple, his Innate Qi was not weak. Anyone near him could feel the vigorous aura that he was emitting, as if he was a flaming bull.

"Did that bastard say that? You're scolding us, hurry up and get out of here. Even if you don't have the ability to go, it doesn't mean that others don't. " The grey robed man shouted angrily.

There was no reply as the man continued, "Even a dog dares to bark in front of a man, yet you only put a snub on the back of others. You're worse than a dog!"

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