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In an old house in Dan City, Duan Sanchang and Li Baojun were boasting when Chen Xiang suddenly walked in.

"Brother Leader, you're back so quickly? Didn't you say to go and get some people? So you're alone? " Duan Sanchang asked.

"Chang Zi, have you gone to find your great-uncle yet?" Chen Xiang did not immediately answer, and anxiously asked.

"No, they are no longer in Pill City. Furthermore, they are no longer at our secret hiding spot. I will have to wait for a while." Duan Sanchang had already told Chen Xiang before that the members of the Duan Clan would always travel swiftly, but they would set a time to gather.

Lan Lan and Yan Yanran also received Chen Xiang's message and rushed back. They were in Pill City gathering information.

These two beauties had both disguised themselves so that they appeared to be very ordinary. Otherwise, based on their figure and faces, they would definitely be able to attract the gazes of many people.

"I just returned to Super Martial School, my master told me that a lot of people had started to go participate in Three Realms Talk, and they even held a competition. My junior nephew Gu Dongchen brought fifty disciples to Heaven Thunder Purgatory, and there was a change in Heaven Thunder Purgatory …" Chen Xiang quickly explained the Heaven Thunder Purgatory's situation to her.

"Could it be that he brought disciple inside to gain experience? Otherwise, they wouldn't have brought 50 elites in one go! " Yan Yanran frowned: "Furthermore, they have hidden this information well, and we don't even know about it!"

"This... My master said that there was a large group of rogue cultivators that went there, so how could the news not spread out? Could it be that the Heaven Thunder City is being controlled? " Chen Xiang guessed.

Duan Sanchang paced back and forth in the hall: "My grandfather might be inside, my grandfather is the number one enemy of many ancient powers, and my grandfather might have also went there. This is a treasure land left behind by the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, maybe something good is hidden inside!"

Lan Lan looked at Li Baojun and charmingly said: "Elder Li, bring us juniors to broaden our horizons!"

The Leader s and a few clan elders of the Dragon Subduing School were all targeted by the ancient powers, Yan Yanran was the mysterious Nine Lives Demon Cat, Lan Lan toyed with the son of the Leader, Duan Sanchang lost the ancestors' tomb of the Flying Immortal School, Li Baojun killed the Dan King, and sealed the ten strong warriors, Chen Xiang didn't have to say anything … In the eyes of the ancient powers, they were a group of felons.

Li Baojun looked at Chen Xiang. He had to see what Chen Xiang meant, there were many strong warriors in the other powers, but they only had Li Baojun, the only one who could support them for the time being. Leader and the few elders were all growing, but compared to their peers, they were considered to be out of the group.

"Go, but you don't need the Elder Li. You have to stay here and wait for the Dragon Subduing City to finish building!" Chen Xiang took out a jade tablet, dripped some blood on it, then quickly drew a few Spirit grain s. He passed them to Li Baojun: "As long as you take this jade tablet, you can freely enter Evil Dragon Graveyard."

Li Baojun said in surprise, "How can I bring you guys without me?"

Chen Xiang laughed: "I will ask the other guy to bring us there. In the future, Elder Li, just focus on refining pills and just manage the pill business. This guy really has some background. "

Just like this, Chen Xiang brought Duan Sanchang, Yan Yanran and Lan Lan to the White Tiger profound Realm!

The moment they entered, Yan Yanran felt a mysterious and familiar aura, but at the same time, she felt fear. Lan Lan was skipping about in the beautiful forest that was full of life, while asking Chen Xiang what kind of profound Realm he was in.

The White Tiger profound Realm was very beautiful, with birdsong and fragrant flowers. It was a large tree that released a sweet fragrance, but right now, only Chen Xiang did not feel any pressure.

Duan Sanchang, Yan Yanran and Lan Lan started to feel more and more that powerful invisible pressure. Yan Yanran in particular, her charming jade face turned slightly pale.

Chen Xiang originally thought that he would have to go to the White Tiger Fighting Race's residence to go find the White Tiger. However, what surprised him was that the White Tiger suddenly appeared in front of them with a warm smile.

Seeing this average looking middle-aged man, Yan Yanran was immediately drenched in sweat, and almost lost his balance! Lan Lan and Duan Sanchang's faces were also filled with fear, but they were not like Yan Yanran.

"Senior … "They …" Chen Xiang knew that the White Tiger was probing Yan Yanran and the others.

The White Tiger smiled faintly and retracted the formless energy. It looked at Yan Yanran and said intimately, "You are the Nine Lives Demon Cat, do you remember anything? There's something about your parents, and living is something that concerns your race! "

Chen Xiang suddenly thought that the tiger and cat had a relationship, but the White Tiger was actually very rare and precious. Maybe Yan Yanran could be like Bai Zhenzhen and have the White Tiger instruct him in cultivation.

Yan Yanran shook her head: "I was adopted by an old granny. After she raised me up, she sent me to a sect."

Not knowing why, Yan Yanran trusted the middle-aged man in front of her extremely. She didn't know the identity of the middle-aged man, but she felt a sense of familiarity. Of course, she was also shocked by the White Tiger's power. It was much stronger than the Li Baojun she had met.

With Duan Sanchang and Lan Lan at the side, even the White Tiger was careful.

"The Nine Lives Cat Race had some connections with us. It could be said that they were all one family back then, but after we lost them all in the great battle, I thought that the Nine Lives Cat Race would have lost its bloodline. I didn't expect to meet them here." The White Tiger looked at Chen Xiang and asked, "Can you let her stay by my side for a while? She should have inherited the memories of the Nine Lives Cat Race, but she hasn't fully awakened yet! "

Long Xueyi did not know about the Nine Lives Demon Cat, either. The Imperial Dragon Race could be said to have a very good understanding of the White Tiger, but she did not know that the White Tiger Fighting Race actually had such a mysterious alliance.

Chen Xiang looked at Yan Yanran and said: "That depends on her intentions."

Yan Yanran nodded, she also wanted to find out the identity of her Nine Lives Demon Cat. She felt that there was a very strong power hidden within her body, she felt that the person in front of her could help her activate it.

"These are your friends?" The White Tiger then looked at Lan Lan and Duan Sanchang. His eyes looked very friendly and friendly, but it was as if he could see through every single person's hidden secrets.

"Yes, and he's an elder of my Dragon Subduing School!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Dragon Subduing School? He was the Dragon Subduing School that was now the talk of the town? I never thought that the dragon vein would end up in your hands, how did you obtain it? " He felt that it would be difficult for Chen Xiang to obtain that dragon vein by himself. Back then, his eldest disciple, Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, was only able to obtain it because he had a large amount of help from his own body.

"Because I have a Imperial Crystal."

The White Tiger suddenly realized something and nodded its head. It did not question anymore and looked towards Lan Lan.

She hid behind Yan Yanran, making him laugh out loud. "Don't worry, it's not like I'll eat you! You are a part of the Human King Clan's Blue-Blood Division, and the Human King was once a good friend of Qi Shi.

Duan Sanchang felt that the person in front of him was extremely terrifying. He did not expect that during the Primordial Era, there would still be someone who had survived until now, and that there were actually so many things about it.

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