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The commotion caused by Chen Xiang and the rabbit demon during the battle was not small, and had already alarmed the demons that were deeper inside. However, the demons did not check because they felt that it would be safer inside the Great Devil Mountains.

Walking out of the dim forest, Long Xueyi suddenly sensed a group of Devil Cultivator approaching him. There were a total of 50 to 60 people, but their strength were all not bad.

When Long Xueyi just discovered this group of Devil Cultivator, Chen Xiang had already seen them, and these Devil Cultivator seemed to know he was here as they quickly ran over.

"It's you!" Chen Xiang was not surprised, the two people he saw were the Devil Race's two people who would never invade the mortal world, but they were only the young man.

From Cui Sha's memories, Chen Xiang knew that the young man was called Mo Yi, and was the Eldest Young Master of the Devil Race's Patriarch. He had the orthodox Mo Clan bloodline, and was even more noble than the Demonic Eye Clan.

was extremely surprised, he did not expect to meet Chen Xiang here. Previously, he and his father had declared that they would not invade the human world, but now, he had appeared in the Great Devil Mountains.

Chen Xiang had crippled five of Mo Yi's proud subordinates, who were also from the Demon Eye Clan, and this was something that Mo Yi had always kept in mind. Now that Chen Xiang was here alone, Mo Yi could only kill him.

Cui Sha didn't know too much, but this Mo Yi definitely knew a lot. Chen Xiang was secretly excited, he didn't think that this Mo Yi would deliver himself to his doorstep at this time.

"Aren't you from Ancient Spirit Great Land? Why did he come to this place? Or did you come out from the depths of Great Devil Mountains? Haha... I knew that you guys had some tricks up your sleeves, and it's really true. You guys can't be trusted at all. " Chen Xiang laughed. He was not afraid, which surprised Mo Yi.

"Hmph, since you've already caught sight of me, I definitely can't let you leave here alive!" Mo Yi sneered.

Chen Xiang sarcastically retorted, "Dogs don't change their way of eating sh * t. Now you admit that you guys are scheming against the human world?"

Mo Yi said: "So what? You don't have the chance to report it!"

"Kill him!" Mo Yi shouted, and then retreated. He did not plan to do it himself.

Seeing Mo Yi give the order, Chen Xiang grabbed the air, the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword suddenly appeared, holding the divine blade tightly in his hand, it spun in place, then spat out waves of Dragon Power Qi, wanting to create a huge pressure of millions of jin that formed into a tornado and pulled all of the incoming Devil Cultivator into the tornado.

Devil Cultivator's physical body was very strong, but he couldn't withstand the pressure. In just an instant, those dozens of powerful Devil Cultivator were crushed to death.

Previously, when Chen Xiang had consumed the Five Elements Profound Dan, his Innate Qi had recovered very quickly. As long as the other party was not from the Nirvana Stage, he would have more than enough strength to deal with them.

One had to know that out of his fifty to sixty subordinates, which one wasn't battle-worn? Which one of them wouldn't make others tremble with fear in the Devil Realm, yet, in front of Chen Xiang, they were all instantly killed?

On the contrary, he was extremely excited because he felt that he had finally met a powerful opponent. Even in the Devil Realm, it was very difficult for him to have the chance to fight against someone who was on par with him. Even if he faced a Devil Cultivator who had just entered the Nirvana Stage, he had a certain chance of winning.

"You are really strong!" Mo Yi's handsome and ice-cold face was completely calm as he took out a very long black stick.

"This item should be at the same level as immortal equipment." Bai Youyou said.

So what if it was a celestial item? Chen Xiang's Green dragon demon-slain broadsword was a godly weapon, but if the opponent had very strong power, even if Chen Xiang had a godly blade, he would not be able to easily cut off the weapon.

"You want to kill me?" Mo Yi looked into Chen Xiang's eyes and asked.

"That's because you want to kill me. I can see that you have some skills too." Chen Xiang smiled faintly.

"You don't understand the world of demons, otherwise you would never have thought like this, you would only feel fear towards me. I am indeed surprised that you could kill my subordinates, but you must know that in my eyes, they are nothing more than a bunch of dogs." Mo Yi's voice was ice-cold, carrying a hint of arrogance.

"Aren't you a member of the orthodox bloodline in the Devil Race?" Chen Xiang said.

Chen Xiang actually knew all this, Mo Yi frowned: "Seems like you know quite a lot!"

Bai Youyou was an expert of the Heavenly Demon Realm. One must know that the Heavenly Demon Realm was a powerful, high-grade world that could be compared with the Heaven Realm.

"I also know that the group of demons behind Great Devil Mountains want to listen to your Devil Race. I also know that you're already six hundred years old this year. Chen Xiang laughed.

Chen Xiang could clearly see Mo Yi's identity from that Cui Sha's memories. In the world of demons, Mo Yi was one of the few, the strongest existence beneath the Nirvana Stage.

"Then you killed the rabbit and Cui Sha?" Mo Yi raised his eyebrows. He was not surprised that Chen Xiang had killed the rabbit demon, but he was very clear about Cui Sha's strength.

Of course, Chen Xiang would not be so vigilant of him, he laughed: "I was the one who killed him, but I didn't do anything. That rabbit's poison is really strong, I was just using it a little!"

Mo Yi laughed coldly, "I knew this idiot would do bad things. His poison is indeed enough to poison Cui Sha to death, but you were the one who killed the rabbit demon, right? It wouldn't be difficult to get something out of this guy's mouth."

Both the rabbit demon and Cui Sha did not go back, and because the Great Devil Mountains made such a big commotion, Mo Yi brought people out to investigate.

Chen Xiang laughed and said: "It's about that."

Mo Yi laughed out loud. "Then you will definitely lose today. You must have consumed quite a lot of your strength in your battle with the rabbit demon!"

Following Mo Yi's wild laughter, the Demonic Qi in the air surged, and actually descended from the sky, entering Mo Yi's body, causing his originally thin body to grow larger, ripping off his clothes, revealing his sinister and terrifying muscles.

Chen Xiang retreated a few steps, the demonic aura that rushed into the sky was extremely strong, like a hurricane. But Chen Xiang was not afraid, he cultivated the Demon Subduing Martial Art, he had the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, and that was the same as slaying demons. If he was afraid, he would lose all these powers!

"You're only so-so, and you're actually using this kind of power. But don't think that I'll be afraid of you just because of this!" Chen Xiang sneered.

Mo Yi roared, holding the black rod, he smashed it towards Chen Xiang's head, producing a strong pressure that tore apart the ground, if Chen Xiang was not able to dodge in time, his head might even explode.

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