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### Chapter 77 - The most difficult test

Long Fei's heart was on fire.

Fire of Rage!

He thought that if he found the Long family's army, he would be able to solve all his problems.

However …

Not only were the Long family's troops not willing to send out their troops, but they also suffered from a wave of ridicule and ridicule.

'Trash, trash 'made him extremely unhappy, as he thought to himself: "When I return, I'll make you kneel down and sing' Conquer '!"

… ….

skyline camp.

Black Dragon Army, pioneer camp, Battalion Commander Meng Yue sat on the tiger head chair, holding his head up.

"Battalion Commander, he will definitely run to the Long Army, and Vice General Chen will definitely not send out any troops. Will he be able to escape?" A black-armored guard asked.

"Escaping is his only option!" Another guard said, "If he runs away, then he doesn't have the qualifications to command the Long family's army."

The four generals Feng, Yun, Lei, and Lei all disagreed with Long Fei taking control of the Long family's army. If it wasn't for General Long Yun's insistence, I'm afraid that he wouldn't even be qualified to enter the Long family's army trial. "

"If he runs away, he'll be kicked out forever."

"This is the hardest exam ever, I have never seen it before, Long Fei is only at the second level of the war spirit, even our Grand Master is stronger than him, how can he be a match for our pioneer camp?"

"I bet he'll run away!"

Meng Yue's mind was also in a mess, but when he heard this, he became even more agitated. He really didn't like to think.

Meng Yue stared at Hu Shan who was waving his fan: "San Ye, what do you think?"

Hu Shan waved his fan, and said indifferently: "We are following orders, we do not need to think about it. It doesn't matter if Long Fei runs away, or if he doesn't leave, it has nothing to do with us."

Meng Yue said: "Then what about General Yun's orders?"

Hu Shan said, "There's no need for an explanation. General Yun is only giving Long Fei one chance, he can't fight for it is his own affair, if he gives up, it won't affect us at all, we would be happy and free."

Meng Yue replied: "A bit more direct."

Hu Shan said with a smile, "We'll just follow the orders from the higher-ups. Since the Patriarch has ordered it to be the highest difficulty, then so be it!"


"I'll do it this way, double my military defense. If he can't save these people from failure in three days, I can return to the barracks. Staying here is really annoying." Meng Yue relaxed the center of his brows, leaned on the tiger head chair and fell into a deep sleep.

… ….

"skyline camp!"

Long Fei stood on a tree with dense leaves and raised his head to look at the cliff that was towering amidst the clouds.

In the Heaven's Danger mountain stronghold, it was easy to defend, but hard to attack.

If the Long family wasn't willing to send out troops, then he could only rely on himself.

He didn't run away. Give up on his brother? He couldn't do it!

The reason was very simple. It was because they were their own brothers, the elites of the Long family. For their brothers, for the sake of the Long family, Long Fei would not give up on them.

Long Fei spent the entire day familiarizing himself with the terrain of the place.

There was only one road leading up to the mountain and it was patrolled by six lackeys. Moreover, there was a beacon next to the mountain gate. As long as one ignited it, they could see inside the village.

If he wanted to avoid being discovered by the higher ups, he could only finish off six people in an instant.

Besides these six.

Within two hours, four patrolling teams would be coming to change shifts.

If he wanted to save someone within two hours, he would be discovered!

It would take them an hour to reach the top of the mountain. It would be too difficult to save Long Shan and the others within two hours.

It was completely impossible!

Furthermore, they did not know what the situation in the village was like.

"No way!"

Long Fei repeated calculated in his mind. No matter when, he couldn't do it in terms of time or other conditions.

And then …

Long Fei continued to look at the terrain.

He walked to the bottom of the cliff and discovered that he was in a huge lake.

Long Fei dove head first into the lake, but the bottom of the lake could not be seen.

The cliff was two thousand meters high. If he jumped down from here …

"With the cultivation bases of Long Shan and the rest of them, they shouldn't fall to their deaths. However, the risk is too high." Long Fei lifted his head to look at the cliff once again, but he denied it in his heart.

The lake was indeed big, but if the wind changed, then there would be a huge deviation. At that time, the result would be death!

Long Fei could not take his brother's life as a joke.

Following that …

Long Fei thought of a new method.

Time passed bit by bit.

In the blink of an eye, night came. The night patrol did not relax at all.

One day passed.

Long Fei still did not think of the best way.


In this case, there was no best way.

… ….

skyline camp Meeting Room.

"The first day has passed."

"That kid didn't react at all, and our people didn't find any trace of him either. Clearly, that kid has escaped."

"I guess we scared him to death some night, hahaha..."

"The three great generals are right. Negative Activation to Dragon Blood people are simply unworthy of being the Long family's patriarch, and even more unworthy of being the commander of the Long family's army."

"There are only two days left!" Meng Yue muttered, "Brat, admit defeat. Even if the skyline camp had thousands of troops, they still wouldn't be able to get close to it.

The difficulty of the mission was too high.

In the history of the Long family army, there had never been a person who had passed such a difficult test.

Even if it was the Grand Preceptor, it would only be in the third level of difficulty.

At that time, he was still in the war chief Realm and Long Fei was only at the second level of the war spirit;

… ….

The next day.

Long Fei was still observing.

He noticed.

There were only a few people patrolling outside the mountain gate, and it was just ten people patrolling around. Moreover … There must be a lounge halfway up the hill.

Although it was just a small discovery, it had given Long Fei a pleasant surprise, and his confidence to enter the skyline camp increased by another level.

… ….

At daybreak.

Long Fei came to the lakeside again, and observed the wind here.

The second day passed!

Everything was still calm.

In many people's hearts, Long Fei had already given up.

At the Long Army's headquarters.

Long Feng laughed, "Junior sister Yun, don't hold any hope for him. Long Fei is not his father, and even his father would find it hard to pass the hardest exam to pass."

Long Lei also laughed: "The Patriarch is crazy, he actually gave the order to use the most difficult mission to test Long Fei."

Long Lei replied, "He definitely knows that we won't agree to it, so he did it this way. If it's the normal difficulty, then since that kid passed, wouldn't we have to listen to him?" The Supreme Dragon Elder of Negative Activation to Dragon Blood, wouldn't he be laughed to death by others? "

A girl with red skin, wearing a suit of armor, looking valiant and formidable.

Long Yun.

She was also the only female out of the four generals of the Long family.

Long Yun clenched his fists and said, "I believe him!"

"Hahaha …"

"junior sister apprentice, I believe it's useless. This world relies on strength to speak!"

The other three generals laughed.

… ….

On the third day, everything was still very calm.

Meng Yue laughed: "Looks like that brat really escaped back to Fire Glass City. I will send someone to report to the headquarters tomorrow morning to the four generals!"

"Yes sir!"

… ….

In the wee hours of the morning, when people were at their most tired!

A black shadow forced its way into the mountain gate …

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