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Long Lei coldly snorted, and said: "My face deserves a slap? Long Fei, if you don't take out enough monster head today, your face will be smashed! "

Long Fei slowly retreated a few steps, then laughed: "Very good!"

"Then let's see whose face will be smashed!"

At this moment.

Long Yun grabbed Long Fei and said, "Young Master, you don't need to do this."

Long Lei also said, "You have already proven yourself, and the mission assessment only allows you to prove yourself. Now that you have proven yourself, there is no need to take out any monster head."

Long Feng followed: "That's right, Long Lei will not admit it, we can just admit it!"

three-rate monster and beast s were easy to obtain, but five level monster s were not that difficult.

It was impossible to kill so many demon beasts in a short month. This was the most difficult mission and so far, no one had ever completed it.

They were worried about Long Fei.

If he could not take out those monster head s, Long Lei would make use of this opportunity to stir up a ruckus, refusing to acknowledge Long Fei's identity.

Furthermore, Long Fei was not allowed to take even half a step into Dragon Valley.

Long Lei looked at the three of them and laughed coldly, saying, "What's the use of you admitting it? "I want the Long family's army to admit that they are not qualified to make us kneel down before them, much less take charge of their troops."

"Long Fei, I think you better not embarrass yourself and scram back to Fire Glass City."

Long Lei revealed a smirk on his face.

Right now, he dared to deduce that Long Fei did not have enough monster head s out, especially that five level monster's head, which was even more so.

As long as Long Fei did not take it out, he had an excuse not to admit it, and also … The next thing would be much easier.


Just as Long Yun and the others had said, Long Fei did not need to do this.

However …

Long Fei had his own thoughts.

He did not need Long Lei's proof to prove anything. Instead, he was thinking about the proof from the Long family's army in Dragon Valley.

What the Long Army believed in was power.

If he used his strongest power, it would frighten them. In addition to taming a huge dragon and killing shao wudi, all of these would cause a deterrent force.

This way, they wouldn't have to kill any of the Long family's army to hold Long Lei in the air.

The moment Long Lei appeared, Long Fei could make his move, but the moment he did … It was a civil war between the Long family's army and the Long family. The losers would all be the Long family.

The Long family was already in a precarious situation. If the Long family army was in a state of unrest again, then the Long family would be in an even more dangerous situation.

Long Fei smiled faintly and said: "I'm fine!"

"If he wants to see, then let him have a good look."

As soon as he finished.

Long Fei's voice was as loud as a bell, he said: "All of you, watch this carefully!"

The sound reverberated in the air above Dragon Mountain Valley. All the soldiers of the Long family within the valley were paying attention, and the city walls were filled with people.

Long Lei laughed coldly: "Stop wasting time, hurry up and start!"

Long Fei looked at Long Lei, "Open your dog eyes wide and see clearly."

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

The three-rate monster and beast's head flew out from the Space Ring and in less than a minute, a hundred of them were placed in front of Long Lei.

Long Lei laughed coldly: "Is that all? This kind of low level demon beast can be killed even if it's trash. "

"Long Lei!"

"Long Lei, don't be too arrogant." Long Shan shouted out.

Long Lei didn't even look at him and sneered: "Who do you think you are? "You don't even have the qualifications to talk to me!"

In that instant.

Long Fei once again took out the ten heads of four-rating monster and beasts.

Another pile.

The hearts of many of the Long family's soldiers shook.

"Level three, the four-rating monster and beasts's head has been completed. Now, only the five level monster's head is left."

"Will it be completed?"

"This is the most difficult mission. Back then, even the genius Long Zhanting did not complete it, could his son do it?"

"So excited."

"Hahaha... "The most difficult mission."

"Long Fei being able to do such a thing is already proof of himself."

"That's right, this Young Lord is strong enough."

"I don't think there are any five level monster, so it's impossible for me to take them out."

… ….

The Long Family Army behind Long Fei discussed softly.

The Long Army on the city wall was also discussing, as were the Long Army in the valley.

Everyone's heart tensed up. They were all waiting for the answer, could Long Fei take out the five level monster's head?

Long Lei's heart was also secretly nervous as he looked at Long Fei who stopped with a sneer: "Why did you stop? Continue, there is still one more five level monster. "

"What can killing these monsters prove?" To prove that your mission was a failure, get the hell back to Fire Glass City? "

Meng Yue could not take it anymore, and shouted: "Long Lei, if it was you, would you be able to kill these low levelled beasts? Don't just stand there and talk, you can still look back! "

Long Lei laughed: "You dog, you found a new master so quickly?"

"You!" Meng Yue frowned.

At this moment.

Long Fei exhaled, and said solemnly: "Look carefully."

He stretched out his right hand and used his right arm's strength to "Boom!"

A giant head came out from the Space Ring and placed in front of Long Lei.

Just right.

Wild Mountain Devil's two eyes that were full of grievance as they stared unwaveringly at Long Lei.

That kind of powerful deterrent force caused Long Lei to stagger backwards. He lost his balance and fell to the ground.

"Wild Mountain Devil!"

"seven-rating monster and beasts!"

"Oh my god, Wild Mountain Devil is a horde leader level demon beast. No matter how many times we surrounded and killed him, we suffered huge losses. However, we were killed by Young Master Long Fei."

"Too fierce!"

"Young Lord, Young Lord, Young Lord …."

"He completed the most difficult task; this is too amazing! This is the Long family's young master! Young master, young master!"


Outside the valley, within the valley, on top of the city walls, more and more voices started to ring out.

"Young Lord, Young Lord, Young Lord!"

"Young Lord, Young Lord, Young Lord!"

Long Fei took a step forward, stood in front of Long Lei, and said condescendingly: "Long Lei, continue to act arrogantly in front of this father, this father. Call again! "

While they were talking …

Long Lei was stunned.

Looking at Wild Mountain Devil's two lantern-like eyes, he was actually unable to react for a moment. His face was pale, as if he had been ruthlessly slapped in dozens of places.

He slowly got up from the ground.

At this moment.

Long Fei roared fiercely, "Kneel down!"

The Long family army behind him was completely set ablaze.

Too excited, too excited.

Conquering the huge dragon and killing shao wudi, now that even the seven-rating monster and beasts had been killed by Long Fei, this kind of shock formed a monstrous wave that rolled and rolled in everyone's heart. = Half ^ Float # # Life ^

His blood was boiling.

Meng Yue took a step forward, and Xi Si roared: "Kneel!"

Long Shan, Long Lei, Long Yun, Long Feng and a few other disciples of the Long family all stepped forward, and shouted at Long Lei, "Kneel!"

The four thousand Long Clan soldiers behind him also loudly shouted, "Kneel! Kneel! Kneel!"

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