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Niu Dahai was startled, and asked doubtfully: "Weren't you afraid of him?"

"F * ck!"

"Is your eye afraid of him?" Long Fei was extremely disdainful.

"Ox Fatty, remember this clearly. I, Long Fei, am not afraid of the heavens or the earth. Even if the King of Heaven was before me, I would not be afraid."

"If you're afraid, then you've lost!"

Long Fei said very arrogantly.

The only thing he was afraid of was that he had no money, no women, and no brothers. As for anything else, he really wasn't afraid of anything!

Except for death.

Niu Dahai repeated Long Fei's words in his heart, and muttered: "I'll first bring you to my place to stay, then come gather here tomorrow morning."

"Yuan Ba, you too."

"My place is big anyway." Niu Dahai looked at Yuan Ba who was deep in thought and asked.

Yuan Ba looked at Niu Dahai, then looked at Long Fei, and took off the stone coffin on his back, but suddenly he kneeled on the ground and kowtowed to Long Fei. Kowtow!


He got up and walked down the mountain.

Everything happened extremely quickly, and Long Fei was a little unable to react to it.

Long Fei was a little taken aback. He did not stop them, because … He didn't know why he was stopped.

The only thing.

Long Fei's system quest had not failed yet.

There were still about ten days until the mission time was up.

Regarding Yuan Ba, no matter what, Long Fei would never give up!

Niu Dahai said slightly: "He should be returning to the Zhou Mansion."

Long Fei asked: "What kind of place is the Zhou Family?"

Niu Dahai said: "It's in a town at the foot of the Sword Mountain, also called Zhou Town."


Long Fei looked at Yuan Ba's lonely back, and his heart tightened. He thought to himself: "You are a brother that I, Long Fei, recognize. No matter what happens, you are still my brother!"

And then …

Long Fei looked at Niu Dahai and asked, "Am I your boss?"

Niu Dahai immediately jumped up and said, "Of course you're my boss."

"You'll listen to anything I say right?" Long Fei asked again.

Niu Dahai replied proudly: "Of course."

In Thunder Dragon Temple Secret Realm, he had personally witnessed Long Fei's power, and the Fire Knife Long Fei had given him were Heaven Ranked, even his biological grandfather would not give him such a good thing.

If you don't listen to Long Fei, who will you listen to?

He was counting on Long Fei to take him to the Xuanjian sect to eat, drink, and sweep everything.

Long Fei: "I think you should lose weight."

Niu Dahai looked excited, and said: "Boss, are you going to give me some kind of miracle medicine? I've always wanted to get rid of this fat. "

"Give me what elixir?"

"The Alchemy is... "Exercise!" Long Fei laughed sinisterly: "Yuan Ba is not here, carry this sarcophagus for me."

He had a sinister smile on his face.

Niu Dahai was stunned, seeing the sarcophagus that was even taller than him, he immediately felt fooled, and said while wanting to cry: "Boss, about that, why don't I call Yuan Ba back?"

"Carry the sarcophagus!" Long Fei had already walked out.

Niu Dahai looked at this huge sarcophagus, let out a deep breath, and then carried him on his back.


The sound of bones exploding could be heard. His 250 jin body was almost squashed into a meat patty.


Niu Dahai looked at the Long Fei who was walking far away and shouted, "Boss, wait for me, I … "I … I … I can't do it anymore."

Long Fei completely ignored him.

… ….

Right after they disappeared.

At the mountain gate.

A seventy to eighty year old man narrowed his eyes.

Beside him stood a female outer court disciple of Xuanjian sect, Yun Qin.

Yun Qin pointed at the back of Long Fei in the distance and said: "Grandfather Zhou, it was him who killed senior fellow apprentice Tianxiao and Zhou Tong. You don't even know how cruel he is, even his head was chopped off."


Yun Qin even pretended to be afraid and shake his body, as he started to sob softly, "Wuuuuu … senior fellow apprentice Tian Xiao died too miserably. If my cultivation was stronger, I would have definitely killed that beggar.

Power acting style.

He acted just like that.

At that time, although she could have saved Zhou Tianxiao, she ran even faster than a rabbit.

Zhou Yuanhe's eyes turned sinister, his fists clenched, his teeth chattering loudly, he said: "You killed my grandson, and you still dare to come to Xuanjian sect, good, good!"

After saying the word 'good' three times in a row, Zhou Yuanhe said viciously: "I really want to see what you have passed the examination with. I want you to die in the examination."

And then …

He swung his sleeves and did not go down the mountain. Instead, he walked towards the Xuanjian peak.

… ….

god's fire hill.

Rather than calling it a mountain, it would be more accurate to call it a small hill filled with wild grass.

This was the Artifact Forging Hall.

It was also the only Artifact Forging Hall in Xuanjian sect.

In the entire Artifact Forging Hall, only one disciple was Niu Dahai.

When Niu Dahai carried the sarcophagus back to the god's fire hill, he felt extremely lucky. If the god's fire hill was as steep as the Xuanjian peak, he would have definitely died on the road.

Long Fei looked at the half-collapsed house. A slanted signboard was hung on the entrance of the house, on it were three words, "Artifact Forging Hall". Inside the house, it was like a mountain temple, and even the mountain temple was much better than here.

Long Fei looked at Niu Dahai who was panting like a cow and asked doubtfully: "Are you sure this is the Artifact Forging Hall?"

Niu Dahai gasped for breath, and said: "Weak, poor, poor, indeed a little bad, but, this, this place is really the Artifact Forging Hall."

"Boss, you should join my Artifact Forging Hall as well. I believe that you can definitely bring glory to this place and cause it to soar into the sky in the Xuanjian sect."

Long Fei glanced at Ox Fatty, "You're too fat, you can't fly."

Niu Dahai said excitedly: "As long, as long as, as long as I can refine a handful of Earth Stage … No, a Profound Rank Magic Weapon, the Artifact Forging Hall will definitely restore the former glory. "

He believed that the Artifact Forging Hall would surely recover its former glory one day.

He firmly believed in it!

Long Fei looked at him and laughed bitterly, then asked: "Where are the materials for refining?"

"At the back of the Artifact Forging Hall, everything is already prepared." Niu Dahai pointed to the sky slightly, his eyes full of excitement as he muttered to himself, "If I am able to forge a Heaven Ranked Divine Weapon one day, hehe … All the girls in Xuanjian sect would fall in love with such a handsome fatty like me, hahaha … "

At this moment.

Long Fei had already walked to the back of the Artifact Forging Hall.

At the back was a house. It was just as Fatty had said, everything was there.

He had all the materials he needed for forging weapons.

Fuel, hammers, molds, furnaces, and a vat of pure spring water.

Spring Water...


Long Fei saw that the spring water was a little different and took a sip.


"Recover 10 true qi Points."

Long Fei took another sip.


"Recover 10 true qi Points." Floating Life: [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] No windows? a + +

… ….

"This... "This spring water?" Long Fei was shocked, "It's just like the Holy Tea, but there are no tea leaves in this vat, it's not a Holy Tea at all."

"Then …"

"This spring water is too strange." Long Fei's heart tightened, and the idea asked: "Ancestor, what kind of spring water is this?"

Chapter 9

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