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### Chapter 94 - I'il get you out of here

Fierce Tiger Tribe.

The lanterns and decorations, the joyous loudspeakers, the gongs and drums, the scene did not lose out in the slightest to the grand wedding of mankind.


"Hahaha... Congratulations, Young Lord. "

"The wedding of the young master of the Feral Tiger Tribe is a grand occasion for our demon territory. Congratulations!"

… ….

At the entrance of the village, people from other tribes continuously walked in.

The chief steward of the Fierce Tiger Tribe, Three-eyed Tiger, welcomed him personally.

shao hu was very, very happy today. From the moment he saw the leopard girl, he knew that he had to get this little wild cat.

The wildness of her body and her flawless figure filled him with possessiveness.

However …

He did not treat the other girls the same way. He wanted to truly obtain the leopard girl's body in all aspects, and also her heart.

For this reason, he had always worked hard.

But at last he lost patience.

He felt that if he wanted to obtain a young girl's heart, he could use the most efficient and simplest method to enter her body.

Once he entered her body, he would be able to obtain her heart.

Looking at the leopard girl with a phoenix crown on her head and her ice-cold eyes, he smiled lightly and said: "Little Wild Cat, please be happy. Today is our wedding day, so even if it's for your wild leopard tribe, you should smile."

The leopard girl looked at herself in the mirror. This wasn't the wedding she wanted at all, not the man she wanted at all. She hated him!

But there was nothing she could do.

Just like shao hu had said, they were not thinking for himself or for the tribe.

The tribe was where she was born and raised. There were too many relatives in the tribe. If they all died because of her, then the leopard girl would feel incomparably guilty.


Hadn't his father always wanted her to marry shao hu?

Since her mother was no longer around, she had to help her father a bit. This was the only thing she could do.

In just a few short days.

The leopard girl suddenly looked like she had grown up. However, deep in her heart, she was still hoping that there would be a prince capable of taking her away and leaving this place.

Seeing that the leopard girl did not speak, shao hu's tone was ice-cold. "You're not thinking of your Big Brother Long Fei coming to save you, are you?"

"I'm really looking forward to his arrival."

"The Fierce Tiger Warriors of the third floor and the third floor are all looking forward to his arrival. With him here, my wedding will be even more exciting." shao hu looked at the leopard girl and said: "Little Wild Cat, if that human dares to come here, he will die here. However... If he had come back, he would have come a long time ago. Do you think he would still come? Hahaha... Humans are the most selfish, most despicable and most insidious race in the world. "

The leopard girl felt a chill in her heart.

"Yeah, if Big Brother Long Fei wanted to come, he would have already arrived." The leopard girl laughed bitterly in her heart. At the same time, her expression changed once again as she muttered, "Big Brother Long Fei, please don't come. Please don't appear."

He felt slightly disappointed.

However …

She hoped even more that Long Fei would not appear because the Feral Tiger Tribe was truly strong. The strongest tribe in demon territory, if they were caught, they would definitely be dismembered.

Seeing the leopard girl's expression, shao hu felt very unhappy.

Extremely displeased.

The rage in his heart raged as he swung his sleeve and shouted in a deep voice, "Put on her clothes. It's almost time for the wedding ceremony."


shao hu walked out of the tent and said to the subordinate beside him: "Watch this well. If you find any humans sneaking in, kill them!"

"You dare to fight with me, shao hu, for a woman?"

"As long as you dare to appear, I will make you regret ever being born into this world."

… ….

At the entrance of the village.

Long Fei disguised himself, and learnt the etiquette of the other Spirit Demon beings from far away, and said: "Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!"

Three-eyed Tiger looked at Long Fei and asked: Where's the invitation?

Long Fei took out the invitation, and said: "Come and drink the Young Master's wedding wine, how can you not bring the invitation along?

As he spoke, he took out the prepared gift.

These were all intercepted by him along the way.

The invitations were naturally stolen.

Three-eye Tiger smiled and said, "Welcome, welcome. The wedding is about to start."

Long Fei politely laughed, and quickly entered the village, thinking to himself: "I wonder how Xiao Bai's preparations are going."

"I hope everything will go smoothly!"

Long Fei safely entered the Fierce Tiger Camp and discovered that the training guards were wave after wave. Furthermore, their cultivation levels were not low, all of them were in the Peak Realm, and there were even some that were in the war chief realm.

In addition, they were of the Demonic Beast race.

Tianshan already had strength and a high defense. Humans of the same generation as them were no match for them.

This was also the reason why the Long family's troops had been stationed here all these years.

Long Fei slowly moved through the crowd, memorizing the surrounding topography and the training of the guards by heart.

At this moment.

The entrance of the village was in an uproar.

"Hahaha …"

"The Lord of All Fiends has arrived." Three-eyed Tiger smiled and said to one of his guards, "Go get the Young Lord."

This was his father-in-law.

shao hu naturally had to personally greet them.

devils leopard smiled faintly, a bad taste in his heart.

The few tribal elders beside him were all smiling like flowers. They respectfully said, "We still need the Head Supervisor to personally welcome us. It's truly an honor."

Not long later.

shao hu then walked over and bowed towards devils leopard and said: "Your son-in-law greets Master Yuanyu."

devils leopard slightly asked: "Where is my daughter?"

The corner of shao hu's mouth drew back as he laughed, "Master Yue Shan is currently resting right now, and the wedding is about to begin. You will be able to see your daughter soon."


shao hu did not want devils leopard to see the leopard girl, so he was worried that things would change again.

He couldn't wait any longer!

devils leopard frowned, he secretly clenched his fists under his sleeves and was pulled into the Feral Tiger Tribe by a few clan elders.

shao hu looked at their backs and sneered, then said: "Even your daughter has a bitter face at such a wedding, if you really make this daddy unhappy, this daddy will immediately destroy your wild leopard tribe."

Three-eyes smiled and said, "Young master, today is your wedding day, don't say such ominous words."

Just as shao hu was talking to devils leopard.

Long Fei had already found the tent that the leopard girl was in.

This place was relatively quiet and not many people passed by.

"You are not allowed to enter here, please leave …"

Not waiting for him to finish.

Long Fei immediately threw out two punches, knocking the two of them down and quickly entering the tent.

It just so happened that there was only Leopard Lady in the tent.

, who had rushed into the tent, was stunned by the beauty of the phoenix coronet and gown. It was truly very beautiful, as if she was a completely different person.

However, there were traces of tears in the corners of his eyes, and his expression was frosty.

The leopard woman was shocked. She was overjoyed the moment she saw Long Fei, but then she instantly became anxious and said: "Big Brother Long Fei, why are you here? This place is too dangerous. If shao hu were to find out, you will definitely not be able to escape. "

"Hurry up!"

"Hurry up and leave!"

Long Fei grabbed the leopard girl's small hand and said: "I'll bring you out of here!"

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