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### Chapter 47 - Who's going to eat shit!

As soon as his voice fell, the surroundings quieted down.

Abolish the Young Lord?!

This was no small matter.

With things having gotten to this point, Long Zhanwu could no longer continue to hide, and coldly said: "As the Great Clan Elder of the Long family, I have this right."

"Long Fei, as long as you don't get first place in the assessment, you will no longer be the young master of the Long family!"

Long Shan and the others immediately stepped forward and said, "Grand Elder, the Patriarch is still here, and Grand Elder is still around. You don't seem to have the power to decide on the annulment of the Young Lord, right?"

"Grand Elder, you shouldn't be doing this, right?"

"The young master was chosen by the grand master in the Long family's ancestral hall. If you want to abolish the young master, you have to wait for him to come out of seclusion."

Many people spoke up for Long Fei.

Most of these people were disciples with surnames bestowed to them by the Long Family. They were grateful to Long Fei in their hearts.

Long Zhanye also reminded him in a small voice, "Big Brother, this is a little …"

Long Zhanwu sneered: "Whatever decision I make is not up to you guys to say. If you have the ability to do so, then invite the Grand Elder and Patriarch out. If you can't, then shut up!"

The voice released the aura of the war chief.

The aura of the war chief crushed them, causing them to be unable to say a single word.

Long Fei's eyes became sinister, and said: What if I win first place?

Without waiting for Long Zhanwu to speak, Long Ao took the lead and said, "Long Fei, if you can take first place, you can do whatever you want to me; I'll let you see just what kind of sh * t I'll eat."

Full of confidence.

Forget about everything else, Long Ao was confident that no one would be able to kill more beasts than him.

Of course.

It was not him who had hunted, but a dozen or so disciples of the war spirit Realm who had helped him kill.

Seeing his son so confident, Long Zhanwu laughed: "Long Fei, did you hear that?"

"You really want to play it big?" Long Fei said.

Long Ao laughed complacently: "What? Are you scared? If you don't dare to bet, then scram to the side and obediently hand over your position as the Young Master. "

Long Fei said: "How about the bet is a little bigger, and you two eat sh * t together?"

Long Zhanwu's expression immediately changed.

Long Ao scolded: "Long Fei, just prepare to hand over the Young Master's seat, and eat shit in front of your entire family."

Long Shan pulled Long Fei and said: "Young Master, there are more than a dozen disciples helping Long Ao kill demon beasts.

Many people saw it.

Long Ao could not miss the chance to step on Long Fei. Afraid that Long Fei would go back on his word, he immediately said.

"Men, go to the toilet and bring me a bowl of sh * t."

Long Zhanwu also immediately said: "Begin counting."

The father and son duo did not give Long Fei any leeway to go back on his words.

Long Ao said to his father: "Father, just watch carefully, this time I am going to kill that bastard Long Fei."


The disciples that were participating in the examination quickly stood in two rows.

One after another, they brought out the demonic beasts they had killed.

"Long Yu, 160 points."

"Long Tai, 10 points."

"Dragon Lin, 10 points."

"Long Shan, 90 points."

… ….

"Next, Long Ao!"

Long Ao walked out, his face full of smiles, as he stared coldly at Long Fei, and said disdainfully: "Long Fei, just prepare to eat sh * t!"

While they were talking …

Long Ao shouted loudly, "Look carefully at all of this!"

After saying that, he took out Fire Wolves from the Space Ring one by one. martial-arts arena quickly piled them up like a mountain, and the Statistical Elder also quickly recited, "108 heads, 109 heads..."

"One hundred and fifty."

At this time, Long Ao slightly stopped and switched the Space Ring with an incomparably pleased look on his face. He stared at Long Fei and said: "Here's the thing that scared you to death."


An even more powerful Fire Wolf pulled out its Space Ring.

Everyone was shocked.

The statistician said in a trembling voice: "Secondary Monster, Secondary Monster..."

More than one.

There were a total of ten Secondary Monster.

Long Zhanwu revealed a smile that he did not have for a long time, and thought: "Long Fei, I'll see what you can do this time, hahaha …"

The statistics were out.

"Long Ao, 2,000 points, break the Long family's history."

"2,000 points?"

"Oh my god, there are so many of them. They can actually break the Long family's history."

"More than a dozen people helping him kill them, this isn't his result at all."

… ….

Many people knew this, but not many people dared to say it because Long Zhanwu's gaze was genuinely cold as he stared at them.

Long Ao was extremely arrogant, he walked to Long Fei's side and said: "Do you still want to compete? Get ready to eat shit, hahaha … "

Don't mention how excited he was.

After being slapped five times by Long Fei, he had the heart to kill Long Fei.

As long as he ate feces in front of his entire clan, Long Fei would never be able to raise his head up. The more he thought about it, the more excited Long Ao became, "Bring the feces over here."

A disciple walked over while holding his breath, and said: "Young Master Long Ao, these are all just produced today, the fragrance is especially fragrant."

Long Ao covered his nose with one hand and said, "Good, you did very well."

Long Shan stood in front of Long Fei and said: "Young Master, I'll …"

And then …

A few more disciples walked up and said, "We'll replace you."

Long Ao immediately bellowed: "Scram to the side, the one eating shit is Long Fei, if you guys want to eat, then I'll get someone to make a big barrel for you guys to eat."

"Long Fei, hurry up. Is there still a need to compete?"

Long Fei was secretly grateful and said with a smile: "Why are you in such a hurry? If you're in a hurry, then eat this sh * t first. "

While they were talking, Long Fei had already walked out.

He looked at the statistics elder: "Look carefully."

As soon as he finished.

Long Fei's hands moved like the wind as he crazily took out the monster head from the group of Space Ring.


… ….




… ….






… ….

The final number was set to 780. This was because Long Fei had many monster head that he had yet to cut, otherwise, he would have been able to double the number.

The entire hall was silent.

He was speechless!

Long Fei walked to Long Ao's side, patted his dumbstruck face and said: "Still want to compete? Who's eating shit? "

Long Ao's expression changed, he could not say a word.

At this moment.

The Statistical Elder shouted loudly, "780 level 1 monster, for a total of 7800 points, first place!"


Long Ao suddenly roared, "I can't accept this, Long Fei, these are all level 1 monster that you have hunted down, all are trash beasts! Do you have any Secondary Monster? Is there? "

"If you can't even kill the Secondary Monster, what qualifications do you have to be the Long family's young master?"

Long Zhanwu followed: "You're right, you don't even know if you killed these level 1 monster. If you want to prove yourself, then take out the Secondary Monster's head."

Long Fei frowned, "You dare to go back on your word?"

Long Zhanwu sneered: "I think you're cheating right?"

Long Fei suppressed the anger in his heart and said: "How can I prove that I didn't cheat?"

Long Zhanwu said complacently: "It's very simple, take out the corpses of Secondary Monster and higher, if not your competition results will be ineffective, and you will lose the bet."

"Give up the position of Young Lord!"

Long Ao said sinisterly: "And you still have to eat this sh * t."

"I don't have any Secondary Monster." Long Fei said indifferently, his hand reached into the Space Ring s.

Without waiting for Long Fei to finish speaking, Long Ao laughed excitedly: "Then you will lose, Long Fei will eat shit … …"


Without waiting for Long Ao to finish speaking, Long Fei's arm suddenly exerted more force, his voice became heavy, and he roared out: "But I have this beast!"

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The Large Power King Kong Ape's head was taken out and placed on the ground of martial-arts arena like a small mountain. The Large Power King Kong Ape happened to be staring at Long Ao and Long Ao immediately fell to the ground, retreating continuously while trembling.



Not a single sound could be heard from the entire auditorium. It was so quiet that it was terrifying...

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