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After Chen Xiang punched out, an invisible shock wave was sent towards the sky, instantly shaking the dark clouds that covered the sky. The shockwave was so strong that it seemed like it was about to dissipate, but it was absorbed by a force.

As long as they were destroyed, they could pass through the ninth Nirvana Tribulation. However, it was extremely difficult to destroy, and before the Robbery power even landed, Chen Xiang had already sent two punches towards the sky, both of them containing the power of the Ground killing.

Although it looked like the black clouds would be scattered soon, but they would be retracted soon enough. Chen Xiang knew that this method was not feasible, it would be very difficult to destroy the foundations of the Robbery power.

The Robbery power of the ninth tribulation was many times stronger than what Chen Xiang had encountered before. However, it was not too strong for the current Chen Xiang.

"This is all the ninth level tribulation can do." Chen Xiang then smashed apart a gigantic red sword with his fist. It was slashed out from the black clouds, and all gathered extremely terrifying Robbery power.

Chen Xiang's current physical body was at the Body of Heavenly Sage level. It could allow him to possess the same kind of power as Worldly Immortals, and this Robbery power was set for the Nine Nirvana Tribulation. It was at most half of the strength of the Nine Nirvana Tribulation.

Amongst the many Robbery power s under the Nine Nirvana Tribulations, Chen Xiang's were considered very terrifying because he was a Alchemist himself. However, what he drew Nirvana Doom from was only the power of the Innate Qi, not his physical body or the power of the divine way.

Chen Xiang suddenly took out the Philosophic stone, and at the same time, a golden eye appeared on his forehead. He opened up Chaos Divine Eye and took out the Philosophic stone, wanting to see how the ninth Nirvana Tribulation was formed.

The Chaos Divine Eye released a burst of extremely bright golden light. Chen Xiang immediately saw many dense, hair-like, tiny runes within the black clouds. Although it looked extremely messy, the spirit power it contained shocked Chen Xiang.

This was the most primitive and most powerful natural Spirit grain. If he used the Grain force to release it, it might be able to brew a Nirvana Doom to attack others.

Chen Xiang could do two things at once, while blocking the attacks of the Robbery power, and at the same time, memorize the array patterns that were releasing these powerful Robbery power s. The Robbery power had a long duration, even people that were thousands of miles away were alarmed, no one dared to come over.

Seeing this terrifying Robbery power last for such a long time, everyone guessed who was crossing the Nirvana Doom, and how could it hold on for so long. If it was an ordinary person undergoing eight Nirvana Tribulations, they would have already been smashed to dust by this level of Robbery power.

But Chen Xiang acted like he was playing, and he was even peeping into the principles behind the Robbery power, memorizing those complicated Spirit grain s.

Seven days and seven nights. The piece of land Chen Xiang resided in, was as if it had been peeled of several layers of skin, and was even covered with the Icy cold power, power of fire, and various types of strength.

"It's finally over. I've already completely memorized those runes. I never thought I would consume so much energy." Chen Xiang was very tired, he was especially mental.

In the clear sky, a golden rift suddenly appeared, and Chen Xiang was just about to be sucked in by the golden light released by the rift.

"Remember what formation pattern." Long Xueyi asked. She did not dare to appear casually during Chen Xiang's tribulation.

"There are many array patterns during the formation of the Nine Nirvana Tribulation. However, with the help of the Philosophic stone, I was able to record them down in a short period of time. The Philosophic stone is truly a good item." Chen Xiang said.

He has flown up to the Heaven Realm, and upon reaching there, you must be careful, it has been a place where many geniuses have gathered for countless years, with many talented people and strong people gathering. In that vast world, there might be people with the same strength as the Nine Emperors and Five Venerables back then.

The person who spoke was Bai Youyou, and when Bai Youyou woke up, he calmed down immediately. At the same time, he also entered the golden spatial rift.

Chen Xiang was currently floating in a tunnel, his body was being pulled by a gentle force and was being led into the Heaven Realm, and at this time, he was also refining the Power of giving, completing the ninth Heaven Pellet.

"Sister You You You, you're finally awake, I was really worried for you guys, but where's sister Meiyao, has she woken up yet?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Little Scoundrel, I only slept for a bit and you flew up. You didn't disappoint me, did you?" Hearing Su Meiyao's coquettish voice, Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief.

"You've all slept for a long time, for decades." Long Xueyi said, her voice was weak, because she had almost finished eating all the food in the ring, she was worried that she would be blamed.

However, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had always doted on her, and after knowing about this, they did not say much.

As long as they broke through, they would have Power of giving, which was a very mysterious power. The existence of Nirvana Doom, was in order to prevent life forms from becoming stronger, and kill them off in a timely manner.

After refining the Power of giving, Chen Xiang's ninth Heaven Pellet was completed. At the moment, there were forty-five Heaven Pellets in the five Beast statue in his dantian.

"We're at the Heaven Realm." Sunlight appeared in front of Chen Xiang's eyes, and at the same time, he could feel the dense immortal energy. When he fell out of the passage, the interior of his dantian changed.

The nine Heavenly Pellets in each Beast elephant suddenly fused into one, and that was in an instant, and the fused Heavenly Pellet was actually not circular in shape, but rather had some shape. Upon closer inspection, it was actually a shape very similar to the Beast statue, only with a vague outline.

Chen Xiang landed on a big plain that was filled with dense immortal energy. For people like him who came from the Heaven Realm, any place would have dense immortal energy.

"Could it be that my Heavenly Core needs to grow into a Beast statue?" Chen Xiang realized that the beast-shaped Heaven Pellet was very small, a hundred times smaller than the one inside his Dantian.

"The Heaven Realm is different from before. The immortal qi is denser and the space is very stable. It seems that after so many years, the quality of the entire world is increasing. I wonder if it will be able to evolve to a higher realm in the future." Bai Youyou's slightly cold voice held a trace of nostalgia. She had lived in this place for a very long time.

Chen Xiang gave it a try and sure enough, using the power of the spatial laws, it was not possible to travel too far. It was only six meters, he could only use the Shrinking step to travel.

"How are your divine soul?" Only now did Chen Xiang have the time to ask Su Meiyao about the two of them.

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