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Chapter 727 - One Person's college of martial arts training, Rogue Cultivator!

After becoming an official disciple, he would have to join a college of martial arts training.

had already decided on the college of war Martial arts a long time ago, and it was because of Ao Ya.

Long Fei wanted to finish this mission quickly and also get his hands on the task reward as soon as possible. He wanted to see what the reward for this mission was and what kind of 'hero skill' it was.

Fan Tong said excitedly: "He's too handsome, so handsome that he looks like dregs."

sun datou slightly said: "Exchange for an official disciple is really easy, you can exchange for anything with points, but if you want to join the college of war Martial arts, I'm afraid that would be a little difficult."

Long Fei asked: "What do you mean?"

sun datou said: "I've learnt about it in the past two days, you're the only service disciple in the history of god emperor academy who was able to exchange for the qualifications to become an official disciple."

"Because there is no precedent, it is hard to say if all eighteen generations of college of martial arts training will accept you."

It was not something that the college of martial arts training would want just to become an official disciple.

Even without college of martial arts training, it was useless.

Just like an unspecialized disciple.

There wasn't even a place to stay.

The sun datou continued: "Moreover, you have injured Elder Lu. Based on the relationship between Elder Lu and the Profound college of martial arts training's Principal, Xiao Tianwu, I'm worried that no college of martial arts training would dare to shelter you."


Many elders knew Long Fei's name. The incident with the Pan Clan a while ago had made the Pan Clan extremely unhappy, as there was still a Demon Slayer in the Tong Tian hall of immortals.

Although the Pan Family could not enter the god emperor academy, their power and influence still existed.

With this relationship, even more college of martial arts training would not dare to accept Long Fei.

pan sheng had already said that when he came out of seclusion, it would be the time of Long Fei's death!

The Pan Family, Xiao Tianwu, and the Heavenly fairy hall elder behind him, let alone the god emperor academy, no one would even dare to offend them in Heavenly hall of immortals.

Long Fei's heart trembled slightly, and he did not say a word.

In the afternoon.

Long Fei went to the god emperor academy's Points Exchange Hall alone.

There was a huge Black Stone projection in the hall, with points on it. Looking at the items on it, as long as you had enough points, you could exchange for anything.

"Damn, even immortal stage divine equipment s do exist."

"Immortal Trapping Rope."

"Linglong Treasure Pagoda."

"Battle beast Qilin points for 30,000 points?" Long Fei was secretly speechless. The god emperor academy's points exchange was just like his Exchange System, there were even some things that he did not have in the Exchange System, and they were even more expensive.

Long Fei thought about the trading shop in the system, took a glance at the pitiful points and muttered, "So poor."

The items that Long Fei had dropped were all swallowed by Yan Huang and his father, making it impossible for them to increase in size.

Using points to exchange for something was simply a pipe dream.

Long Fei walked to the exchange window, handed over his service disciple identity badge, and said: "I want to exchange for official disciple status."

The little sister's eyes were wide open as she looked at Long Fei and asked: "You are Long Fei? "Are you that man who won eighteen matches and dared to confess to Teacher Oya?"

Long Fei did not know that he had already caused a stir in the god emperor academy, and muttered to himself, "Have I become famous to this extent?"

"Sigh …"

"As expected of a handsome person, he's forever unable to block the radiance radiating from all directions." Long Fei became narcissistic.

The little junior sister apprentice's face was filled with worship, "Can you give me an autograph?"

Long Fei laughed: "Of course."

With a wave of his large brush, the name "Mad Grass" Long Fei made Long Fei feel very satisfied.

The little junior sister apprentice also quickly finished converting for Long Fei and passed the new identity board to him, saying, "This is a bronze identity board, you are now an official disciple of god emperor academy."

"Congratulations, senior fellow apprentice!"

Long Fei received the wooden tablet, and said: "Thank you!"

An official disciple was a bronze wooden tablet. The senior disciples were silver, while the elite disciples were gold. The higher the status wooden tablet, the more different it was.

The little junior sister apprentice was excited. "senior fellow apprentice, you have to join college of war Martial arts. That way, you and Teacher Ao Ya can be together everyday."

Her face was full of envy, and her heart was filled with jealousy, "When will anyone confess to me in such a tyrannical manner like him?"

Long Fei took his identity badge and directly walked towards the college of war Martial arts.

He had cleaned all eighteen generations of college of martial arts training before, so he was very familiar with the road.

Twenty minutes later, he arrived at the entrance of college of war Martial arts.

"Servant disciples are not allowed to enter."

A gatekeeping disciple blocked Long Fei's path, because Long Fei was still wearing the clothes of a service disciple.

Long Fei took out the bronze wooden tablet. The guard disciple's face slightly changed, and immediately said: "So it's senior fellow apprentice, junior brother has a bad eye, please forgive me."

Completely different, his expression instantly changed.

This was the difference in status!

Long Fei laughed bitterly in his heart.

Long Fei walked into the college of war Martial arts, and before Long Fei could even reach the courtyard of the Principal, he was stopped by an elder who said: "The college of war Martial arts is already full, there are no seats left."

"Please leave!"

Long Fei was startled for a moment, and said: "I haven't even said anything, and you already know what I'm doing?"

The elder laughed coldly and said: "Is it important to say it or not? I just don't want you to waste my time. Please leave. "

Many disciples of the college of war Martial arts looked at Long Fei with eyes spitting fire.

They were very unhappy.

It was because Long Fei had desecrated the goddess in their hearts.

They all treated Long Fei as their arch enemy.

In the distance.

Ao Ya stood there quietly, looking at Long Fei, her face expressionless.


"Get out of college of war Martial arts."

"Get out."

Many disciples hooted, they were extremely unhappy with Long Fei.

Long Fei looked at the elders and disciples, and said slightly: "One day, you will kneel before me and beg me."

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

Everyone laughed out loud.

"Brat, do you think that you're amazing just because you won eighteen matches? That was only the eighteenth match of the first grade. Do you think you're very strong? "

"Please? "If you really take yourself seriously, then why don't you take a piss and try your best to act on your own merits."

"Get out."

Long Fei's gaze swept across them as he smiled, "I'll remember what you've said today."

He turned around and left.

Ao Ya's eyes slightly moved. She sighed in her heart. "Ai, what a pity!"

In the Spiritual Poison Hall.


"There are no more resources here."

The Battle Arena Courtyard.

"I'm sorry, it's already full."

In the Warbeast courtyard.

"Kid, people like you are not needed here."

war device Academy.


… ….

None of the eighteen great matrial halls s took Long Fei in!

At this time, Long Fei suddenly realised something. He looked at the sky and laughed coldly in his heart, "Pan Clan? Gu Wuji? "

"Do you think you can stop me just like that?"

"Your obstacles will only make me stronger."

Long Fei secretly clenched his fists, "Since you don't want me, then I will create my own college of martial arts training, the eighteenth generation of college of martial arts training? "Then let your father crush them one by one!"

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