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The Killing Array was still crazily attacking Zhao Yiprofound and Feng Ziprofound, its strength was not as strong as before, and now the Killing Array was under Chen Xiang's control.

Chen Xiang smiled as he walked in front of Zhao Yiprofound. When Zhao Yiprofound saw his little face and the obedient Ji Meixian behind him, both her and Feng Ziprofound's eyes were spitting fire. Although Ji Meixian was the heavenly daughter of the Mortal Realm, she was also very high up in the sky. Furthermore, they could tell that Ji Meixian was very obedient.

"Tsk tsk, Miss Heavenly Maiden, you look really miserable right now. How did you do that?" Chen Xiang stood about ten feet away from the killing array and revealed a complacent smile.

Zhao Yiprofound wanted to say something, but the lightning struck her body that was riddled with wounds, causing her to scream in pain.

This killing array was not ordinary, furthermore, there was still a large amount of energy that was not consumed. Only Chen Xiang could activate this killing array, because the way to activate these array formations were all inside the stone tablet.

Although Ji Meixian's injuries were much better, they still left a lingering fear in her heart. Just now, she was severely injured in this killing array, if not for her anxiously releasing her divine clothes to block, even if she did not die, she would still be suffering inside! This was the power of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord. Randomly setting up a small killing array would be able to torture all the Rankers from above the Heaven Realm to death.

She felt that only with her peak strength back then would she be able to resist the power of the killing array.

"Chen Xiang..." Zhao Yiprofound shouted angrily, but she could only say that word, and was struck by a terrifying bolt of purple lightning.

Feng Ziprofound had received the strongest attack, this was intentional by Chen Xiang, Zhao Yiprofound and Feng Ziprofound were both severely injured by the killing array attack, but he did not dare to let his guard down, and did not immediately release the Son of Heaven and the Heavenly Girl.

"Don't kill her, you promised." Ji Meixian saw that Zhao Yiprofound was almost at his limit and anxiously said.

At this moment, Zhao Yiprofound was lying on the ground like a pile of mud. He did not immediately scream, he had already been struck by the terrifying lightning released by the killing array, causing him to faint.

Although these delicate and beautiful heavenly sons had gone through many experiences, this was the first time they had suffered such a great loss. Facing the humiliation and pain, fainting away was a very good thing for them.

"I know, but you should know the strength of these two. I can't stop right now, so I need to make sure they don't have the strength to fight back." Chen Xiang was extremely cautious. Both of them were favored by the heavens, and might even have powerful treasures on them.

He had already told Long Xueyi to check the dantian of these two people. He wanted to make sure that these two people could no longer use the energy in their bodies.

Ji Meixian's eyes were filled with killing intent as he stared at Zhao Yiprofound. His eyes could kill, but Zhao Yiprofound had already been dismembered into a million pieces.

"You really do hate her, just like how you hated me before." Chen Xiang laughed out loud, sitting on the ground and looking at the two charred people on the ground.

"Hmph, you don't know how many times this slut slapped me. Once she comes down, the entire White Sea Imperial Land will be in her hands, I'm not even comparable to a dog in her eyes, she'll slap my face whenever she wants!" The more Ji Meixian spoke, the angrier he got. His chest bullied fiercely, he wanted nothing more than to charge forward for his revenge.

"No wonder you resent me so much, I am already very angry listening to you, you actually dared to hit my little maid like that!" Chen Xiang's brows knitted, and then, in an extremely gentle manner, he caressed Ji Meixian's beautiful face. Even I am not willing to hit her, but this woman has hit me many times! "

"If I want to completely cripple them, I have to take out their Heaven Pill." Ji Meixian said.

"Heaven pill?" Chen Xiang had merged with a Caomu heavenly Dan before, he never thought that there would be such a thing in a human's body.

"After overcoming the ninth tribulation, fly to the Heaven Realm. After flying, absorb a large amount of immortal energy and condense the Innate Qi in your body into a pellet. All immortals have such a thing, but once a person dies, the Heavenly Pill will quickly dissipate. " Ji Meixian said.

"The Heavenly Cores in their bodies are still very strong, they are not damaged at all. It is just that their bodies are not strong enough." Long Xueyi said: "Their souls are also very strong, they have powerful treasures on them that protect their souls."

"Of course, as long as the soul and heavenly pill are still there, it's equivalent to being alive. As long as the medicinal pill is there, the fleshly body can be reconstructed." Ji Meixian shook his head: "It seems like this killing array will be very difficult to harm their Heaven Pills, their souls and Heaven Pills have powerful immortal treasures to protect them."

"Wouldn't it be fine if we just take out their Heavenly Pills?" Chen Xiang said.

"No, you have seen the Caomu heavenly Dan before, their souls are inside the Heavenly Core. As long as you stop this killing array, their Heavenly Core will jump out and run away! The power contained in their Heaven Pills is much stronger than Caomu heavenly Dan s, if they were to run out, it would be difficult to catch them. " Ji Meixian said.

Chen Xiang suddenly thought of his own situation in the future. He had five Beast statue and a set of Taiji yin and yang map in his Dantian. Would he be able to condense a Heaven Pill?

"They didn't faint?" Chen Xiang took a few steps forward and looked at Zhao Yiprofound and Feng Ziprofound.

"Their consciousness is still there. We can hear the sounds coming from the outside. It's just that their physical bodies are no longer sufficient." Ji Meixian replied.

Chen Xiang touched his chin, and laughed: "So that means that all of the Heaven Pills are driven by their souls?"

Ji Meixian nodded, she suddenly guessed what Chen Xiang was trying to catch.

It is very difficult to kill them, especially now that they are on guard. If you do not kill them when they are not paying attention, you can shatter their Heavenly Cores with a single slash. Ji Meixian said: "But you just need to control their souls."

Chen Xiang wanted to use the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to control the soul inside the Heaven Pellet.

"Devour that man's soul, then temporarily keep the Heavenly Dan. That is a pure power." Bai Youyou said.

When Chen Xiang used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, he did so more than ten feet away from him. Moreover, he even needed to cooperate with the Devouring magic kungfu to penetrate the killing array and devour Feng Ziprofound's soul.

In order to not be disturbed, Chen Xiang displayed these two devilish arts to the fullest and devoured Feng Ziprofound's soul through the air.

"It seems my soul has grown a lot stronger this time." Chen Xiang was feeling excited in his heart. He could feel Feng Ziprofound's powerful soul, and he could also hear Feng Ziprofound cursing at him.

Feng Ziprofound's soul was currently resisting the soul attack from the killing array, and now that Chen Xiang had seized the opportunity to enter, he could easily erase Feng Ziprofound's consciousness. After that, he would extract his soul and absorb it into his sea of consciousness, allowing his soul to handle the situation.

"Settle one!" I didn't expect this killing formation to have soul attacks as well. Chen Xiang laughed and then began his attack on Zhao Yiprofound.

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