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Chen Xiang never thought that Wang Qiongjin would actually say that his dead lover made a mistake. If it really was like this, then Wang Qiongjin was someone who would use any means possible to achieve his goals, and would be even more difficult to deal with than he imagined.

Regarding Wang Qiongjin's words about peaceful communication, Chen Xiang and the others treated it as farting. As long as one wasn't an idiot, one wouldn't believe such a thing, he knew that Wang Qiongjin had bad intentions by bringing a large group of Demon and Devil Realms s over here. It seemed like he was prepared to use this method to give a ruthless beating.

It was enough to shake the Dragon Subduing Dan Hall's foundation, so Chen Xiang and the others were very careful with this matter. In truth, they were very confident in their pill refining skills and thought that they would definitely win, but they did not trust their opponent, and were worried that the other party would act shamelessly.

"You just need to make us believe that you won't go back on your word. We are only worried about this, and that the elixir exchange is indeed needed, and that it will raise our alchemy level, but the things that your Fire Divine Palace did previously made it difficult for us to trust you." Li Baojun said loudly. After everyone heard this, they thought that it was very reasonable.

Anyone with a discerning eye would be able to tell that this wasn't an ordinary exchange. Losing would come at a very heavy price. Worrying that the other party would go back on their word and not accept the challenge was a very rational move.

The Fire Divine Palace was quiet, they made such a big noise, and almost called everyone in Dan City over, all for the sake of getting stronger, and for the purpose of getting the people from Dragon Subduing City to come out and fight, but now the people they brought, were all behind them discussing, and expressing their doubts towards the credibility of the Fire Divine Palace.

Wang Qiongjin thought for a while and the decision she made surprised them. She actually mentioned to make a contract with them, looks like she really needed a lot of pills, and they were very confident that they could win.

"They need so many pills, is it because they want to attack Chen Martial Continent?" Chen Xiang said, but Li Baojun had already gone out to make a contract with Wang Qiongjin.

"It's possible, but as long as we win, killing two birds with one stone, one is equivalent to weakening the power of our Dragon Subduing School pills, two is, allowing them to obtain a large amount of pills, they already know that our Dragon Subduing School has a very solid foundation, the last time they attacked our Divine Weapons Heavenly Country, the strength we displayed had already made them wary, if they were to launch an all-out attack on our side, we would provide a large amount of pills, which would be a huge hindrance to them." Duan Chong said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, feeling that Duan Chong's analysis was extremely logical, but he thought that even if they lost this competition, they would not be able to shake their foundation in pills. As long as he gritted his teeth and went into closed door cultivation for a month or so, he would be able to replicate a large amount of medicinal herbs.

When Li Baojun returned, he smiled and said, "I don't know what that old lady is planning, but she has really signed a contract with me. If she goes back on her word or wreaks havoc on the Dragon Subduing City during this period of time, she will be in trouble."

Only after Chen Xiang confirmed that the contract was valid did he open the city gate and let the large group of people in.

"The rules have been agreed." Chen Xiang was more concerned about this, because if it was a rule that was disadvantageous to their situation, it would make it harder for them.

As long as one side wins two consecutive rounds, they will be considered as the final victor. As for which pill is concocted, each side will take turns to call for the pill to be refined, and the first is for them to call for the pill to be refined, and then the second is for us to call for it, and the result will be decided by the quality, quantity, and timing of the pills we concoct. Li Baojun said.

Chen Xiang frowned and thought for a moment, then said: "What if they call us pill refining, we do not have the ingredients for them, this Fire Divine Palace is from the Heaven Realm, if we refine something like an immortal pill, we will lose for sure."

There are high restrictions, and you can't call them Immortality Pills. As for the ingredients, you can buy them from them if you lack them. They call them concocting pills, but they aren't lacking. Li Baojun said: "I've already asked all these."

"They're the first ones to call out." Chen Xiang still had some doubts, "Since there is a maximum restriction, then there should be no minimum restriction."

In terms of quality, quantity, and time, he definitely would win. If it was a high level pellet, then he was not so sure.

"Yes, the lowest restriction is that it is a low-grade Heaven level Pellet. If Leader is unable to refine low-grade Heaven level Pellets, I can handle all of them myself. There are no restrictions that prevent one person from concocting continuously." Li Baojun said.

Duan Chong asked, "If it's like this from the very beginning, then wouldn't we have to continue?"

Li Baojun nodded his head: "That's right, continue until one side wins twice in a row, and if things don't go well, then this will be a competition of endurance. If one refines many stoves, after the Heaven level Pills are more or less done, they will turn to the Ground level Pills, until there is a result."

"We have to win two matches from the start. We have to defeat them with overwhelming force. Let's see how they will continue to act so arrogantly in the future." Chen Xiang suddenly laughed.

"Leader, are you going to fight as well? How is your skill at concocting Heaven level Pills?"

Li Baojun was very curious about this, because according to common sense, for Chen Xiang to refine a Heaven level Pellet, he would need to grasp more than a hundred sets of Foreseeing Alchemy. That was not something that could be done with a single genius' brain, and it would take a very long time for him to accumulate every single bit of it.

Chen Xiang smiled mysteriously: "I'll just not drag you down, could it be that you don't trust my standards?"

Li Baojun and Duan Chong looked at each other, the expression on their faces were extremely weird. Although Duan Chong was not a pill refiner, he still understood a lot about refining pills, and at his age, it could be said to be impossible for him to concoct a low grade Heaven level pellet, because that kind of abnormal Foreseeing Alchemy required one to master more than 120 stages, which required a lot of time to accumulate.

How many years had Chen Xiang lived for now? To be able to reach that level was truly unbelievable, and there had never been someone who could use such a short amount of time to grasp multiple Foreseeing Alchemy.

"Prepare a place. Since they sent us the medicinal pills, we must have it." Chen Xiang smiled, and then changed his appearance.

The reason why Wang Qiongjin had brought such a large group of people to rebuild Pill City was to use this to destroy the might of the Dragon Subduing City. One could tell that they were extremely confident in their abilities, as if they could easily defeat the Dragon Subduing City.

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