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"Yes." Chen Xiang replied.

"Can you tell me how that world is faring now? I'm quite curious, the Nine Heaven World should not be able to recover so quickly, but you can refine eighty thousand Biyuan Dan in such a short period of time. A genius like you might not even be able to compare to the Sacred Dan Emperor in the past." Feng Yujie's face was full of curiosity, waiting for Chen Xiang's reply.

Chen Xiang had long suspected that the strong warriors here had interacted with the people of the Nine Emperors and Five Venerables before.

"As for Nine Heaven World... I have been here for more than two hundred years, and the change there is very fast now. Furthermore, Di Tian is gradually recovering, and the Fire Emperor back then was still half crippled. As for the rest of the Nine Emperors and Five Venerables, they have not been found yet, as for me, I am an exception. Chen Xiang laughed.

As a Leader of a Divine Feather School, it was a very normal thing for Feng Yujie to be able to tell with a glance that those eighty thousand Biyuan Dan were made by a single person.

Feng Yujie chuckled: "Little guy, you're not being honest at all, you're not only successful in creating medicinal pellets."

Chen Xiang laughed foolishly: "Aunt Feng, don't tell me that this brat still has some good points, can you tell me?"

After stepping into the Immortal-becoming realm, Chen Xiang's dantian had already merged with the Divine Sense Sea, so he felt that if he were to conceal himself, he would be like an ordinary person.

"Your dantian is gone, but you deliberately used some energy to send out your aura to confuse others. If I'm not mistaken, you were previously a Divine Cultivator, and after entering the Sacred Transformation, your dantian fused with your Divine Sense Sea, which is why this situation occurred." Feng Yujie smiled gently and told her that Chen Xiang was a Divine Cultivator.

Chen Xiang laughed and said: "So that's also considered good."

Feng Yujie lightly snorted: "Since you have a request for me, then you should be more obedient."

Chen Xiang restrained his smile and said seriously: "Alright, since my strength is so much weaker than yours, I will answer honestly. In your eyes, I am just a little lamb that you can kill."

"How did you come here from the Nine Heaven World?" Feng Yujie asked.

"I am..."

Feng Yujie saw Chen Xiang's expression fluctuate, and rolled his eyes at him. "Don't lie."

Chen Xiang sighed: "Inside the Nine Heaven World, I entered a deep underground cave and a teleportation station. I used the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword to open a teleportation portal, and arrived here, and then encountered some powerful Holy Beasts outside, I was lucky enough to escape, and in the end I escaped to a Holy stone mine. I was caught by the guards at the mine, but with my help, I managed to acquire three million kilograms of Holy stone s, and hid here to refine pills and earn the Holy stone."

Feng Yujie was not surprised at all, and laughed: "A little kid that can get the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword is indeed not simple, it can be done over and over again."

"Aunt Feng, I heard that a few of the great powers here want to attack Nine Heaven World and suppress its growth. Through this, we can guarantee that this Absolute Monarch Sanctuary will not be invaded." Chen Xiang asked, he was more worried about this.

But you guys don't have to worry, the Nine Heaven World won't be defeated easily, right? Feng Yujie smiled blandly: "What are you worried about? You are afraid that others will steal your Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s, anyone who knows a little about them will know that this blade is for themselves a master. It's useless even if it is isolated from your body."

Chen Xiang was afraid that after Di Tian reappeared, the Evil Dragon Graveyard that protected the dragon vein would be destroyed.

"Will you come out to fight when the time comes?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"Of course I won't, but since my Divine Feather School knows how to, I will just stand to the side and watch." Feng Yujie said with a mischievous smile.

"Cripples of the Nine Emperors and Five Venerables, dead or dead, missing or missing, when the time comes, you will have defeated them." Chen Xiang muttered.

"Do you really think that only the Absolute Monarch Sanctuary will take action? When the other Heavenly Regions appear, they will only treat the Nine Heaven World as a battlefield and will only indirectly fight with it." Feng Yujie said.

Chen Xiang said in a bad mood: "You came to our Nine Heaven World to fight, it's not good. Back then, this was how the Nine Emperors and Five Venerables was destroyed, wasn't it?"

"Back then, it was due to the existence of someone like Ten Heavens Supreme Lord. As a result, none of the experts in the other Heavenly Realms were able to divide up the Nine Heaven World, causing them to suffer a great loss in terms of vitality. The Ten Heavens Supreme Lord had also paid a very painful price, and Di Tian, as the main battlefield, had even shattered and turned into many small worlds." The look in Feng Yujie's eyes suddenly became very distant, as if he was recalling what happened back then. "Now, it seems like that kind of thing is going to happen again."

Chen Xiang said: "Aunt Feng, I have satisfied your curiosity, now we can talk business. Once it is settled, I will give you the Blood Linglong Fruit."

Feng Yujie stretched out his hand and said: "Show me the Blood Exquisite Fruit."

Chen Xiang could only take it out. He was a little worried that Feng Yujie would not return it to him, so he held it in his hand and looked at it carefully. It was so easy to play around with, but it looked like he did not want to return it.

Seeing Chen Xiang's pained expression, Feng Yujie giggled. "You said it's for me, but it's mine now."

Chen Xiang's heart skipped a beat, and he anxiously laughed dryly: Aunt Feng, you still don't know what kind of help I need you to help me with.

"Tell me, I don't think it will be too hard. I should be able to do it." Feng Yujie was very confident in herself, so she kept the Blood Linglong Fruit.

"Help me find a pill saint. I want to concoct a sacred pill. I'll pay for the ingredients myself, so I'll give him a decent reward." Chen Xiang said directly: "For Aunt Feng, this shouldn't be too difficult."

Hearing Chen Xiang's words, Feng Yujie frowned and sighed: "I'm afraid that's a little difficult. There's a Pill Saint in this capital, but I don't even know them, so it's very difficult to find them for you. I'm really sorry that I can't help you."

Chen Xiang was startled for a moment, but inwardly he sighed, his expression did not look good. He looked at Feng Yujie, and stopped speaking.

Seeing him like this, Feng Yujie couldn't help but laugh.

"I won't tease you, I'm just a pill saint. Although I can't find other pill masters for you, I can still help you concoct pills." Feng Yujie chuckled.

No matter how he looked at it, she didn't seem like a middle-aged woman, but instead a mischievous little girl who played with the dead without paying with her life. Chen Xiang cursed in his heart, then smiled: "Aunt Feng, you're still a child.

Feng Yujie's smile became even happier, causing Chen Xiang to secretly look down on her. As the Leader, she didn't have the slightest bit of an appearance as a Leader, causing him to worry for quite a while. Even now, he still couldn't believe that Feng Yujie was a Pill Saint.

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