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The Devil-suppressing Divine Palace was a giant stone building. Even though it was a branch hall, it still had fifty floors, and the highest floor was Chen Xiang's. He had a panoramic view of the prosperous center of the Ancient Star Immortal Palace.

However, it's very ancient. Legend has it that it's because an ancient planet fell down here, but the star didn't explode, and instead brought along the energy to nourish the earth. That's why people are here, so it's a good idea for you to stay here for a while. Su Meiyao said.

"The two Divine Palace Protectors s are not weak, I heard that they are from the Immortal-becoming realm, there is no need to talk about the Lord Hall Master who is in charge of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, he is probably at the same level as Duan Ming, both in the later stages of the Immortal-becoming realm." Last time in Evil Divine Palace, the Lord Palace Master of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace caught him as well.

"The Immortal-becoming realm has nine cycles, I think that hall master is only at the fourth or fifth cycle, and Duan Ming is equivalent to around the sixth cycle. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to fend off so many people by himself." Long Xueyi said.

"Even if she's at the fourth or fifth transition of the Immortal-becoming realm, she's still not someone I can handle right now. I wonder how strong Lv Qilian is right now." Chen Xiang said: "Seems like she is going to let Little Lizhi challenge the hall master. In that case, the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace will be under her control."

"She might have reached the Saint Ruler realm. She is indeed very strong, and she is progressing very quickly. Sooner or later, she will become a true Flower Emperor." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang took out a small and said: "I have to hurry up and cultivate my divine soul up, and condense the God wind earlier."

He was already an Immortal King, but he was still unable to condense God wind. If he could, his cultivation in the divine way would increase by a big step.

"Actually, cultivating the holy power in your body to become the same as the divine power in your Divine Sense Sea is the final state, because when the divine power reaches a certain state, it can simulate a variety of powers. Our White Dragon race only cultivates divine power alone, but we can use a variety of different types of energy, which is the ultimate goal of the divine way of cultivation." Long Xueyi said.

"This must be very difficult. How can the strength of a physical body be the same as the strength of divine soul?" Chen Xiang shook his head, he felt that this was not realistic.

"Hehe, I won't hide it from you. Divine power is divine power, and the divine power in your Divine Sense Sea is very weak. It's actually not that type of physical divine power." Long Xueyi said: "There are many experts at the peak of the Nine Heavens, in the end, they are all transforming all of their power into divine power. However, it is indeed very difficult."

Chen Xiang swallowed all the energy inside the Evil beast and fused it into the Divine Sense Sea. The Star core's energy was quite beneficial to cultivation and divine soul and he could feel that there was a lot more divine power inside his own Divine Sense Sea. If he continued this, he felt that he could open up the Divine Sense Sea even more.

Many people knew that the Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor was the hall master of the Ancient Star Immortal Palace, so Huang Jintian quickly came here to find Chen Xiang.

Of course Chen Xiang would receive him. Even if Huang Jintian did not come, he had planned to find an old man like Huang Jintian, who had nothing better to do, to help him look after this Devil-suppressing Divine Palace.

"Little brat, I didn't expect you to get this position, it's so cool." Huang Jintian and Chen Xiang made a table on the platform and ate and drank. While looking at the bustling streets outside, they chatted and farted.

"Master, if you like it here, you can stay here for a long time." Chen Xiang laughed.

"No problem, I also want to stay in peace and quiet for the time being. I'll stay here." Huang Jintian understood Chen Xiang's intention, he wanted him to be a helper here.

"Teacher, can you calculate how long it will take for Di Tian to recover to his original state?" Chen Xiang asked, he was extremely concerned about this matter, if Di Tian appeared again, then that place would be the biggest battlefield, and everyone would want to fight for a piece of his territory there.

"It's strange. I calculated it a few times, but the result was always the same." Speaking of that, Huang Jintian's expression became serious and he placed the wine cup down.

"How so?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

Every time I calculate it, three times a year will appear. The first is in a hundred years, the second is a thousand years, and the third is ten thousand years. Huang Jintian raised his wine cup and took a deep breath. After pondering for a while, he said, "I suspect that once Di Tian reappears, he will appear at most a hundred years later, or even ten thousand years at the latest."

Chen Xiang was a little confused: "Why is it like this, could it be that it can reappear after a hundred years? If that's the case, I will soon have another thousand and ten thousand years."

Huang Jintian said, "It might appear or not appear in a hundred or a thousand years, and there might be some factors that influence it, so there might be some unpredictable variables, but at the latest it would be ten thousand years, and at that time, it would definitely appear."

"In that case, the appearance of Di Tian can be interfered with by humans? What kind of power is this?" Chen Xiang frowned: "Master, can you figure out who did it, or where something big will happen when the time comes?"

Huang Jintian shook his head: "My Heaven extended method can only be considered a big matter, or Nirvana Doom etc., it is precise to the point of people and things, then that won't work, but I can try to see if I can calculate what might happen during that time period."

Chen Xiang nodded, then asked: "Master, do you know how strong the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace is, and what cultivation level they usually need to be able to defeat?"

"As for Divine Palace Protectors... At the very least, you need to complete the first transition of Immortal-becoming realm, and the Lord Hallmaster can complete the fourth transition in this way. " Huang Jintian said: "Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's First Hall Master is not too strong, but if we go deal with the demons, he can be two or three levels stronger."

Chen Xiang calculated in his heart, he felt that he should be able to try out the middle stage Immortal King Stage, because he had cultivated a large amount of Holy Spirit Qi, adding that he had made a breakthrough in the divine way, he should be able to fight shoulder to shoulder with Immortal-becoming realm s.

Huang Jintian had been arranged to sit on the lower level of the tower by Chen Xiang. He had absolute authority here, and only the hall master could call him over.

"Seems like if I want to obtain the Alive Slain Method, I have to defeat those two Divine Palace Protectors s. This is not easy." Chen Xiang took out a golden fruit. This was a Diamond fruit, and it was currently only at the high grade of Heaven level.

The Diamond fruit had two stages, one was the high grade of the Heaven level and the other was the first stage of Immortal Grade. He planned to use the creation divine liquid to obtain the immortal grade Diamond fruit and then refine the Immortal Grade Vajra Pellet.

The Vajra Pills were mainly used to strengthen the body, but they were also very helpful in strengthening the Saint Force.

Chen Xiang could concoct immortal pills now, but he was only an immortal rank Sacred animal Dan. The difficulty was not very high, but he had yet to try out other immortal pills.

Most of the First Tier Immortal Grade pills could be refined using one type of main ingredient, and even if there was no need for supplementary ingredients, the difficulty of refining them would not decrease at all. If he were to use Foreseeing Alchemy, Chen Xiang would probably need a very long time to even try it.

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