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With a flash of purple light, Wei Suo's silhouette appeared in the middle of the mountain where Zhen Chongming and Zhu Xiao Wu had their residences.

Yellow Bud, Han Wuya, and the others were the first to exit this place.

Ji Ya and Han Weiwei, as well as Zhen Chongming and Zhu Xiaoqiao also rushed out of the passage and stopped beside Wei Suo.

"Our house!" The moment he stopped, Zhen Chongming, who was carrying Daoist Master Chang Feng, and Zhu Xiao Wu Jia who was beside him immediately started wailing in grief.

The two fellows didn't have enough time to take back their houses. Now, they were beaten into a mess and turned into ruins. Not far away from them, there was a big hole in the ground. It was dug out by the two Earth Splitting Fists.

"Stop shouting, clean up this place. First, let me open up two rooms that you have stored away. I have uses for it."

Wei Suo glanced at Zhen Chongming and Zhu Shaojian, who didn't feel much grief. He stretched out his hand and took out a blue array flag. Then, a stream of true essence was poured into it.

This way, all of the Immortal Vanquishing Vines would regain their effectiveness. At this moment, if a cultivator was outside the small mountain, unless they had a special magic tool to confuse the Immortal Vanquishing Vine, they would all be attacked by the Immortal Vanquishing Vine.

"Good!" Boss, whatever you say is what it is. Go into the water, go into the fire. " Hearing Wei Suo's orders, Zhen Chongming and Zhu Xiao Qi immediately stopped their wailing. They quickly cleaned up the area and released the house from the storage bag.

Wei Suo nodded. His gaze moved slightly as his Heart Devouring Bug entered the underground cave that had been dug out by the two Earth Splitting wild claws.

Subsequently, the sound of something collapsing immediately sounded from within the burrow. It was obvious that he had ordered the Heart Devouring Bug to obstruct the burrow first.

"Xiao Yin, take a look around this cave to see if there are any cultivators who haven't run away yet." Remember not to run outside, otherwise those Immortal-Destroying Vines will eat you. I'll be right back. " Seeing Wei Suo's actions, Han Weiwei also immediately said this to the Silver Primordius beside her.

This Transmutation Silvermoon, who was dressed up like a little girl by her side, immediately nodded in a spirited manner. With a flash of silver light, he flew towards a corridor.

"Alright, that's enough." Seeing that Zhen Chongming and Zhu Xiao Wu had already sent out two private rooms, Wei Suo stopped them immediately. After that, he nodded at Han Weiwei and Ji Ya, rolled up his true essence and wrapped it around Daoist Master Chang Feng before sweeping his way into one of the quiet rooms.

After sweeping into this quiet room, Wei Suo sat down on a chair inside. He threw Daoist Master Long Feng onto a silver grass blanket not far in front of him.

Jia Ya seemed to understand what Wei Suo was trying to do. She stretched out her hand and took out a small white pill. With a "pu" sound, she crushed it into pieces. Then, her hand trembled and all of them rushed into Long Feng's mouth and nose.

"Daoist Master Changfeng, you don't have to play dead. Even without this pill, you should be able to explain yourself." Looking at the Long Wind Daoist Master who still had his eyes tightly shut as if he was dead after he had sucked in the powder, Wei Suo coldly laughed.

However, Daoist Master Long Feng's eyes remained closed, as if he didn't hear Wei Suo's words.

"What? Do you still think you didn't hear me?" Wei Suo did not get angry. He merely turned his head towards Zhen Chongming and Zhu Shaojian, "Take off his robe and write the words' Taoist Changfeng 'in the Eastern Yao Resort. Then, just hang him outside the Spirit Mountain City as a show of power. There should be many cultivators who could tell that he was a true Eastern Jade Resort's Jindan Stage cultivator, and was not a fake."

"Good!" "Boss, you can say whatever you want. Go into the water, go into the fire, but boss, I feel that if you directly use your blade to cut out that line of words on his body, it would be even more intimidating." When Zhu Xiao and Zhen Chongming heard this, they immediately walked up, and prepared to strip off Daoist Master Chang Feng's clothes. At the same time, Zhu Xiao and Zhen Chongming also said this.

"A warrior can be killed but not humiliated. If I lose to you, you can do whatever you want to kill. If you insult me like this, aren't you afraid you'll end up like this yourself in the future?" Spirit Master Changfeng, who had his eyes tightly closed, suddenly opened them. His eyes spewed fire as he let out a stern shout.

"Can you blame me?" If it wasn't for sects like yours that bully us, would I have come looking for trouble with you? " "Even today, I have given you more than one chance. To deal with you like this and not go all out, you can already be considered as a human being. "Zhen Chongming, Zhu Xiao Qi, let's just listen to what you have to say. Just use the word blade."

"Four Aurous Core stage cultivators, in addition to Han Wuya's Fallen Star God Bow and Ascension Heavenly Mirror, the disciples and elders of two sects should be able to exterminate even a sect like Heaven. I didn't expect them to be defeated by you." After hearing Wei Suo's words, Daoist Master Changfeng seemed as if he had suddenly been deflated. His face became completely ashen, and all of a sudden, he looked like he had aged a few dozen years. "What do you want to ask? I'll say it. You don't need to use such tricks anymore." I just hope that you can give me a quick and easy life after asking all these questions. "

"In that case, as long as what you say is the truth, I will give you a quick death." Wei Suo nodded. Without wasting any words, he asked, "What are the identities of those three Aurous Core stage cultivators?"

"The one who was killed by the Immortal Vanquishing Vine was Master Jin Zhong. Later on, the cultivator at the second level of the Aurous Core stage was Daoist Master Yu Sha. These three cultivators are all rogue cultivators. " Long Feng said weakly.

"Do these cultivators have any powerful backgrounds?" Wei Suo asked.

"These three people come and go alone. Monk Golden Bell and Daoist Master Shark Fishing do not have any special background. However, yellow bud seems to have a lot of trusted friends, including many Aurous Core stage cultivators." Daoist Master Changfeng said, "But I've only heard of him. As for what kind of close friends he has and what cultivation he has, I don't know either."

"Where is your Sect Leader, Dong Miaozhen? Why hasn't he shown up yet? " Wei Suo muttered to himself for a while before he looked at Long Feng and asked.

This time, he had used the might of the Immortal Vanquishing Vine to kill, and although he had let out a great deal of anger, there must be a lot of repercussions. Moreover, this faction's leader hadn't shown himself at such a critical moment, which made Wei Suo feel that something was amiss.

"He is cultivating a cultivation technique in seclusion." Hearing Wei Suo's words, Daoist Master Changfeng hesitated for a moment, but after a moment of hesitation, he gritted his teeth and spoke in the end. He was not afraid of death now, but he was afraid of endless humiliation. Becoming the second Precious Profound Sect in the history of the Profound Sky Continent, was bound to be in ruins, and Wei Suo was bound to become the second Daoist Master Shuro. Now that he was considering Dongyao more, it was basically useless.

"Secluded cultivation technique? "What cultivation technique is this?" When Wei Suo, Ji Ya, and Han Weiwei heard what Daoist Master Long Feng said, their eyes could not help but flicker for a moment.

"I don't know." Long Feng shook his head and said with a wry smile, "I only know that this cultivation technique was discovered more than ten years ago in the little holy abode where we store cultivation technique manuals in Dongyao resort." It should be a special technique left behind by a senior with an astonishing cultivation level. However, only Dong Miaomiao truly knows the specifics of the technique. "

"You are the only great Jindan Stage cultivator in Dongyao Resort?" His status is definitely not any lower than his. " A trace of disbelief flashed in Wei Suo's eyes, "Even you don't know?"

"In any sect, there are many secret techniques that can only be learned by specific disciples. Moreover, although my status is not inferior to his, I can't force him. It's normal for him to not know about it." Daoist Master Changfeng bitterly smiled. "However, I know that once this cultivation technique is cultivated successfully, his strength will definitely increase greatly. Furthermore, this cultivation technique seems to require many cultivators with spiritual roots to cultivate it together."

"What does it mean to need multiple cultivators with spiritual roots to cultivate together?" Wei Suo and Jia Ya were slightly shocked.

"I don't know the specifics either. I only know that since the appearance of this cultivation technique ten years ago, Bai Xuanji and many other elders have been wholeheartedly searching for cultivators with spiritual roots. For example, it was said that the reason why Ji Ya had to marry into Dongyao resort was because she was a cultivator with spiritual roots. " Chang Feng glanced at Ji Ya and continued weakly, "Not long ago, we found a very rare cultivator with lightning spiritual roots in Dongyao Resort, and he started to cultivate in seclusion. It should be because these cultivators were used to complement his cultivation technique. For example, Baixuan and DongMiaozhen are rather close, so he might know a bit more than me. "

"A cultivation technique that requires many cultivators with spiritual roots. I have never heard of such a technique." At this time, the green-robed old man's voice rang in Wei Suo's ears, "But do you remember back then, Dong Miaozhen also seemed to have a deep hatred towards Dong Qingyi, she also seemed to want to personally kill her good-for-nothing son to avoid being threatened by you. However, they avoided shooting at Dong Miaomiao, as if they were really afraid that something might happen to Dong Miaomiao. "It seems like this technique is not simple. You must be careful."

Hearing the green-robed old man's words, Wei Suo's eyes slightly flickered. However, he still maintained a silent expression on his face. He looked at Long Feng and asked, "How is the protective magical formation of your Dongyao resort?"

"You actually want to attack our Dongyao resort's gate?" Upon hearing Wei Suo's words, Daoist Master Chang Feng's gaze was immediately filled with shock, but he immediately calmed down and said weakly, "Our Dong Yao Resort's sect is called the 'Green Moon' Grand Formation. Its attack power may not be enough to kill a cultivator at the second or third level of the Aurous Core Stage, but its defensive power is extremely amazing, able to trap a person inside. Furthermore, it will cover the entire valley. Even if you enter, once this formation is activated, you will be surrounded by countless green-moon-like barriers. "

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