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Chapter 753: Gaining the Upper Hand!

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When Zhao Guang caught the No-liability agreement, Zhao Kuo and Su Han had begun their battle in the center of the platform.


A crack appeared on the solid platform instantly.

The crack spread toward the direction of the Dragon God Shrine until the pale red energy sphere blocked it.

There was no grudge between Zhao Kuo and Su Han, but they both needed someone to battle before they charged at the Heavenly Dragon Realm.

Zhao Kuo’s challenge to Su Han was what she needed!

When one issued the challenge to the other, they had been at top-tier Qian-level. After they got out of the Nine Dragon Palace, they had reached peak Qian-level!

After refining her natal dharma treasure, Su Han’s longsword was very powerful with the demonic soul of a Thunder Roc in it.

Zhao Kuo’s Black Dragon Spike was Zhao Haoran’s weapon which had gained its reputation from him. Containing Zhao Haoran’s essence soul, it corresponded with Zhao Kuo’s bloodline, and even Taiyi Cave Master was no match for it.

When the two weapons collided, it seemed that Zhao Kuo’s Black Dragon Spike had the upper hand.

Zhao Kuo and Su Han flew up at the same time.

Hum! A flash came from the Dragon God Shrine, and the circular platform expanded instantly to hundreds of times of its original size; it looked almost boundless.

Meanwhile, the big array formation engulfing the Dragon God Shrine also expanded outward, forming a huge space!

Even the inspectors didn’t know that the Dragon God Shrine could change like this.

Dang! Zhao Kuo’s Black Dragon Spike hit Su Han’s longsword.

Su Han’s body lowered a bit, shooting a surge of icy-cold nature essence toward Zhao Kuo’s chest.

Having reached peak Qian-level, Su Han’s cultivation of the Ice Frost Scroll had reached the top level. Since she couldn’t put the Sky Heart Bamboo that she got from the Nine Dragon Palace into her sword, she had merged it into her hand to increase the power of her palm strikes.

Seeing that Su Han was beaten down several meters by Zhao Kuo, Hao Ren’s heart sank as well.

Seeing Hao Ren’s intense expression, Duan Yao looked up at Su Han and sighed slightly when she remembered that this beauty had fallen into the Demon Sea with Hao Ren.

The Black Dragon Spike wasn’t long but very heavy. Holding this sword with both hands, Zhao Kuo’s strength increased even more, pressuring Su Han.

Then, the icicle shot from Su Han’s palm crashed onto Zhao Kuo’s chest and sent him flying more than ten meters.

Meanwhile, Su Han fell to the platform under the violent strength of Zhao Kuo and landed on the ground.

The overwhelming murderous spirit released from the Black Dragon Spike almost subdued her. If not for the colorful traditional dress that was gifted by Lady Zhen which could reflect some pressure, Su Han wouldn’t be able to block the violent attack of the Black Dragon Spike which contained Zhao Kuo’s peak Qian-level power.

Zhao Kuo flew backward head first for more than ten meters, feeling a pain in his chest.

After he fell into the Demon Sea from the Nine Dragon Palace, a Kirin and a Phoenix were passing their Heavenly Tribulation in the Demon Sea, and their powers took all the souls from the small demon kings, including one who had been hunting down Zhao Kuo.

Zhao Kuo had taken this opportunity to skin this small demon king in its original form using the Black Dragon Spike. After returning to the East Ocean Dragon Palace, he made it into a set of leather armor, and it could block attacks from level 10 demon beasts!

Su Han’s icy palm strike was mighty, but it couldn’t pierce Zhao Kuo’s body when the icicle struck on the newly-made black leather armor!

“Awesome! Third Lord!”

The generals of East Ocean cheered.

From the first two attacks, they could tell that Zhao Kuo’s strikes were fiercer than Su Han’s and subdued the latter who had just reached peak Qian-level!

Kicking lightly with her toes, Su Han drew a white line in the sky when she flew toward Zhao Kuo.

In fact, the key to this battle wasn’t to shame the other but to stimulate their potentials with the sense of danger.

If they fought for three days in a remote valley, one of them would win.

Zhao Kuo and Su Han both sought the highest realm and didn’t want to be watched as if they were performing an act.

However, due to the powerful forces behind them, if either of them were wounded or killed, there would be great trouble. That was why they agreed to the current arrangement and decided to battle under people’s watch.

After signing the no-liability agreements, they fought under everyone’s stare, which would avoid any potential conflicts if either of them was severely wounded or died.

The inspectors of the Dragon God Shrine, the elders of the East Ocean Dragon Clan, and the third-party cultivators were their witnesses.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Su Han’s longsword and Zhao Kuo’s Black Dragon Spike collided fiercely.

Each attack contained the strength of peak Qian-level!

Their weapons seemed to touch each other lightly, but the auras of peak Qian-level that they emitted collided with each other forcefully, making the cultivators on the platform to lose their balance.

Some low-leveled young cultivators standing beside Hao Ren were pushed to the ground already.

Hao Ren glanced at Elder Xingyue who was standing beside Zhao Hongyu and found that she still looked calm and cold.

Su Han had learned cultivation from her, and it was no wonder that Su Han had got such a cold temperament.

Boom! Su Han activated all the nature essence in her body.

Waves of frost sudden flew across the almost boundless platform.

“Good!” Zhao Kuo yelled while his body released tens of thousands of sword energies!

Over 40,000 sword energies were released!

Wearing the colorful traditional dress, Su Han looked like a goddess who was floating in the sea of snow.

Wearing the black leather armor, Zhao Kuo commanded tens of thousands of sword energies with the Black Dragon Spike, looking like a black-faced god of war!

Both rivals were using their full forces!

The sea of snow instantly engulfed the platform that was enlarged for hundreds of times!

In the white snow, the black Dragon God Shrine emitted a red light and looked like a lighthouse. The inspectors who were standing close to the Dragon God Shrine created their own energy spheres to block the cold snow.

On the side of the East Ocean Dragon Clan, the high-level cultivators all created energy spheres as well while the low-level cultivators gathered around them for protection.

The snows created by Su Han filled the whole area, and it was so cold that they almost stopped the flow of nature essence in one’s meridians!

Facing Su Han, Zhao Kuo saw countless icicles condensing with chilling essence hidden in the flying snowflakes!

Each icicle was equivalent to an offensive dharma treasure!

The Deputy Shrine Masters on the top floor of the Dragon God Shrine were dumbfounded when they saw Su Han’s attack.

They knew that the Ice Frost Scroll which Su Han cultivated didn’t have this ability. It was clear that she created this technique that even Qian-level cultivators might not be able to block!

Creating a powerful technique was something that only the grand cultivators could do.


Furrowing his eyebrows, Zhao Kuo formed an Eight-Trigram Array with over 40,000 sword energies and shattered the icicles which were shooting toward him.

Despite the leather armor which was made with the skin of a small demon king, he could still feel the chill, which showed the great power of Su Han’s attack of ice and snow!

Su Han moved her sword, and it transformed into 16 phantoms while her body blurred, moving at high speed.

Pu! Pu!

Zhao Kuo’s shoulders began to bleed under the attack of the icicles.

The cultivators who were observing looked up but couldn’t see clearly due to the flying snow.


Zhao Kuo waved his hands and shot out the sword array formation!

More than 40,000 sword energies spun forward and shot toward Su Han like a sea of knives!

Hao Ren looked hard but could only see a big wave of sword energies dancing in the white snow.

Some of the snow energies splashed out and shattered the energy spheres created by the cultivators.

Hao Ren imagined that if he were battling with Su Han, he couldn’t even be able to see her in this world of flying snow and would get killed by her in the blink of an eye!

Pop… The expanded array formation of the Dragon God Shrine couldn’t withstand the violent snowstorm and suddenly shattered.

The snowflakes swarmed out violently, flying toward the lower sky.

The people in the cities and villages in an area of 1,000 kilometers radius were surprised to see that it was snowing!

On this late autumn day, many small snowflakes fell from the high sky.


In the ice and snow that dissipated gradually, Zhao Kuo and Su Han shouted at the same time.

Bam! Countless ice and snow exploded outward suddenly.

Su Han in her colorful dress flew out from the center of the snow storm.

Hao Ren bent his knees slightly and then jumped up like a flash of light.

Whoosh! A black light shot out from the top floor of the Dragon God Shrine.

Su Han shot out a wave of chilling light, and Zhao Kuo shot out a wave of sword energies.

No matter if it were the Shrine Master of the Dragon God Shrine, Su Han, or Zhao Kuo, they all prohibited Hao Ren from interfering!

Hit by the sharp black light on the chest, Hao Ren was sent flying for hundreds of meters before crashing heavily on the platform, creating a trench which was half a meter long.

If the heavenly lightning bolts didn’t temper his body and made it as hard as a dharma treasure, this blow would have killed him!

“I don’t need your help!” Su Han said in an icy-cold tone as she fell toward the ground.

“Don’t cause trouble, Damn Kid!” Zhao Kuo cussed while he crashed toward Su Han with hundreds of sword energies.

When peak Qian-level cultivators fought with each other, they couldn’t spare their mind on anything around them. If Hao Ren, a mid-tier Xun-level cultivator, got close to them, he would probably get killed by them by mistake!

It was due to the concern for his safety that Su Han and Zhao Kuo forced away Hao Ren at the same time!

Zhao Kuo had found the Light Splitting Sword Shadow Scroll to be even more powerful when he got deeper into it. After acquiring the Sky-Patching Scroll from the Nine Dragon Palace, Su Han had found it to be full of wonders.

The fiercer the battle was, the clearer the cultivators could understand their limits and their techniques.

Bam! Hundreds of Tiangang Sword Array Formations formed by tens of thousands of sword energies dashed toward Su Han at lightning speed!

Even a Soul Formation Realm cultivator wouldn’t dare to take the sword array formations head-on, for fear of getting injured.

Seeing that Su Han might not be able to dodge it, the nine Deputy Shrine Masters on the top floor of the Dragon God Shrine were ready to help.

However, they realized that their feet couldn’t move as if they were glued to the floor.

Standing motionlessly at the window, the Shrine Master watched the battle outside with his hands clasped behind his back.

“Third Uncle!”

Zhao Yanzi had also seen the danger and yelled.

Zhao Kuo was launching a killing attack which could pierce Su Han into a sieve. She would be seriously injured or killed!

“She lost.” The cultivators on the side of East Ocean clenched their fists as if Zhao Kuo had won the battle with a landslide.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Five-Mountain Bracelets suddenly appeared on Su Han’s neck, wrists, and ankles!

They shattered at the same time!

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