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"Move? Move your sister's heart!" Ling Han couldn't help but lash out with a hit.

Li Feng Yu turned pale, and said, "You've got wild schemes about my sister as expected! This… say, Brother-in-law, let's discuss the problem of dowry."

"Brother!" Li Zi Xian finally erupted and smacked at Li Feng Yu.

Not only her, Zhu Xuan Er and Hu Niu also joined delightedly, and beat this big mouth into screaming repeatedly, making him pay the price for having a cheap mouth.

Azure Divine Phoenix Empress raised the long sword and struck towards the Nine-eyed Corpse King.

A Shattering Void Tier attack was too frightening!

The sword ray flew through the skies, and hong, stars exploded from the sword light, turning into countless fragments and sprinkling over the corners of the vast lands.

The Nine-eyed Corpse King was calm and fearless. Peng, peng, peng, it tread on its massive feat towards Azure Phoenix Divine Empress, dashing at an extremely high speed, and the corpses on its upper body let out shrieks one after another, shooting out as tangible sound waves.

Azure Phoenix Divine Empress snorted heavily, and also let out a battle cry as if a phoenix's cry. The sound wave manifested and turned into an azure divine phoenix, countering Nine-eyed Corpse King's sound waves.

Peng, peng, peng, the sound waves collided, and martial intent of both clashed violently, casting extremely resplendent rays of light upon the skies.

In the sky, countless stars exploded in shock and fell down in small fragments, but the majority couldn't pass through the terrifying layer of astral winds in the sky, being shattered into dust.

The Nine-eyed Corpse King sound wave attack was neutralized by Azure Phoenix Divine Empress, but the aftershock swept by and still sent the people who had already escaped the mountain valley flying. Like severed kites flying in the sky, they landed uncontrollably and hacked out blood one after another.

Even if neutralized, a Shattering Void Tier elite's attack's remaining aftershock of the aftershock was still filled with shocking destructive power. If the people here weren't at the Flower Blossom or the Spiritual Infant Tier, then under this attack, they wouldn't just be hacking out blood; they'd all be dead.

Even so, Flower Blossom Tier cultivators all had a few broken bones, while Spiritual Infant Tier ones were slightly better, simply hacking out a few mouthful of blood.

Ling Han took Zhu Xuan Er and Hu Niu into his embrace and forcibly took the attack on with his own back. With his current physique comparable to eighth-tier rare metal, forcibly taking this sound wave attack only made him look somewhat pale, but not to the extent of hacking out blood.

"Brother-in-law, help!" Li Feng Yu's face was full of blood, unsure whether it from beating just now, or from being shocked by the wave.

As expected, so long as he lived, he'd keep on acting cheap.

"Hahahaha, what the heck were you guys doing, looking so tragic?" The rabbit appeared with a "carrot" in its mouth… Who knew whether it was found or stolen from somewhere.

With so much chaos, it could obviously feel it, running over to watch the fun.

"No kidding, two great Shattering Void Tier elites battling, can't you see for yourself?" Ling Han said in a foul tone.

"Yo, this little girl's not bad, just right to be Uncle Rabbit's servant girl." The rabbit stared at Azure Phoenix Divine Empress while gnawing on the spirit medicine, its ruffian character fully displayed.

Ling Han sighed, and said, "Li Big Mouth, you've met a kindred spirit, come, become sworn brothers with the rabbit."

"Tsk, what's Uncle Rabbit identity, Uncle Rabbit wouldn't even be pleased if this brat was a distant eighteenth generation grandson." Uncle Rabbit disparaged Li Feng Yun as being worthless.

Li Feng Yu wasn't irritated, and simply said to Hu Niu, "Lord Hu Niu, let's eat rabbit meat?"

"Alright!" Hu Niu instantly beamed with joy. Her fierce eyes targeted the rabbit's buttocks, her small mouth broadened, and saliva already drooled out.

The rabbit instinctively covered its butt, and said, "Damn brat, dare instigate this little girl again! Be careful Uncle Rabbit will step on your golden face!"

Ling Han grabbed Hu Niu and didn't let them cause a disturbance at this moment, and said, "Come, come, come, carry a few rocks over. We're watching the show here. It should be safe at this distance."

His gaze swept by, and seeing the Rain Emperor and Mu Rong Qing, he naturally felt relieved.

Azure Divine Phoenix Empress and the Nine-eyed Corpse King battled fiercely. This was the strongest battle at the Shattering Void Tier, something even Ling Han had never seen in the previous life, so it wasn't to be missed.

Earlier, Feng Po Yun also showed his hand at Million Treasures City, but with the Fourth Killing Formation's impediment, no one could see the specifics of the battle. However, it was different now. The Nine-eyed Corpse King was over three hundred meters tall, and could be clearly seen anywhere.

Ling Han also cultivated the Eye of Truth, and obviously saw it even clearer.

Azure Phoenix Divine Empress was truly strong, a consummate Shattering Void Tier elite. In this world, she could be said to be unstoppable, and on top of the tenth-tier Spirit Tool in her hand, the Heavenly Phoenix Sword, her destructive power was incapable of further increase.

Even though the corpses on the Nine-eyed Corpse King's body were once in the Heaven Tier, even some others were in the Shattering Void Tier, deep sword marks appeared on them with a sword strike. It was just that the Nine-eyed Corpse King's body was just too colossal, and being slashed by a sword was like a normal person being cut by a nail clipper, suffering a tiny injury.

The Corpse King wasn't a normal Corpse Soldier. Such an existence already formed its own consciousness as if a new life was bred, becoming a new species in the world. It wasn't in pain, yet it went into a violent rage. The corpses all over its body raised their heads to roar in anger, and the sound waves turned into a gigantic spear, held by the Nine-eyed Corpse King, piercing at Azure Phoenix Divine Empress.

"Evil creature, leave your head!" Azure Phoenix Divine Empress shouted as Heavenly Phoenix Sword struck out a Sword Ray over three hundred meters long, looking terrifyingly shocking.

The Nine-eyed Corpse King roared violently repeatedly. Its physique was too tough under the blessing of vein-like patterns—it was no inferior to tenth-tier rare metal. If it weren't for Azure Divine Phoenix Empress using a tenth-tier Spirit Tool to strike it, and her condensing of a Sword Ray, she really might not have been able to deal with its defense.

It waved its two arms and closed them towards the middle, trying to clap Azure Phoenix Divine Empress to death.


The two large palms closed and let out a heaven-shaking great bang. Ninety-nine percent of the people nearby bled from the seven apertures, being too horrible a sight to look at, while some were even knocked right out with this great bang.

Azure Phoenix Divine Empress was actually clapped to death like this?


A raging azure flame burst forth from the skeletal palms and turned into a sky full of flames brighter than the sun.

The Nine-eyed Corpse King bawled and hurriedly retracted its hands. Azure Divine Phoenix Empress could be seen standing loftily in the skies, and her entire body burned with azure-colored divine flames, forming a fiery tail piece over three thousand meters long. It made her looking even more beautiful and alluring.

"This woman isn't a pure human. Uncle Rabbit can sense a shred of True Phoenix Bloodline in her body," the rabbit said while gnawing on a spirit medicine. "However, compared to Uncle Rabbit's pure bloodline, she's far off! As expected, she's more suited to become Uncle Rabbit's servant girl."

True Phoenix Bloodline!

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