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After being promoted to Mythical Beast, Red's power before and now was poles apart.

She realized that what she owned was a Silver Grimoire when she summoned the grimoire.

Even Sickly Beauty and Yue Yu, curiously, explored the Inherent Skill and the Guardian Spirit Beast that Red had acquired. Ah Man, who admired Red most, also hoped to be promoted to Mythical Beast like Red and to help the master defeat more powerful enemies in future battles, though she now had owned the power to defeat the Sky-rank Innate.

‘War Feather’: Converting different War Feathers in battle, which could release the power of different attributes. The fastest conversion time was one hour, and the longest duration was one day. The Inherent Skill current level is 1.

"My wings?" Red discovered that her wings had disappeared till then.

“You haven’t found that all the time?” Sickly beauty and Yue Yu were tickled by her innocence.

"Contemplate." Yue Yang gave Red a hint.

Naturally, when Red regained her consciousness, countless brilliance flashed around her body, and more energy was condensed into her body, forming white and wonderful energy feathers in her back. Within those white energy feathers, a soft silver feather was on the back of the left wing, and a gold feather was on the back of the right wing.

The two feathers should be the two types of 'War Feather' that she could convert now.

Although Red didn't know how to switch the War Feather now, Yue Yang’s Insight of Heaven had seen the truth.

The pure white energy feather was of the light attribute, it could immunize her against the negative dark curse and speed her flying.

The silver energy feather mainly increased her mental ability, if the energy feather converted to silver War Feather, Red would get the most enhancement when releasing ‘Banshee Scream’, ‘Whip of Agony’, and ‘Sheep Transformation’. The specific enhancement, however, was inestimable for Yue Yan, because the silver War Feather could be converted to an hour later, and in the promotion of god envoy, ‘Banshee Scream’, ‘Whip of Agony’ and ‘Sheep Transformation’ would also be changed.

The Golden War Feather enhanced her abilities most directly.

It improved her capabilities to fight comprehensively.

Red's image information changed significantly compared with that in the past in Yue Yang's summoning grimoire. Red, who used to be the Bloody Queen, now became the Bloody Goddess (half awakened).

Besides Banshee Scream, Whip of Agony and Sheep Transformation.

Red developed two special abilities, 'Extreme Speed' and 'Heaven Feather'.

The 'Extreme Speed', as its name suggested, could improve Red's flying speed dramatically. As for the 'Heaven Feather', it enabled Red to transform the energy into War Feather in fighting. It was a special skill that corresponded to her inherent skill. The most mysterious part of the 'Heaven Feather' was that Red could share the transformed state of 'War Feather' with Yue Yang. In all her special skills, Red could only share the effect of Whip of Agony with Yue Yang in the past, but now she had one more skill to share with him. The only difference between the effects of Whip of Agony and Heaven Feather was that Yue Yang could not transform the energy into War Feather like Red did.

Being in a state of half awakened Goddess, Red became much more powerful and caught up with and even outpaced Ah Man, who had been light years ahead of others, though she didn't have the might of a real Goddess.

Her special skills such as Banshee Scream and Whip of Agony had reached the state of the divine power that could damage the soul.

If Red awakened completely and became a Goddess, people at Heaven Stage except for the super experts would tremble with fear when they saw her.

"What is your Guardian Spirit Beast?" Sickly beauty and Yue Yu asked curiously. Let alone others, Red, who had become a Goddess, felt a strong desire to find out what her Guardian Spirit Beast was in the summoning grimoire. After the page turned in the grimoire, these three women were stunned by Red's Guardian Spirit Beast.

"What is that?" Yue Yang asked with a smile.

"Well, it doesn't seem to be a Guardian Spirit Beast of the combat type…" Red was somewhat embarrassed. She found this Guardian Spirit Beast was far from her expected Beast of the combat type.

Angel Pigeon: Silver-ranked Level 3, special-type warbeast, peaceful life in male-female pair, no combat power, good at flying. It could travel through time within a certain range, and fly to the designated non-hostile friendly target once a day. It had special wings with light attribute. Elementary intelligence. Skills: Deliver Message from Afar, Song of Peace.

When Red summoned her Guardian Spirit Beast, Yue Yang found they were two white homing pigeons having no physical entity.

Fingers could pass through their bodies.

However, if Yue Yang did that, their small round eyes would look unhappy, as if they were blaming Yue Yang for his hostility. However, when Yue Yang’s fingers released Innate energy, they immediately sensed the benefits of this pure energy, hauling up and down happily, and naughtily licking his fingers with their red enamel to show kindness. Cheerfully, they would coo. The sound they made had an indescribably peaceful feeling, which gave people a good mood and lifted up their spirit.

This must be Angel Pigeon’s 'Song of Peace' skill.

It could help people overcome hostility.

Of course, for those who were particularly determined and extremely persistent, the Song of Peace would not be effective.

But warbeasts without intelligence would be heavily affected!

“That's right! Although Angel Pigeon is not a combat type, it is a special-type warbeast. Its skills are not bad. At some important moments, they tend to work wonders. They are some things that you won't get surprised if you own, but if you don’t, it will be a big loss. Besides, they have 'Deliver Message from Afar' skill which is great. After more battles, our information exchange will definitely become more and more urgent. I have had enough to use the Three Colors Map's ten-word limit! “Yue Yang certainly didn’t think that Angel Pigeon was worse. On the contrary, he thought these two pigeons were the best strategy-type warbeast.

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