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The system suddenly sounded out.

Long Fei was startled.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for completing the quest."

Mission: Subdue Rohan

Level: A

Time: One month

Reward: 10 thousand experience, 1 thousand true qi, 1000 points. Any S-rank reward will be special.

The system beep ended.

Long Fei's heart trembled, "Arhat? What an interesting name, and. Why did the Eight King Kong Systems sound the notification? "

"Could it be that this skinny guy with a match in front of him is one of the eight great King Kong?"

"Old man, can you see anything?"

Yan Huang ancestor thought for a moment, then said: "I can't tell yet, but … The rod in his hand is very special, there is an extremely strong demonic energy, it should be an Vajra Pestle, it might be a special holy artifact. "

"It's not wrong. It's definitely a special holy artifact. My perception of good things is definitely not wrong." The Arhat did not display any power, he could not tell, but the holy artifact s and the like, he was the most powerful.

Long Fei was secretly shocked, "Special holy artifact? What exactly is it? "

wang shiyun was shocked, and immediately asked: "What do you know?"

Just as he finished asking.

She seemed to have thought of something and changed her words. "We won't be recruiting members for now. If you want to join our King's Army, then wait for us to come back. You can then join us."

This mission was very dangerous. Out of kindness, she didn't want to involve Arhat in it and lose her life for nothing.

Arhat was a bit anxious and said, "Big sister, I can do anything. I can do laundry and cook, pull the carriage, and carry the sack. I can do anything, so just take me along with you."

There was a hint of pleading in his eyes.

No one wanted to take him in.

He had been in the tian yun city for three months and was basically hungry for three months. No mercenary group was willing to take him in.

Because he was weak.

Because of what he was wearing.

Because he was like a beggar on the street, no one would even look at him, let alone recruit him into their mercenary group.

wang shiyun was at a loss: "I'm really sorry, we are going to take a mission, this mission is very dangerous, you should wait for us to come back."

Arhat became even more anxious and said, "Sister, please accept me. I can really do anything, I can eat any kind of suffering."


Without waiting for wang shiyun to reject, Long Fei put a hand on Arhat's shoulder and said: "From today onwards, you will be a member of our King's Army."

Arhat's body trembled, his hands held onto the Vajra Pestle that was hidden under his tattered robe tighter. He was a little nervous, afraid that Long Fei would notice something and retreat half a step, and he bowed while saying with gratitude, "Thank you, thank you."

wang shiyun held onto Long Fei, and asked: "What are you doing? Don't you know how dangerous this mission is? You still have him? You're letting him die. "

Long Fei said: "I'm still bringing you, just one more person."

He was very interested in this Arhat now.

He thought to himself: "Eight system beep, just what King Kong is he? Demon Fighter Vajra? Sword Force King Kong? and he's even from Arrogant Knife King Kong … "

"No matter what King Kong, only you are one of the eight great King Kong, I, Long Fei, will definitely surrender to you."

Even though …

Arhat was wary of him, but Long Fei was not worried.

As long as it was his brother, he would cherish it with his life!

wang shiyun stared at Long Fei, and said: "I am the Guild Leader, I do not allow you to send people into the army randomly."

Long Fei looked at wang shiyun seriously and said, "If you continue to be like this, I won't let you play anymore."


"This time, you are in charge." wang shiyun immediately shriveled up, flipping his face was faster than flipping a book.

Long Fei looked at Arhat and said, "From today onwards, you are a member of the strongest king. Go and prepare yourself.

Arhat scratched his head and said, "There's nothing to prepare, I can leave now."

He was alone.

He slept on the street every day and ate the leftovers of someone else's food. He did not know how he managed to survive. During these three months, he did not even know why he was still alive.

Long Fei said: "Then let's go."

wang shiyun took the lead and walked at the very front, showing her leader's and big sister's might. She was also worried that her father would catch up with them, hence they walked very fast.

Long Fei wanted to walk side by side with the arhat.

But Arhat was always at the back, following with his head lowered, as if he was feeling very inferior.

As he walked to the end of the street, the fragrance of steamed buns, which had just come out of the oven, wafted into the air.

Arhat lightly paused for a moment, then cleared his throat.

At this time.

Long Fei walked forward and said: "Give me a hundred steamed buns."

After paying the money, he said to Arhat, "Take it."

Arhat walked forward, continuously swallowing his saliva. It had been a few days since he had eaten his fill. Looking at the fragrant steamed buns, his stomach rumbled.

However …

He did not eat.

Because …

The one on top of Long Fei, didn't let him eat it.

Half an hour later.

The three of them walked to the inn.

An assistant ran up and protected Long Fei's thighs, and said: "Brother, I will return the spirit stones to you, you guys can go, I beg of you."

"If we continue to eat like this, we'll … We. "Our store is going to go bankrupt."

Long Fei was shocked, the hall was surrounded by people, and all of them were looking at one person.

Li Yuanba.

The plates beside him were piled up like a small mountain, all of them were completely bare, not a single bit was left. Li Yuanba shouted loudly, "Boss, give us one hundred more portions, it's not enough to eat!"


The storekeeper's eyes turned into those of a panda's. It was obvious that he was beaten up.

He knelt on the ground and wailed, "Are you my biological grandfather? There really is nothing left to eat in our restaurant. Please be merciful and take a rest, don't eat anymore. "

Li Yuanba said naively: "If there's no dishes, then … Do you have rice? It's fine if there's rice. First, a bucket will be served, and finally a bucket the size of a bath barrel. "

"I …"

The shopkeeper was speechless. Even rice needed to be filled in a bucket?

What kind of concept was this?

Ever since Long Fei went out in the morning, Li Yuanba had been cooking and did not stop. He ate up all the food in the shop by himself.

The wine was gone.

Now all that was left was rice.

Li Yuanba glared and shouted, "I, my boss, told me that if anyone dares to say that I ate too much, I will beat them up. Do you want to be beaten up?"

The shopkeeper's body trembled and his face immediately paled. He immediately said, "I'll go cook it for you. Do you want me to cook it for you?"

When he stood up and saw Long Fei, he immediately handed over the two spirit stones as if he was looking at his father.

Li Yuanba turned around and looked at Long Fei who was at the door. He gave a silly smile and said: "Boss, you're back?"

Long Fei was dumbstruck.

Seeing that Li Yuanba did not have any protruding stomach, he really wanted to ask, "Where did all those things you ate go?"

Without waiting for Long Fei to speak.

Li Yuanba suddenly stood up.

His footsteps moved "bang" and the entire inn was trembling. The floor beneath his feet even directly shattered as he walked past Long Fei to the Arhat's side. His eyes filled with excitement as he asked, "Who are you?"

It was unknown why Luo Han's body was trembling and boiling with energy. Looking at Li Yuanba's muscular body, he was also a little excited and said: "Demon Fighter, Luo Han!"

In that instant.

Long Fei became excited, "The second one from the eight great King Kong, the Demon Subduing Vajra!"

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