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"I still don't know. I need to get more Drunk god magical poison. I will need another two to three days."

Although Chen Xiang had a plan, he still had to consider it carefully because the guy in front of him was much stronger than him, much stronger than the half crippled Fire Emperor. He had to be careful and consider his plans thoroughly, otherwise, if he took one wrong step, he might really die here.

In the past few days, Chen Xiang had been concocting this strange poison, and observing the life habits of the Holy armoured lion s.

There were a total of more than three thousand Holy armoured lion, which was what Chen Xiang had observed. Amongst them, there were only fifteen that could become Beastmen.

As for Little Lizhi and Lv Qilian, they were's responsibility.

"Their situation is much better now, Lv Qilian also passed the formation array test. Furthermore, she is extremely proficient in formation arrays, causing those old monsters to be shocked and excited, hence she received very good treatment. Although her internal and external injuries are heavy, she recovered even faster than Little Lizhi." Long Xueyi said: "The fruit they used to heal their injuries was a type of red fruit, it looked like a small tomato."

"Blood Linglong Fruit, the lowest quality is immortal, but it can evolve into Holy level. The immortal Blood Linglong Fruit is red, while the saint fruit has a golden liquid flowing from it. The red flesh of the fruit emits a faint golden light." Su Meiyao said in shock: "We must definitely get hold of something like this. This is a good thing for healing injuries."

"They only squeezed out some light golden colored fruit juice for Flower Emperor to eat, but they did not give the fruit meat." Long Xueyi said: "These guys are so big, but very small."

"We can't blame them for that. It takes thousands of years for one Blood Linglong Fruit to grow. At least tens of thousands of years for one of the saint rank fruits to grow." Su Meiyao said.

"Is it delicious?" Long Xueyi kept his saliva and asked.

"I've never eaten before and haven't even seen one before, but it should be very tasty." Su Meiyao laughed.

As long as it had something to do with eating, Long Xueyi would always be very serious. She had already locked onto the location where the Blood Exquisite Fruit was stored, it was in a cave with some vines growing inside. The Blood Exquisite Fruit was formed from those vines, some were green, and there were only a dozen red vines growing inside.

"Little Scoundrel, hurry up and move." Long Xueyi could not wait any longer.

"There are too many things to do. First we have to save those two women, then we have to take away the Blood Linglong Fruit, and finally we have to plunder that treasury." Chen Xiang said: "My Drunk god powder is more or less done, I just don't know if that plan will work."

"Tell me about it." Long Xueyi said.

"I might need your help when the time comes." Chen Xiang put away the refined Drunk god powder and said: "First, I need you to create a big commotion and lure the Wild Lion Emperor away. If I cannot do it, the plan will not work, because the Wild Lion Emperor is very powerful and with him here, I am worried."

Long Xueyi thought for a moment, then said: "No problem, I will use my Transformation skill to create something out of thin air, and lure him away, but I will first use my Heavenly dragon seal in the distance, and only when powerful enough energy fluctuations appear in the Wild Lion territory, will he pay attention to it."

"Mm, then let's begin. It'll be evening soon. When the time comes, the berserk lions will all be drinking water. I want to poison them." Chen Xiang snickered.

Long Xueyi began to move, while Chen Xiang waited at the upstream of the river.

It seemed as if tens of thousands of dragons were roaring crazily at the same time. Although there was no energy fluctuation coming from them, but after hearing that sound, Chen Xiang felt very shaken.

"Ten Thousand Dragons Slaughtering the Heavens." Hearing that voice, Lv Qilian who was trapped inside the cave spoke in a low voice.

"It's Chen Xiang, he's in here too, looks like he's in trouble." Little Lizhi sighed: "If we bring him along, we might be a little safer. This guy is extremely cautious."

Lv Qilian did not say anything. She knew that they shouldn't have come in so arrogantly, otherwise they would not have landed in such a state. Moreover, it would have been safer for Chen Xiang to travel alone.

Once Long Xueyi was done, he would be back very soon. "Wild Lion Emperor hasn't left yet.

Wild Lion Emperor was in the canyon, looking at the sky above, he could see countless glowing dragons soaring, struggling, roaring, and that kind of dragon aura made him, the Wild Lion Emperor, feel a bit of pressure, following that, countless dragons dove down from the sky and crashed into the ground, causing the earth to shake violently, waves after waves of energy gales blew over.

"Father, it seems like quite a few powerful humans have entered. Let's go take a look." The Wild Lion Princess said.

"Mm, I'll go take a look now. These powerful humans will definitely become our slaves. Victory, you follow me." The Wild Lion Emperor said to the Wild Lion Emperor.

"No, big sister will kill those two women if she stays here." Wild Lion Emperor said in a hurry.

"If you stay here, you will definitely possess those two women." Wild Lion Princess shouted in anger.

"Stop being so noisy. Kuangyun, come with me." Wild Lion Emperor's face was one layer, that pair of small Divine Lions did not dare to say anything, but Wild Lion Emperor was full of smiles.

Chen Xiang started to panic. He knew that Little Lizhi and Lv Qilian might be in trouble.

When the Wild Lion Emperor and the Wild Lion Princess left, Chen Xiang immediately put the refined Drunk god powder into the water. After the Wild Lion Emperor left, many of the Holy armoured lion came out to drink.

Chen Xiang guessed that the water might contain a lot of Holy Spirit Qi, which was why they drank it regularly, but not too much.

Seeing Wild Lion Emperor walk into the cave, Chen Xiang was burning with anxiety. The effects of the refined Drunk god powder were pretty good, and very quickly, many of them fell, but some only fell after returning to the cave.

Chen Xiang anxiously went over to one of the Beastman Ferocious Lions and used Soul Absorbing Devil Spell on it. The Beastman Ferocious Lion was extremely poisoned, and looked intoxicated, as if it didn't even know that someone was doing anything to it.

After obtaining a few memories, Chen Xiang immediately changed into the Beastman Berserk Lion's appearance, and quickly entered the cave that held Lv Qilian and Little Lizhi, and from inside, he could already hear Wild Lion Emperor's unpleasant laughter, as well as Little Lizhi's angry and despairing curses.

Seeing that there was an Orc Ferocious Lion inside, the Wild Lion Emperor was unhappy. However, he was very respectful to the old orc Ferocious Lion, because he knew how to gather and refine herbs.

"Elder, I want to talk to them in private. I want to know what the human world is like. You will scare them if you stay here." This Wild Lion Emperor said with a smile, while Lv Qilian and Little Lizhi's bodies were currently tied up.

Chen Xiang suddenly had a plan in his mind, and said: "Prince, I know that you want to taste the taste of a human girl, but they seem to be very loyal, so if you force them, they will end their own lives. At that time, your royal father will also blame you."

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