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Little Lizhi glared at Chen Xiang: "Do you think killing those Evil beast is as easy as pinching ants? It's already good enough to be able to kill one, but you want to kill a bunch more?"

"Aren't you very powerful? You are already a Immortal-becoming realm, and those Evil beast are also Immortal-becoming realm. If you use the Devil-suppressing kungfu to kill them, it will definitely be as simple as pressing on ants." Chen Xiang then added: "We are partners, at that time, you have to give me some Star core."

Little Lizhi was speechless to Chen Xiang, in her eyes, he was just an idiot who risked his life to get money.

If that is really the case, the main Star core would have been in their hands a long time ago. Those Evil beast are not that weak, and you think they can easily become the hall master. " Little Lizhi suddenly felt that this man was extremely brainless.

Little Lizhi felt that the direction they were heading in right now, would be the closest to the center. If they could meet the Evil beast there, she just wanted to finish it quickly and leave this place far behind, waiting to be teleported back.

When it was about to turn dark, Long Xueyi finally found a direction: "There's someone walking towards you guys in front. From the looks of it, he's a transfigured Evil beast."

Chen Xiang anxiously pulled Little Lizhi who was running, and Little Lizhi flung his hands away: "What is it?"

"There's something ahead. It might be the Evil beast." Chen Xiang said.

When they had discovered the Evil Spirit previously, Little Lizhi was extremely curious as to how Chen Xiang knew about it. Of course she now believed in Chen Xiang.

"Hide and let me do it." Little Lizhi said. If Chen Xiang was by her side, she might even drag her down.

"Then you have to be careful. I'll leave first." Chen Xiang laughed and then hid behind a tree in the distance.

Little Lizhi was standing there because he told her that the Evil beast had noticed them and was walking towards them.

Not long after, Little Lizhi saw a big man wearing black fur. The skin on his body was grayish-black, with sharp ears, purplish-red ears, and a pair of narrow and red eyes.

The big sized man bent down slightly, his slender and powerful hands could even touch the ground, when he saw Little Lizhi, his eyes opened wide, the red light in his eyes disappeared and turned into a ball of black Qi that leaked out, a sinister evil aura gushing out from his eyes and enveloping Little Lizhi.

Then, the Evil beast opened its fangs filled mouth and roared. Like a bolt of lightning, it rushed towards Little Lizhi.

Chen Xiang saw it from afar and could not help but to kick Little Lizhi until he was sweating. This Evil beast was truly powerful, if it was him, he would need to use all his abilities to barely be able to contend against it.

Little Lizhi was already prepared, with the release of the Devil-suppressing holy power on her body, the golden mist cleansed the evil spirit that was enveloping her, and the broadsword in her hands pierced towards the Evil beast.

The Evil beast was very cunning, upon seeing the broadsword, it immediately changed its direction, scuttled to Little Lizhi's side, and pounced forward, a pair of claws filled with terrifying evil energy, as though it could tear apart everything.

The killing intent instantly released by the Evil beast caused all the flowers and trees around to wither. Chen Xiang understood, these Evil beast would only cause damage to the forest during times of battle.

When the Evil beast pounced towards him, Little Lizhi turned around and struck out with his sword. The Evil beast actually rotated in the air and avoided Little Lizhi's sword strike, then with a flick of its body, it produced a wave of energy that continued to pounce towards Little Lizhi. In the blink of an eye, it arrived beside Little Lizhi and grabbed toward his neck with its terrifying claws.

A golden shield immediately appeared on Little Lizhi's body. When the Evil beast's claws came into contact with the barrier, they were bounced back by a violent wave of Devil-suppressing holy power.

When it was Little Lizhi's turn to attack, when the Evil beast flew out, Little Lizhi had also flown over. She had already put away her broadsword, and used the Demon Sealing Array from the Devil-suppressing qi array, locking the Evil beast in place. At this time, she had already arrived in front of the Evil beast, and smashed out with two fists, each of them containing the power of the ninth level of the Devil Subduing Method.

Little Lizhi's two punches had made the Evil beast howl miserably, and two black bloody holes had appeared on its body.

"It's over." Little Lizhi's fist flashed with a golden light, striking towards the head of the Evil beast, and at the same time, he could faintly make out the word 'Zhen'.


The remnant waves of the Subduing Demon God Fist swept across the surroundings, destroying a huge tree. In front of the Subduing Demon God Fist, the Evil beast was instantly turned into ashes, only leaving behind a beast the size of a grain, emitting a bit of multicolored light.

Little Lizhi immediately extended his hand out to grab, or else he would be blown away by the shockwave.

"So weak." Chen Xiang saw that Little Lizhi had easily killed the Evil beast, and felt that the Evil beast was only so-so.

"It's because this Little Lizhi is too strong, she used her strongest Devil-suppressing holy power, and is also dealing with demons, it will definitely be easy." Su Meiyao said: "If it was you, you should be able to deal with it as well. The Evil beast here are more stupid."

Little Lizhi heaved a sigh of relief. The Evil beast here were not as strong as she had imagined, and she was worried that it was only by instinct. She had always thought that the situation was pretty bad, and that would allow her to use her strongest ability to deal with the enemy.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to go out, with a swoosh, four people suddenly appeared and surrounded Little Lizhi. These were not Evil beast s, but those who came to participate in the assessment.

One of them was a spirit cultivator from the Fire Divine Palace, the other was a spirit cultivator from the Divine Devil Cult.

"As expected of the most capable assistant under the Flower Emperor. You got the Star core that quickly, and the guy beside you was killed by you, right? That's good too, it saves us the trouble of killing him." The man from Divine Devil Cult laughed sinisterly.

"Did you come for that seed?" Little Lizhi had already guessed it. She said with a sneer: "Just the four of you want to take me down to threaten Asgard Mistress."

The Deity Cultivator smiled and said, "The four of us are obviously not good enough. However, if you have this, can you tell us?"

Just as he finished speaking, a golden net suddenly appeared, enveloping Little Lizhi, causing him to scream in pain as he laid on the ground. His face was filled with pain, and the golden net was glowing with electric currents.

"Tai Kang, your Holy level Treasure Web is really not bad, I didn't think that you would be able to control this woman." The young man from Divine Devil Cult laughed.

Tai Kang was the Fire Divine Palace Divine Cultivator, he held a gold bead in his hand, and currently, he was channeling his energy into it. This bead should be the thing that controlled the Holy level Treasure Web.

Little Lizhi gritted her teeth as she endured the pain. This Holy level Treasure Web was indeed powerful, and was even a famous immortal weapon in the Fire Divine Palace. She never thought that the Fire Divine Palace would actually use it against her.

She secretly became desperate, because she thought that Chen Xiang would not save him. She thought that Chen Xiang had escaped the moment he saw the four people appear.

Of course Chen Xiang did not leave. He was waiting for an opportunity.

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