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"Is that so?" Chen Zhigang snorted. "Since you are so confident, how about we make a bet?"

"How do you want to gamble?" Summer asked.

"We will bet the easiest way through shooting!" Chen Zhigang looked at Summer disdainfully. "If you lose, you can't continue to purse, do you dare to gamble?"

Shu Jing couldn't help but look at Chen Zhigang although she and Chen Zhigang are quite familiar, but she still feels this is to unfair this person obviously don't play basketball and now placing such an unfair gamble. Isn't this obvious bullying?

Summer didn't mind so asked: "If you lose, You can't come around Xin sister in the future?"

"Okay!" Chen Zhigang promised in his mouth, but his heart naturally don't agree how could he lose? His strongest place is shooting, even a professional player may not necessarily be his opponent.

"Well, although I don't like to take my wife as a bet but I will win anyway so I'll gamble!" Summer agreed.

"That's good, the time will be tomorrow morning. We have competition in the afternoon so there's morning training we can have those people as witnesses." Chen Zhigang said.

"Whatever." Summer feels no matter what time it will be alright.

Sun Xinxin looked a bit annoyed at Summer she was not annoyed about the fact that he take her to bet but was annoyed that this guy promised so casually, isn't he worry about losing her?

With such a bet Chen Zhigang did not continue to deliberately make trouble for Summer, after lunch Chen Zhigang took the initiative to pay and then enthusiastically invited Sun Xinxin to continue shopping together.

But Sun Xinxin no longer have a mood to shop and she even more doesn't want to buy a phone with him. So she shook her head and found an excuse: "Zhigang there an urgent matter I have to deal with at the flower shop. We will go back first, tomorrow I will come with summer, I will call you when we're there."

"Xinxin, don't you want to buy a cell phone?" Chen Zhigang's enthusiasm was splash with cold water, and naturally he could not reconciled.

"I'll buy it next time." Sun Xinxin also said goodbyes to the other two people. "Jiang Feng, Shu Jing, we go first, see you tomorrow!"

Sun Xinxin pulled Summer arm, the two turned and left.

"A broken flower worker, actually fight with me!" Staring at the back of Summer, Chen Zhigang spoke very disdainful.

"Zhigang, you don't underestimate Summer, his relationship with your first love I'm afraid is unusual." Jiang Feng, who has not spoken said.

"I also have this feeling." Shu Jing attached a sentence.

"Hey, what can he do? I don't believe that Xinxin will choose him over me!" Chen Zhigang is full of confidence.

Jiang Feng and Shu Jing looked at each other then shook their head they did not continue to say anything.

More than three in the afternoon.

Summer, holding a bouquet of perfume lily, appeared at the door of Liu Yun Man, reaching out and ringing the doorbell.

The door opened very quickly, and a face with smoky makeup appeared in Summer line of sight. Obviously this person is not Liu Yun Man, but Liu Yun Man's sister who looks like a thin bamboo pole.

"Wow, such beautiful lily, thank you!" Seeing this bouquet of flowers, the smoked thin bamboo pole stretched out and wanted to receive it.

Summer hand quickly shrink back, this thin bamboo pole suddenly look a little dissatisfied and glanced at Summer: "Doctor you're really stingy!"

"I can't send flowers to you, I don't want anyone to misunderstand that I like you." Summer feel if that happen he really will lose face. He jumped into the house and saw Liu Yun Man at a glance he quickly went forward afraid that some other ugly try to steal the flowers. "Cloud Man I send you flowers."

"Thank you, I like it very much." Liu Yun Man took the flower her face showed a happy look.

The thin bamboo pole was still on the side, she ask unhappily: "Is it shameful to like me?"

Summer look at her from head to toe then nodded seriously: "Yes it's very shameful, others will begin to doubt my taste."

"You!" Thin bamboo was lost for words. "Are you blind! Clearly I am a beautiful woman!"

Summer shake his head "I see very clearly, you are not a beautiful woman."

"You, you, you..." Thin bamboo almost choke. "Your eyes seriously have a problem!"

"My eyes have always been accurate." Summer felt very dissatisfied this thin bamboo say his eyes have a problem? "You are 174 cm tall, but only weight ninety pounds, there is no meat on the whole body. You don't need to wear a bra on your chest since you haven't even start to develop, oh yes I have a bottle of cream that will allow you to develop from non existent to at least B how bout I sell it to you?"

Thin bamboo was dumbfounded, how this guy eyes so poisonous?

But very quickly, she became angry and retorted: "Who said that my chest is not develop? Do you want me to take off my clothes for you?"

"If you want to take it off then do so, but don't expect me to watch, who knows what nightmare you will cause me to have" he said casually.

"You, you are making me go mad!" Thin bamboo started to rage.

"Well, you two plan to bicker all day." Liu Yun Man said helplessly. "Sakura, I have told you earlier not to dress up so messy but you never listen, now you hear someone say your not pretty so now your not please."

"Sister, he didn't say I'm ugly but said I am not beautiful and obviously spoke of my body!" Thin bamboo pole said very angry. "My body is it really so thin?"

"Sakura, your body is very good, very suitable for fashion models." Liu Yun Man softly comforted her sister.

"Sister, you just admitted that I am thin!" Thin bamboo truly felt sorrowful, aren't those fashion models all quite thin?

Liu Yun Man was a little helpless and had to continue to try comfort her sister: "Sakura, it doesn't matter if your thin now, you are sick wait for Summer to cure your disease, and your appetite come up, you can eat more and to build up your body will naturally become better."

Looking at Summer, Liu Yun Man continued: "Summer, can you apply the needle now? If you can please let apply it first to Sakura."

"No problem." Summer Nodded. In fact when he had treated Liu Meng yesterday, he did not use eight-pin guards so he could have already apply needle again.

"Then let's get started!" Liu Yun Man was more anxious about this matter.

The process went very smooth although the skinny bamboo is now very dissatisfied with Summer and can't wait to bite him but she saw her aunt who had been in a coma for more than ten years woke up so she did not doubt Summer medical skills. she also knew that she was sick and it's even the kind of disease that can eventually kill you. Now that someone can help cure her disease she naturally won't turn down even if the doctor makes her want to shoot him dead, she will cooperate.

However, while lying in bed, she secretly vowed: "Wait for this young lady disease to get cure I will then come and clean up this nasty guy!"

Just thinking of revenge, came a burst of dizzy feeling, then after a short while, she felt her whole body was fill with a comfortable and refreshed feeling It seemed to be more comfortable than the legendary floating on cloud nine and then I heard that hateful guy spoke: "Okay, you can get up!"

"So fast?" Thin bamboo had exactly the same reaction as Liu Yun Man's, but this time, Liu Yun Man clearly knew that the entire treatment process took a full 20 minutes. Of course even so the treatment time can still be call fast.

Liu Yun Man explained to Thin bamboo pole and she quickly accepted the fact. Although there is still some doubt but she has already planned to go to the hospital for an examination, and it will be confirmed by then.

"In any case, thank you!" Although I am dissatisfied with this guy, but people treat themselves, Thin Bamboo feels that they should still say thank you.

"No, Cloud Man sister has already thanked me." Summer said casually.

"Is it?" Thin bamboo looked at Liu Yun Man with doubt. "Sister, how did you thank him? It doesn't seem like he ask for money from our family?"

"You don't need to know so much." Liu Yun Man thought that she was a step closer to truly becoming Summer lover cause her heart to become a little uneasy.

In order to prevent her sister from continuing to question her, Liu Yun Man quickly talked about another thing: "Summer, I discussed it with my grandmother from now on you will come to me every day and treat one person people in our family what do you think?"

"Okay!" Summer didn't even think about it he was naturally willing to come here to see Liu Yun Man every day. As for treating the disease, it was just a matter of breathing for him.

"Summer, there are still things I want to discuss with you. My uncle disrespect for you yesterday I hope you won't mind and continue to treat him and my cousins can you promise me that?" Liu Yun Man asked a little embarrassed.

Thinking of the guy who looks like a monkey but has five beautiful wives, made him uncomfortable so Summer really doesn't want to treat him it's best to let him die early.

However, if he did not agree, Liu Yun Man might not be happy after thinking about the pros and con Summer found a balance so reply: "Cloud Man, I have no problem with treating them, but they have to give me money."

"No problem, how much do you want?" Liu Yun Man did not hesitate to agree it is natural to expect payment for treating a disease.

"Casual illness a million, but saving the dead accept half." Summer said, "This is the rule of my master Fu, that monkey is dying, I have to accept half."

"Accept half?" Liu Yun Man did not understand what this mean. "How much is that?"

"Oh, how much he have I will receive half of it all." Summer explained.

"Ah? three uncles is not very rich, but there are at least tens of millions of assess you want half?" The thin bamboo can not help but scream.

"What can tens of millions do? If he is going to die the money will only be left for others to spend, and his wife is also left to sleep with others." Summer said.

Liu Yun Man was in a bit of a dazed, she felt that this price is really high but there is also a saying that human life is priceless sometimes a person life may seem to not worth a penny, and even some are willing to self for tens are thousands, but for those who are rich and about to die, are willing to spend tens of millions to keep their life.

In fact, when some people are going to die, they are usually willing to do anything to keep their lives. So if they can live don't say half even if they have to give all there are a lot of people who are willing to do so.

After hesitating, Liu Yun Man spoke: "Summer, I have to ask three uncle first If he doesn't want to, I can't do nothing."

"It doesn't matter, if he doesn't want me to cure him I would prefer if he don't." Summer said indifferently, although he has need for money right now, he doesn't have to request so much, but if you are going to collect money from that monkey then it should be and besides the rules of the master should be follow when it's to your advantage hehe.

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