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The cold energy released by the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument was suddenly surrounded by ice, and many broken limbs of the Little Night Devil could be seen inside the ice.

Just one person was enough to suppress so many Little Night Devil s, this kind of strength was truly admirable. A few big shots all knew that Chen Xiang had burnt several hundred thousand Little Night Devil s to death with his flames, and the moment the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument appeared, another hundred thousand Little Night Devil s all died.

Right now, all the experts were looking at the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument that Chen Xiang was sitting on. There were no inscriptions on it, and other than the large stone monument, there was nothing special about it.

"Be careful of Night Devil King." Phoenix Princess that was inside the Qi barrier shouted.

Chen Xiang had been on guard this entire time. After the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument appeared, the surrounding mist had dispersed, making it possible to see very clearly, and the range of his divine power was even wider.

Chen Xiang had killed so many Little Night Devil, if they appeared, they would definitely attack him.

"Bad things for me." Just as he shouted out in anger, a beam of red light shot out from one direction towards Chen Xiang's head.

The Dragon Emperor was right there at the side. The great enemies of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and the other Devil-suppressing Divine Palace were also there, so Chen Xiang didn't dare to reveal himself too much.

"I've been waiting for you for a long time." Chen Xiang quickly waved his hand and threw out a dagger. It was the Devil emporer dagger that could devour the power of myriad demons.

The Devil emporer dagger flew out, and after swallowing the red light that carried an extremely strong demonic aura, it pierced towards the incoming Night Devil King.

"Ancient Demon Weapon …" The Night Devil King was shocked. The power contained within the Devil emporer dagger made him feel like he was facing a powerful demon god.

Night Devil King immediately dodged the Devil emporer dagger, seeing that he knew the dagger was not to be touched, but just as he dodged, Chen Xiang already controlled the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument, and it fiercely smashed down.

"You're not strong enough." The Night Devil King struck towards the bottom of the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument, using his powerful strength to shatter the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument's power. He exchanged blows with Chen Xiang and knew that Chen Xiang wasn't that strong, or else the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument's attack just now would have heavily injured him.

Night Devil King's arm was already stiff, he anxiously used his power to remove the cold energy.

Now, Chen Xiang could finally see the Night Devil King very clearly. Compared to the other Little Night Devil, she looked a lot whiter, more like a human. However, her two arms were still so long, and her skin still had a hint of black Qi, but she didn't look that scary.

If Chen Xiang used his full strength right now, with Long Xueyi's strength, he could deal with the Night Devil King with things like the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and the Holy Devil-suppressing seal, but his current conditions did not allow it, and he did not plan to fight to the death with them either, because there was still a large group of experts at his side.

"Seems like he isn't too strong after all." Phoenix Princess looked at Phoenix King and nodded at her.

With her permission, two hoops of flame appeared in Phoenix Princess's hands. The weapon she used was a relatively unpopular one, so she threw out a fire hoop from afar. The fire hoop was like a light arrow, dragging a long fire tail as it shot towards Night Devil King.

Seeing that someone had joined the battle, Chen Xiang quickly kept his Heaven-suppressed immortal monument and left the battlefield, entering into a thick mist.

Seeing him slip away so quickly, the Phoenix Princess was a little unhappy and he let out a low snort.

Both the Dragon Emperor and the Phoenix King frowned because Chen Xiang's concealment abilities had surprised him. In such a short period of time, it was as if Chen Xiang had evaporated, and he could not detect even a trace of his aura. Furthermore, he was not attacked by the Little Night Devil.

"This Phoenix Princess is really nosy, but I have to thank her. If not for her help, I would have been exposed sooner or later." Chen Xiang had become a leaf on the ground, and no one could find him.

"I think she was the one who was interested in you. She was the one who warned you before as well." Long Xueyi smiled ambiguously.

"Although I am very confident in my charm, I am not overly confident. How could I be captivating this Phoenix Princess all of a sudden?" Chen Xiang just felt that the Phoenix Princess was more kind-hearted.

"Don't underestimate yourself. There are many powerful women who are interested in you, at least my Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord is interested in you. Do you think I am not as good as that Phoenix Princess?" Long Xueyi laughed.

Chen Xiang had even gone through a great mental upheaval with her, so in a sense, this Little Naughty Dragon could already be considered one of his people.

"So powerful, in a few moves, he killed Night Devil King." Chen Xiang exclaimed.

After conversing with Long Xueyi for a while, the Night Devil King was smashed by the two fire rings that flew around for dozens of times.

After just killing one Demon and Devil Realms, a large group of Little Night Devil s rushed over from the sky and the ground. The Phoenix Princess frowned, and a ball of fire suddenly emerged from her back.

No Little Night Devil could sense Chen Xiang, so Chen Xiang was currently very safe. He would not risk his life to attack those Little Night Devil s like he did before, as it would not benefit him at all.

"With the Night Devil King here, the other Immortal Kings would not take action much. They all want to deal with the Night Devil Kings, seems like there are a few Night Devil Kings watching." Bai Youyou said.

"Are there a lot of Night Devil Kings here?" Chen Xiang asked.

"There are a lot of Night Devil here, I don't know how they came about it, but even if they were killed, there are still a lot of them, and even if they don't eat humans, they can still survive. After a long time, they can evolve to become the Night Devil King, and over the years, very few experts have entered this place to kill the Night Devil.

"Most of these Night Devil Kings would first send a large group of their Little Night Devil s to their deaths, using up their opponent's strength, and then find a chance to launch a sneak attack. It would be very detrimental."

The Qi barrier released a faint multicolored light. Chen Xiang who was hiding at the side could see that the people who were attacking the barrier were all from the weak powers, while the Immortal Kings were only commanding from the side.

"If this continues, it will continue to be wasted until daybreak." As long as day broke, these Little Night Devil would hide away for some unknown reason.

"Yes, if there wasn't a chance, those Night Devil Kings would not have intervened, because there are a lot of Little Night Devil here, they don't care about the lives of those Little Night Devil s at all." Su Meiyao said.

The Little Night Devil were covered in venom, and the energy sources in their body were not Heaven Pills or anything like that, the corpses were useless to them, causing Chen Xiang to feel that it was a pity. Otherwise, with so many corpses, if they were to be used at all, it would be extremely useful.

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