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Chapter 17 The Prince of Fenghua’s Arrival The next day, Ji Xiaotiao’s left cheek had recovered. She went to school happily as if nothing had happened to her. Qianhui and Moli were very quiet today because they were warned by Qian Lin yesterday. They only stared at her fiercely and without sarcasm. During the class break, Qianhui finally could not stand it anymore. She broke away from Moli’s grasp and walked up to Ji Xiaotiao. “Hello! Ji Xiaotiao! I’m thirsty, so go and buy me a bottle of juice!” After saying that, she threw out 100 dollars. She was not bullying her. She just could not see that she was relaxing and thought she might want to help her with some shopping! Ji Xiaotiao was accustomed to tolerating this. After hearing Qianhui’s order, she completely forgot the fact that she was hurt yesterday. She nodded and went downstairs with the money. Qianhui gave Moli a proud look, as if to say, See?. Look! Some people are born to serve others. The supermarket was a little far from the teaching building. Ji Xiaotiao ran wildly all the way. When she passed the playground, she saw a large group of people gathering around the playground. So . . . Well, she was always curious. Otherwise, she would not have known Xu Moqi, who was offensive for no reason. So she turned around and suddenly ran to the crowd. “You can come over and eat whatever you like.” A soft voice came out from the crowd. Was this an ice cream truck!? There was free ice cream! …… Wow! Ji Xiaotiao, who could not refuse any delicious food, rushed to the crowd as soon as she heard of free ice cream. “Hey! I’ll take one! Let me have one, please!” Ji Xiaotiao was very short and less than 1.6 meters tall. At that moment, she was lost amidst the crowd and could hardly be seen. But she was so persistent about the ice cream that she gritted her teeth and pushed forward. Damn it! Weren’t all these people children from wealthy families? Why were they still clamoring for free ice cream alongside her? ... Xu Moqi had just tricked the guard and entered Yinghua College. Then he saw a group of people around the playground, and didn’t know what they were doing. He had no interest in these activities, so he was ready to go find that silly girl directly. And just as he was ready to cross the playground and ignore the crowd, he suddenly heard an unusually familiar voice. “Wow! It’s so good! How could it be so delicious? I want another one!”   “……” Ji Xiaotiao was enjoying strawberry ice cream and wanted to get another one. Suddenly, a hand reached through the crowd and pulled her out. “Ah! Who? Who is pulling me? I haven’t . . .  Alas! Why are you here?” Xu Moqi pulled Ji Xiaotiao out of the crowd and looked at her with a cold face. The girl blinked innocently at him as he asked, “What are you doing?” “I’m eating ice cream!” “Don’t you feel ashamed fighting with everyone else for it?” “Er. . .  Is it a shame to eat ice cream?” Xu Moqi rubbed his eyebrows and tried to hold back his temper. “. . . I mean, is it necessary to work so hard for an ice cream?” Ji Xiaotiao was still oblivious and shouted excitedly, “It’s free!! Free ice cream! It tastes very good! Uh, would you like to eat one? Shall I get one for you?” “. . . ” …… Bang! A nerve was broken. Xu Moqi finally lost all patience. Pulling Ji Xiaotiao’s hand, he decidedly plucked the half-eaten ice cream from her hand and threw it away. Without giving her a chance to explode, he said coldly, “If you like ice cream so much, I’ll take you to eat some after school this evening. But for now, just shut up and take me to find Qianhui and Moli! I don’t want to listen to any other nonsense. Do you understand?” Ji Xiaotiao saw her spoiled ice cream. Just when she wanted to complain, she was scolded, and swallowed the words back. After she saw the young man with a super uncomfortable face, she nodded sensibly. She took Xu Moqi to the class, and totally forgot about her juice-buying errand. After two steps, a lot of questions began to appear in her small brain. Why did Xu Moqi come to Yinghua? Doesn’t he study at Fenghua? Didn’t Xu Moqi say that they were going to pretend that they didn’t know each other outside? How could he be so normal to walk with her? Also, why did Xu Moqi come to see Qianhui and Moli? Did they know each other? . . . In the distance, the students of Yinghua, who had just surrounded the ice cream truck, saw Xu Moqi leaving with Ji Xiaotiao, and they reacted. They pulled at each others’ sleeves and murmured, “Have I gone crazy, or are my eyes deceiving me? The boy just now . . . was Xu Moqi, who’s the prince of Fenghua, and also a genius, right?” “Er . . . I think that . . . my eyes are deceiving me, too. . . ”

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