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On the morning of the second day, Chen Xiang who was sleeping soundly heard Yue'er's sweet laughter, and immediately woke up. Last night, he did not dual cultivate with Feng Yujie to condense Spirit Orbs, but rather went through the sweetest time with her. That kind of gentle and intoxicating sweetness also made him sleep very soundly.

"Bing Yan has cultivated the Bones, and after she assimilates the divine soul, she will become stronger." When Yue'er saw Chen Xiang walking out, she quickly told him the good news.

"So fast." Chen Xiang was also happy: "How many Bone level Dan were used?"

"Four pills." In her eyes, condensing the first Bones from ten Bone level Dan to less was not bad at all.

"Sister Feng, when will you start? Let me teach you." Yue Er said.

"When I'm done with the competition, I'll have to trouble you." Feng Yujie smiled gently and carried Yue'er over. She was liking this little kitty more and more.

"There's no need to be polite, we're all on the same side." Yue'er giggled.

Chen Xiang sat down and started to eat the dim sum Shui Bingyan had made. During this time, Shui Bingyan had learnt to cook a lot of food.

"Yue'er, is that Star Law Divine Realm using Shen Yuan stone as well?" Chen Xiang asked: "I never thought that Shen Yuan stone flowed this much."

"It's normal, because Shen Yuan stone are easier to absorb. Sometimes, Shen Yuan stone that are exchanged with ordinary herbs get a stronger power than those medicinal herbs." Yue'er nodded her head: "However, if you want to sell pills in Star Law Divine Realm, then you definitely won't do. Once you are discovered, you will definitely be arrested."

Chen Xiang had already heard this from Yang Tianyi before, so he felt that he would definitely go to the Star Law Divine Realm in the future.

"Let's go and participate in the convention." Feng Yujie said: "We were the first to fight in the tenth hall."

As the youngest disciples of the tenth hall, Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie were also extremely outstanding. The Regeneration Dan they refined had long ago become very famous, and as a result, they earned a lot of Shen Yuan stone.

The competition venue was in that huge plaza. When Chen Xiang and the others arrived, they saw that there was a huge flag on the plaza, with the word "Pill" written on it.

When Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie arrived, it caused a huge commotion. Back then, the Regeneration Dan s Chen Xiang refined with his palm shocked many young disciples of Alchemist and other forces.

Chen Xiang could easily refine a middle stage Regeneration Dan, but now he had to participate in the Xiaping Dan's competition, which made the pressure on the disciples participating in the Xiaping Dan competition to be huge.

In the ranking of the Inferior Stage Pill Gods, there were also many Medial Stage Pill Gods who could refine Zhongpin Dan. They all felt a little regretful now, as they felt that participating in the Medial Stage Pill God would be much easier than this.

The competition between the Inferior Stage Pill Gods started first, and ended in three battles to determine the victor.

The competition would end in the morning, so many Alchemist s were under a lot of pressure. A single morning was only that little bit of time, yet they had to compete three times.

"Disciples, please enter the stage." The one who presided over the competition was Olde Iron Cock, he walked to the competition venue of the lower stage God of Pills.

Only after the competition between the Demigod rank had finished did he reach the level of a God.

Chen Xiang used the plate he got from registering to enter the competition.

Before entering, Chen Xiang had already heard Luo Tianjun's sound transmission in his mind, telling him about his important opponent.

Luo Tianjun and Three Gu Brothers didn't see Chen Xiang yesterday, so they were very worried, thinking that Chen Xiang had gone out to play again.

… ….

In a few of the buildings beside the competition plaza, a few well-dressed, middle-aged men who seemed to be very powerful were all looking at Chen Xiang.

"That's him. He cultivates the God Murdering Sword Techniques and the Heavenly Alchemy." A middle-aged man dressed in gold pointed at Chen Xiang, and said: "And the Six Realms mirrors is also in his hands."

The other red-clothed middle-aged man said, "What should we do now? These things are all on him. If we let him continue growing like this, he will become another Heavenly Divine Lord or six Divine Lord."

A middle-aged man wearing a blue robe said coldly: "It wouldn't be easy for him to kill him. Didn't you see that he had a profoundwu clothing on him?

"Killing him won't be easy, but crippling him won't be difficult." The golden-cloaked middle-aged man said: "It's just that when the time comes, who will stop him? The Lord Hallmaster of Supreme Divine Palace should be able to do that, but it's easier to deal with him."

The middle-aged man looked at the others and asked for their opinion.

"In the end of the competition, we'll secretly make a move and capture him. We'll see if he's willing to submit to us. If he's unwilling, we can just kill him. If he really can't be killed, then let him become trash." Middle-aged Man in Black Armour who had not spoken all this while spoke out. His ice-cold voice was filled with power, and it was obvious that he had a lot of prestige amongst the few middle-aged men.

The other middle-aged men nodded.

I wonder if the other Divine Nations s are hiding here, and don't let them snatch them away. Furthermore, they should have already heard about Chen Xiang's situation, with the Six Realms mirrors, God Murdering Sword Techniques and Heavenly Alchemy on him, even if we cannot obtain them, we cannot let them obtain them. " The Middle-aged Man in Black Armour said.

The golden-cloaked man said, "Isn't this inappropriate? If they knew that we did so, that wouldn't be appropriate."

Middle-aged Man in Black Armour laughed coldly: "So when we attack, we have to hide ourselves and we can't let them know. We have to be faster than them, of course, even if they knew, what can they do to us?"

… ….

Chen Xiang who was familiarizing himself with his opponents on the stage did not know that on the buildings around the plaza, the experts sent by the Divine Nations were hiding and scheming how to deal with him.

Although Chen Xiang did not know, but he could guess that the Rankers sent by the Nine Gods Nation would definitely make a move against him during this period of time. Thus, he had already asked Feng Yujie to rope in some of the Rankers within the Supreme Divine Palace to help him find a helper.

Of course, with the Vermillion Bird and the White Tiger around, he was extremely at ease. With Yang Tianyi, who had cultivated up to the third Bones, at the bottom of the shop, he was even more at ease.

There were more than two hundred participants participating in the Demigod's competition, and compared to the crowd of disciples that stood around the plaza, these two hundred named Demigod could be said to be very few, and there were only about ten young faces. Other than Supreme Divine Palace's people, there were also Six Realms Divine Palace's people as well as the other powerhouses, and there were also young Demigod.

At this moment, over two hundred strong men walked in with a large vat filled with all kinds of low grade divine medicines.

These brawny men walked to the side of the two hundred over alchemy gods and put down the large vat. This should be the magical pill used in the competition.

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