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"I wonder how this Bi Xia Dan Immortal is doing. She's at least a fifth stage Dan Immortal, she shouldn't be too bad." Su Meiyao said. This Bi Xia Dan Immortal had once lost to her, it was said that after losing, she took off her clothes and strolled around in a palace.

What Bi Xia Dan Immortal refined was a Heaven's Longevity Pill, a high grade Heaven level pill that could increase one's lifespan. She placed it in the middle of the disk and stared at the spinning pointer.

"Ninety-five." He Peiqing's voice made Bi Xia Dan Immortal's heart feel as if it was struck, and he retreated a few steps. It seemed like she and Li Tianjun had a huge bet, and it was obvious from her pale face.

Even if Li Tianjun did not take first place, he had still won against Bi Xia Dan Immortal. As for what the bet was, that was something everyone wanted to know.

Right now, the ones in the lead were Li Tianjun and the Holy Dragon Dan Immortal, but they still felt a lot of pressure, because Long Peirong had not completed his task.

As for Chen Xiang, who could use the seven-colored heavenly fire, the low-grade Heaven level pills refined by him, they did not ignore them either, because in the previous two matches, Chen Xiang had been far ahead of everyone else and had taken first place.

Shao profoundyun was done concocting the Sky Life Pill, of course she wanted to win, but the competition was too competitive, so she just hoped that she was not too bad. After all, she was still very young, and Chen Xiang was already her.

"Ninety-five." said. This result gave him some hope, because there was still one Dan Immortal he had sent out that hadn't completed the Core Formation stage.

The same level as Bi Xia Dan Immortal, this caused Shao profoundyun to reveal a sweet smile, which made Bi Xia Dan Immortal look extremely unhappy.

However, when Shao profoundyun saw Chen Xiang, his smile immediately disappeared. If Chen Xiang was stronger than her, then she would be considered as his junior sister. She had lost to Chen Xiang three times in a row, so she didn't have the confidence to compete with Chen Xiang for her number two position.

Now, there was still the mysterious Dan Immortal sent by Chen Xiang, Long Peirong and the others.

Long Peirong and Chen Xiang both had their eyes closed. It was obvious that there was still some time before the pill condensed stage, and the mysterious Dan Immortal's pill furnace was already shaking slightly. It should be in the process of condensing a pill.

Not long after, the Dan Immortal that He Peiqing sent over opened the pill furnace, but no pill light still appeared, meaning that it was not Peak quality.

In the eyes of many Dan Immortal, if they wanted to refine a Peak quality, they would need a bit of luck or else it would be difficult to do so.

"Ninety-six." He Peiqing was more satisfied, because right now, only the Peak quality could surpass this number.

Now, there were only Long Peirong and Chen Xiang.

Since Long Peirong was able to use the Sacred Flame, many people thought that she could refine pills with light. At this moment, her pill furnace was shaking slightly, obviously concocting pills.

Chen Xiang frowned slightly at this moment as he looked at Long Peirong's pill furnace with divine soul.

The pill furnace stopped shaking, Long Peirong opened the pill furnace, and golden light shone out, the pill fragrance permeating everywhere.

The Holy Dragon Dan Immortal, Li Tianjun and He Peiqing all sighed in their hearts. The appearance of a Pill Light meant that it was definitely more than ninety-six times the number of people in the Peak quality.

The Peak quality of the Heaven level Pill could release a Pill light, but the light was much weaker than the one Chen Xiang had refined previously.

"Calm down, you still have hope. Her Pill Light is too inferior to yours." Su Meiyao felt that Chen Xiang was getting impatient, she anxiously used her gentle and gentle voice to stabilise him.

The more he hoped for it, the more afraid he would be of losing it. Right now, Chen Xiang was just like this, because he really wanted to obtain that divine cauldron. However, when Long Peirong took out the pellet, he felt a sense of loss.

Long Peirong lived up to everyone's expectations, the high grade Heaven level pills that were refined gave off a rare pill light, and at this moment, she walked towards the testing platform with the Peak quality in her hand.

The high grade Heaven level Sacred animal Dan s made Long Xueyi immediately salivate. For people with dragon blood in their bodies, eating Sacred animal Dan would also have an effect, which was why Long Peirong was able to refine this pill.

"Ninety-eight." He Peiqing exclaimed.

It was actually higher than the Myriad Dan Immortal Country's seventh stage Peak quality. Although it was only an extra point, the difference was still huge. Otherwise, there wouldn't have been that many ninety-six of them previously.

"There are only four hours left before the competition ends." He Peiqing looked at Chen Xiang and said: "Only he hasn't completed it yet, I wonder if he can bring us even more surprises."

Chen Xiang was just a Alchemist who knew how to refine Heaven level Pills, to let him refine pills that were higher than the ninety-eight levels was extremely difficult, many people did not think highly of him, because he had to reach the ninety-nine levels.

"I wonder if he can defeat Grandma Long? She's really amazing." Long Huishan said in a low voice.

"Let's wait and see. There are still four more hours." Deep in her heart, she hoped that Chen Xiang would take first place.

"very high Elder, if it were you, how much quality would you have achieved?" Long Huishan asked curiously.

"97, 98 is fine. If I were to refine a few more batches, 99 is also possible." The very high Elder chuckled: "If that kid can defeat Rong'er, I'll cut off my beard."

Long Huishan laughed. "You said it yourself, don't go back on your words when the time comes."

The very high Elder was very confident in his daughter. He smiled and said: "Rong'er has already reached an extremely high level, she was able to use Sacred Flame for a very short period of time, which is why she was able to produce such a high quality. Even I, may only be on par with her, this Peak quality.

"Although Chen Xiang is exceptional, being able to control the Rainbow Heaven Flames and walk a different path of alchemy, he is still too young, after all, and the result of the Peak quality is something that would take many years to refine."

If he knew that Chen Xiang had refined a Hunyuan Dan that released Pill Light before, he wouldn't have said that.

Everyone was waiting for Chen Xiang, and Chen Xiang was just like the "Elder Uncle Li" from before, sleeping.

In Chen Xiang's previous two matches, his pill refining speed was truly terrifying, but the slowest one was still him, who gave people a feeling of unfathomability.

"It's not enough yet. If I can't find a solution to the problem, I will lose." Chen Xiang thought, the ball of energy inside the pill furnace had already been split into four, he wanted to condense four Hunyuan Dan s.

Just when he was at his wit's end, he began to quickly flip through the Heavenly Alchemy. He remembered that he once read about a period where it had something to do with helping to raise one's quality.

Very quickly, he found that part, only that it was somewhat difficult to control, and would consume all of the divine power in his body and the Innate Qi.

"Little Naughty Dragon, after I finish refining this pill, I will use up most of my energy. When that time comes, you must be careful. If anyone dares to sneak attack me, you must immediately take me with you." Chen Xiang said. Under the situation where he was surrounded by enemies, using up all of his energy was extremely dangerous.

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