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Chen Xiang left the Transmitting Square and walked on a very wide street. In front of him was a ten-story bluestone building, which was the City Lord's Mansion. This City Lord's Mansion was extremely close to the Transmission array, so the moment he came out, he could immediately go there.

There were also a lot of people going in and out of City Lord's Mansion, probably because they were here to do some work. This city was very big, with many shops to rent, and also some things that could only be settled through City Lord's Mansion. Therefore, City Lord's Mansion was very lively.

"Nine Heaven School's Leader is Gu Dongchen! If my guess is not wrong, this Nine Heaven City must be the little bald Wu Kaiming! " Chen Xiang looked at the big doors of the City Lord's Mansion and walked in.

After entering, Chen Xiang found a beautiful woman in charge of receiving guests. After asking around, he found out that the City Lord was indeed Wu Kaiming, then he said that he wanted to look for Wu Kaiming. There were many people who were told to look for Wu Kaiming, and that he would need to wait for a period of time!

Chen Xiang felt that he could wait, but the lady had calculated and told him that he would need to wait about ten days before he could see Wu Kaiming! It was said that Wu Kaiming would normally only appear for more than an hour a day to meet people who had important matters to attend to.

Chen Xiang activated Heaven tour method, he wanted to immediately find Wu Kaiming and send a sound transmission to him, but he discovered that there was a formation that was preventing him from using his divine soul! It was obvious that Wu Kaiming and the others knew about this method, which was why they set up this array formation to prevent it. Chen Xiang guessed that the majority of the array formations here were created by Liu Meng'er and the other girls who were mainly refining and laying the array.

However, the hall was a little noisy, so it suddenly quieted down. At the same time, a fragrance floated over, Chen Xiang felt that this fragrance was very familiar, as he, who had his head lowered in thought, raised his head to look, and saw a noble and beautiful woman wearing a purple dress walking in from the outside.

This woman had a graceful gait. As she walked into the great hall, her jade-like face revealed a faint smile. It was a greeting to the crowd. This smile filled the hearts of many of the men present with admiration. What a beautiful woman.

"Yan Zilan!" Chen Xiang was secretly happy, he was just thinking of a way to see Wu Kaiming, but he felt that if he met Yan Zilan, it didn't matter if he saw or not, since if Wu Kaiming knew, he would have the urge to vomit blood.

"Sister Zi Lan, you're so beautiful!" Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Yan Zilan and he had disguised himself a little. Furthermore, his concealment ability was so strong, so of course Yan Zilan couldn't resist him.

As Yan Zilan was walking through a side door in the Main Hall, she suddenly heard Chen Xiang's sound transmission, and couldn't help but stop in her tracks. Her delicate body trembled, her heart had long been taken away by Chen Xiang, and the relationship between the two of them were extremely good! The last time Yan Zilan was injured, the furious Chen Xiang killed the Flower Emperor couple to take revenge for her. Furthermore, the two of them had met each other before.

"Damn brat, hurry up and come over!" Yan Zilan sent a sound transmission to him.

Many people thought that Chen Xiang was courting death, to actually be so close to Yan Zilan. Yan Zilan's fame was also very famous in the city, and people who had ulterior motives towards her would not even have a good ending.

But Yan Zilan didn't say much. He only rolled his eyes at Chen Xiang, and then, pulled his hand, and dragged him inside the door! The people in the great hall were all stunned. The usually noble and dignified Yan Zilan, looked like she was in a rush to drag a man in …

Inside the door was a passage. After Yan Zilan dragged Chen Xiang in, his other hand had already placed it behind her waist, hugging her tightly so that her fragrant body would close in.

"Sister Zi Lan, long time no see. You're really getting more and more beautiful!" Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly, Yan Zilan wanted to struggle free from Chen Xiang's evil hand that was hugging her waist, but his hand was surprisingly strong.

"It's been so long since we've seen each other, yet you've become even worse! Every time we meet, you've been bad to me! Let go of elder sister! It's not good to be seen by others!" Yan Zilan pouted, her jade face was already slightly red, it was not the first time she was being teased by Chen Xiang.

"It's because you're getting more and more tempting that I'm getting worse!" Chen Xiang giggled, then gently caressed Yan Zilan's beautiful and charming face.

He looked at Yan Zilan with deep emotion and his expression became serious: "Sister Zi Lan, I really miss you. You have been doing very well all these years, and I am also very happy now! I'm afraid you can't get through that. "

Yan Zilan could not take Chen Xiang's burning gaze any longer. She bowed her head and spat, "I'm very happy that you're back now!"

After she finished speaking, she raised her head. At this time, Chen Xiang had also changed back to that handsome and mature face. She reached out her hand and gently caressed it, looking at Chen Xiang with a misty gaze.

Unknowingly, their lips had already touched. They could not help but kiss and hold each other tightly. The emotions that they had accumulated over many years burst out at this moment!

It seemed like a long time had passed, as a dry cough woke Chen Xiang and Yan Zilan who had fallen in love from the ecstasy of kissing.

"This... You should pay attention to the situation! " The one who coughed dryly was a handsome man with a shining skull. It was precisely Wu Kaiming.

After realising that he was seen by Wu Kaiming, Yan Zilan's two cheeks immediately turned red, she bit her lower lip and hung her head, then fiercely stepped on Chen Xiang.

Without saying a word, Chen Xiang smacked Wu Kaiming's head: "Can't you pretend not to see, do you really want to disturb us?"

"Young senior uncle …" Zi Lan, she has urgent matters to attend to. It must be because she ran into you that she … "Cough, cough." Wu Kaiming did not continue, "Let's go to my place to talk business!"

Yan Zilan thought about the important matter and could not help but pout. "Little Scoundrel, it's all because of you, causing me to forget!"

"What important thing?" Chen Xiang asked.

Wu Kaiming didn't say anything. Instead, he brought him and Yan Zilan into a study that was not very decorated.

After arriving at this study room, Yan Zilan took out a small jade box, and said: "This is the Bone level Dan, pass it to Sect Leader Gu!"

Wu Kaiming nodded. Now, Chen Xiang could tell that Yan Zilan was with Lv Qilian and the others, and was specifically responsible for the pill business.

Wu Kaiming said: "Junior master, how much strength do you have now? How many Divine Deity are there? "

Yan Zilan was also very curious about this matter, because when Chen Xiang had left the Nine Heaven World for the Gods Realm, it had been many years since they had seen each other.

"Right now … With only two Divine Deity and three divine soul, I will be able to condense the third Divine Deity very soon. At that time, I will be considered a God! " Chen Xiang said.

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