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Using the Immortal Sword to exchange for a Holy Sword, only a mentally ill person would use it. Originally, Chen Xiang was only joking around, but who would have known that Duan Ming said seriously: "Alright, don't regret it."

Chen Xiang immediately realized that the Heavenly evil sword was not simple, if not Duan Ming would not be like this.

"What value does that Heavenly evil sword have for you to use your divine sword in exchange?" Chen Xiang asked seriously.

"Think about it, who used this Heavenly evil sword before." Duan Ming laughed, "Evil Emperor is a very powerful fellow. Even though his name is Evil Emperor, he isn't evil in the slightest. He is the second most mysterious fellow among the Nine Emperors."

The first mysterious person was the Dan Emperor, and then this Evil Emperor.

"I'm not afraid to tell you that, back then, Evil Emperor had a very good relationship with Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, but on the surface, the two of them often fought each other to death, and there was an irreconcilable enmity between the two of them. Duan Ming sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, revealing some secret information that few people knew.

"Then what's the value of this Heavenly evil sword? It's comparable to a godly sword. That godly sword is something the Sword Emperor used before." Chen Xiang did not understand.

"You should know the whereabouts of the Sword Emperor. He made a trip to the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm with the Dan Emperor and even left a Heaven Pellet for that wild girl. That Heaven Pellet was an inheritance he left behind, but no one knew about the legacy of the Evil Emperor until now. Duan Ming said.

Chen Xiang said in disbelief, "How do you know?"

Duan Ming laughed: "This is what the Xie Clan's people said. When you were competing with Xie Kang, I was listening in on the conversations between the Xie Clan higher-ups."

"Although the Heavenly evil sword and the Heaven Punishing Divine Sword have been lost, the higher ups of the Xie Family did not feel the slightest bit of heartache. Instead, they were very happy."

Hearing this, Chen Xiang immediately felt that something was amiss. If what Duan Ming said was true, then wouldn't he have fallen into the Xie Clan's trap? Now, he understood why Xie Kang had willingly given him the two swords when he lost without a trace of heartache.

"Let's go and talk somewhere else." Chen Xiang did not realize that there was a secret record here.

Duan Ming nodded his head: "Come with me, you have been followed. Moreover, the other party's methods are very clever, even I almost did not notice it."

Both Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi found it hard to believe that they were actually being followed, because they had a lot of experience in anti-tracking and had never realized it.

"Your ability to conceal yourself is already pretty good when compared to your current cultivation level. This is all because of that Heavenly evil sword, which is why it exposed you. As long as you bring it along with you, they will easily know where you are." Duan Ming said.

Chen Xiang scolded in his heart, then followed Duan Ming out of the immortal palace and into the wilderness.

"What was the purpose of the Heavenly evil sword they gave it to me?" Chen Xiang was very confused.

"To let you find the secrets hidden in the Heavenly evil sword and bring them to find the things left behind in the Evil Emperor, it should have been planned by the combined efforts of Xie Tian and the others." Duan Ming replied. They used sound transmission to communicate, preventing others from eavesdropping.

"After I find them, they'll kill me. That way, I'll be able to get back that Heavenly evil sword and the things on my body. It's worth killing each other." Chen Xiang sneered, but still didn't quite understand: "Why do they think I can find that place?"

"It's because you have Green dragon demon-slain broadsword. To go to that place, you can only go if you have Green dragon demon-slain broadsword. Back in the days, Evil Emperor and some friends of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord created many secret places and they all needed Green dragon demon-slain broadsword as keys to open some doors." Duan Ming said: "So even I can't enter those places without the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword."

nodded. Back then, at the bottom of You Ming Deep Abyss, he also needed Green dragon demon-slain broadsword in order to enter that Core.

"What else did you eavesdrop on? Did they say where number one was?" Chen Xiang asked.

When you solve the secrets of the Heavenly evil sword by yourself, they will go with you. When that time comes, they will bring a group of people to capture you, and when that time comes, the Heaven Punishing Divine Sword and the Heavenly evil sword will be able to return. However, they did not expect you to be so generous as to give the devil slaying Holy Sword to the wild girl. Duan Ming laughed: "Then let's just go with the plan, break the Heavenly evil sword's secret now, and look for the things left behind by the Evil Emperor."

"With the Heaven Punishing Divine Sword in Lil Xiang's hands, he wouldn't harm her, right?" Chen Xiang was a little worried.

To be honest, if I hadn't taken action against that Sword Divine Palace Lord back then, she would have been able to handle it easily. But that woman didn't expect me to appear, so she gave me an advantage by using the godly sword. Duan Ming laughed complacently.

Chen Xiang snorted, this Duan Ming had indeed benefited greatly, even back in his generation, the Divine Sword was extremely rare, he could obtain one the moment he came out.

"This is all the work of that wild girl, I will repay her in the future." Duan Ming looked at the jealous Chen Xiang, and said unhappily: "You have obtained so many powerful things, don't tell me you're not allowing me to obtain a divine sword."

"Isn't it too easy for you to obtain the divine sword? Those things I obtained were things that I fought for with great difficulty." Chen Xiang was indeed jealous of Duan Ming.

"Hehe, who let my luck be so good, take out that Heavenly evil sword and let me take a look, quickly find the thing that the Evil Emperor left behind, I want to see what he left for you." Duan Ming laughed: "Don't worry, you have the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword. Since you have obtained the inheritance of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, I will not steal your things."

Chen Xiang took out the Heavenly evil sword, and after he obtained it, he did not take a careful look at it either. Right now, his own divine power was seeping into it, and he quickly discovered that there was something inside, and a few fragmented images appeared in his mind … An old man wearing a black robe checked Xie Kang's injuries as he said, "The Heaven Punishing Divine Sword is in that girl's hands. It has been confirmed that the girl received the Dan Emperor's inheritance and that when Chen Xiang appeared in the Night Devil Hell, she was accompanied by that girl. She should have come from the forbidden grounds."

Even Dragon Emperor and those other fellows were not his match, so Ding Wuzhong was also severely injured by him, if he was by Chen Xiang's side, it would be troublesome.

"That's not scary, Chen Xiang got the Heavenly evil sword. If he found out the secret inside, and found out that it was a map left behind by the Evil Emperor, he would definitely go there alone. No one would want to share a piece with others." The old man laughed coldly, "As long as we can capture him alive, we can use the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to search his memories. Although it is only the broken Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, it is enough to deal with him."

Chen Xiang's memories were such huge treasures.

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