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Ye Xiaochen with his vehicle arrived at the farm, it did not attract the attention of many people.

The main reason was Ye  Xiaochen was too young.

Being too young, no one has associated him with Ye Xiaochen.

"Hello, the experts’ group are visiting the farm, for the time being, you can’t' go inside."

Although there were many people on the farm, they were all reliable people.

Be it the experts’ groups, or county leaders or city leaders or the other accompanying entourage.

There was also the village officials, Ye Xiaochen's parents, as well as the neighbors.

They all were well informed.

The experts’ group inspection, how could they not to pay attention to the security.

Among the entourage, there were plainclothes wearing police.

Around the farm, there were plainclothes wearing security guards.

In short, the current farm security was tight from inside and outside, not anyone could casually enter.

Currently, Ye Xiaochen was stopped outside the farm by two plainclothes police officers.

Ye Xiaochen didn't know whether to laugh or cry, the owner himself actually couldn't get inside, was this not comical?

Fortunately, Ye Xiaochen's father and mother have been looking out of the farm, expecting their son to come back quickly.

They saw Ye Xiaochen's vehicle coming, immediately they knew that their son was back, they hurriedly ran to the entrance of the farm and saw security personnel stopping Ye Xiaochen, mother hurriedly shouted, "This is my son, why are you guys blocking him?"

The two plainclothed policemen were directly stunned.

They naturally know who the middle-aged woman was, the mother of Mr.Ye for whom the experts’ group came to visit.

Doesn't that mean this Young man was Ye Xiaochen?

According to their previous investigation, Ye Xiaochen doesn't have any brother and has only one sister.

"Oh. Mr. Ye, we are very sorry, we are responsible for this area, please forgive us."

The older policeman immediately changed his face and said with a smile.

"It's okay."

Ye Xiaochen naturally didn't care about it, he nodded and then went entered into the farm.

The two plain-clothed policemen looked at YE Xiaochen's back and then looked at each other.

"Brother Shen, you say, he is that Ye Xiaochen, but why can't I see anything extraordinary about him?"

The younger policeman whispered.

"If you could see it, you wouldn't be here guarding the door."

Bother Shen, the older policeman said with a shriveled mouth.

In fact, his heart was also curious, that person was too young.


Ye Xiaochen entered the farm.

Fang Yuan immediately welcomed him.

With his loud cry, he immediately attracted the attention of many people.

Especially, when Ye Xiaochen was coming together with his mother. Many people were muttering in their heart, could it be that this the young man was Ye Xiaochen that the experts were looking for?

Well, isn't he too young?

"Mayor Hou, this is my college classmate, Ye Xiaochen."

When Fang Yuan introduced Ye Xiaochen to Mayor Hou, Hou Shuwen and everyone already knew without any suspense that this young man was Ye Xiaochen.

They could only marvel, deeply marvel.

A book could not be judged by its cover.

"Ye, Mr. Ye, you are pretty good"

Mayor Hou extended his hand.

He even called him Mr. Ye.

Although Ye Xiaochen was young and a common person, when experts group came to visit him, his position has changed dramatically.

He has to face it.

Moreover, he was fortunate that Ye Xiaochen was from Yang city.

He was sure that Academician Yang and others absolutely would not misjudge a person.

Since Ye Xiaochen could make them pay so much attention to him, he must have sufficient ability.

Ye Xiaochen was slightly surprised, unexpectedly it was the vice mayor of a prefecture city level.

In the past, for him, it was a high ranking figure that could only be seen on Tv and News.

However, now he was standing in front of him, and the mayor was even addressing him as Mr. Ye.

He took a deep breath, reached out his hand and shook hands with Mayor Hou.

In addition to Mayor Hou, there were many county and city leader who came forward to shake hands with Ye Xiaochen and showed their goodwill.

Ye Xiaochen was speechless and had to shake hands one by one.

"Haha, Mr.Ye, I have finally met you. It’s a little presumptuous for us to visit you suddenly."

At this time, Academician Yang and other experts received the news of Ye Xiaochen's return, all came out of immortal land.

Academician Yang was walking with a cane in his hand.

"Academician Yang, aren't you putting me on fire? Just would have given me a call, and I would have gone straight to see you. "

Ye Xiaochen said with a wry smile.

"Doesn't matter. We coming here is the same. I don’t know if we are not welcomed?"

Academician Yang laughed.

"Of course, you are welcomed. It is just this situation is a little bit big and little out of place."

Ye Xiaochen looked at the surrounding crowd, there were flashing lights and the cameras that were taking pictures.

How would he be able to keep a low profile?

"Mayor Hou, Secretary Liu, really sorry, to let you accompany us all the way. I am afraid that because of us, you have delayed a lot of your works. So, we old guys will be staying in Yufeng village, and you guys can go back."

Academician Yang said to the leaders present on the scene.

He was driving the people away.

Many county and city leaders looked embarrassed.

Could they leave in peace?

Could they feel relieved that so many leaders would be staying in Yufeng village?

Surely not!

If the experts have even the slightest bit of problem, then they would be in big trouble.

However, Academician Yang was resolute and negotiated with the several key leaders, finally reaching an agreement where only a part of the entourage would be left with the experts.

As for the county leaders, they could go back.

Soon, half of the people left.

At last, there was peace.

"Fang Yuan, you must accept my private interview, okay?"

When the female journalist of the Yang city TV station was leaving, she said these words to Fang Yuan.

All reporters needed to evacuate.

Fang Yuan was the classmate of Ye Xiaochen, so the city promotion station official had the luck to stay.

The leaders personally asked him to report any situation at any time.

Fang Yuan was flattered because even Mayor Hou was politely talked to him.

"Ha Ha, this brother is going to rise in the career."

Fang Yuan's heart was full of joy.

In the immortal land.

Ye Xiaochen was accompanying the group of experts to show the things planted inside.

"Mr. Ye, how did you cut the branch of Fusang tree?"

Academician Yang asked a question that even other experts wanted to know.

Ye Xiaochen knows that he couldn't hide things about Fusang tree.

Moreover, he didn't want to hide it.

"Professor Zhang, do you still remember about what I told about plant consciousness?"

Ye Xiaochen did not directly answer Academician Yang's question, but looked at Zhang Keqin and smilingly asked.

Zhang Keqin also followed the experts’ group in their inspection.

During this period of time, communicating with so many to botanist has yielded him tremendous benefits and has helped in building an incredible network.

He knows that all this has a great relationship with Ye Xiaochen.

Otherwise, with the status and vision of top botanist like Academician Yang, how could they care about such general botanist?

Many experts on the scene glanced toward Zhang Keqin and were looking forward to the answer. Obviously, Ye Xiaochen and Zhang Keqin had exchanges with each other.

"Mr. Ye, is the cutting technique of Fusang tree related to the plant consciousness? "

Zhang Keqin was shocked.

Although he believed in Ye Xiaochen's capacity, he always had doubts about the existence of plant consciousness.

However, Now Ye Xiaochen has mentioned again about the plant consciousness.

Moreover, what does it mean to be able to cut the Fusang tree alive?

It proved the possibility that plant consciousness exist!

YE Xiaochen smiled and nodded.

"Actually, this was the way!"

Zhang Keqin was deeply shocked and could only marvel. He saw the experts curious look and quickly explained about the plant consciousness to them.

The experts were shocked when they listened.

Plant consciousness, in the field of botany there was no such concept at all.

Now, Ye Xiaochen has put forward this concept. If it really exists, then it would open a new field in botany.

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