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Hero Mode Battle

Both sides had arrived at the arena. Lin Le and SpyingBlade each went into the jungle.

Seeing ThornyRose clenching her fist and Little Ye Tian looking dissatisfied, Ye Cang smiled and walked towards the middle lane. "Victory belongs to us."

With a scary smile, Zhang Zhengxiong walked to the top lane. A metallic sound was coming out from his iron fist.

Seeing both of their figures from behind, ThornyRose also lifted up the corner of her mouth and walked to the bottom lane with Little Ye Tian.

BlackIce saw Ye Cang standing below the defending tower. She frowned. My opponent is him?

"Do you want to change with me?" VastSea smiled.

"No thanks." BlackIce shook her head.

VastSea sighed and then returned to the bottom lane.

When he saw there was only CloudDragon at the top lane, Zhang Zhengxiong knew they also had two junglers. I've to be more careful then and try to level up as soon as possible. I'll slaughter him once I get to level 2!

Along with the creeps, Ye Cang reached the middle lane area and started to get last hits. Despite this, he had his eyes locked on BlackIce, making her uncomfortable.

BlackIce then shot a few black icicles to him. Knowing that this skill would not only slow him but would also stun him if he got hit by two or more icicles, Ye Cang made some simple moves and casually dodged every icicle. He then continued to farm.

Ye Cang tried to oppress BlackIce by standing a little to the front, forcing her to back off from the Blade Edge Sprint's attack range. Swiftly, Ye Cang had reached level 2 and obtain the skill Blade Edge Blink, having two displacement skills ready.

Waiting for the creeps to come, BlackIce had been staying under the tower to get as many last hits as possible and to restrict Ye Cang movements. Once again, she shot the black icicles. Using Blade Edge Sprint, Ye Cang dodged the icicles in top speed and went head on to BlackIce who had not yet reached level 2. Swiftly, BlackIce made a large step backwards and shot energy bullets from her scepter. This could not be dodged.

Ye Cang took on the damage from the energy bullets and pierced right into her chest, not just once but twice more! The tower shot out the tracking energy bomb. Blade Edge Blink! He bent over to dodge the slash of BlackIce's scepter and blocked the energy bomb with his sword, activating the striking back skill. Suddenly, it struck back to BlackIce. He then turned around and gave out three strikes. In a split second, he killed her under the tower and took the first blood! Only at level 2. The battle was so intense as if sparks were coming out from the clash of two stones. Although Ye Cang had quickly backed off, he still took some damage from the tower, having only 15 health points left. Just when WindDragon was about to go to the mid lane from the jungle area, he received the message of BlackIce's death. He quickly picked up the pace and rushed to the mid lane but seeing Ye Cang was already recalling under the tower, he knew he was too late.

At the same time, CloudDragon who was having a tough time battling with Zhang Zhengxiong frowned. Shit, did BlackIce make a mistake? Should we let VastSea go to the mid lane? But if so, BlackIce will be under-leveled. If we can't get a lead in terms of level, it'll be hard for us to fight. Seeing a big hand coming after him, CloudDragon quickly got the last hit and dodged it with a somersault. In the meantime, he kicked Zhang Zhengxiong's shoulder. Zhang Zhengxiong smiled coldly. He then retrieved his hand and changed the direction of attack. The target was CloudDragon's leg.

CloudDragon had been very cautious after the battle with Zhang Zhengxiong in the previous round. Knowing that he could not make any mistakes, he contracted his leg. Turning into a handstand, he unleashed two more kicks, each getting one last hit on the creeps.

"Cheh, you reacted to it." Zhang Zhengxiong was dissatisfied for missing the attack and punched a creep, getting the last hit.

"To be honest, watching Big Diamond and CloudDragon battle is very thrilling. If one of them is slightly slower, the other will get the chance to strike." Brother Zhao exclaimed as he watched them battling.

"Indeed, both of them are the top grapplers in the league. When high-level grapplers fight, they usually wait until the other made a mistake and then only kill the opponent with combos. CloudDragon's floating and aerial techniques are strong. Not many people have survived after getting hit by his combo, not even the FlameEmperor. However, Big Diamond is a grappler who has a grappling skill as his ultimate. This type of grappler has strong hand-to-hand combat skills and can deal great damage." Brother Zhong gradually nodded.

"The four people at the bottom lane are quite even. Little Tian and Rose, this matchup, is unique in its own way, compared to the matchup with FrozenBlood." Zuo Yiyi was watching the situation at the bottom lane.

"Just now, YellowSpring did not manage to kill anyone when he got down to the bottom lane. That's basically because Rainbow Knight has a relatively wider field of vision with the Eye of Rainbow. Placed in a particular area, they can always monitor it. I think not even WindDragon's invisibility can hide away from that little girl's eyes. Her observation is just too detailed. Even though VastSea + DeepRepose, this matchup is way stronger than their opponents, they can't help it. Mainly because of the little girl's advancing and retreating at a good pace. Looks like Thorns and Roses has a new matchup coming soon." Brother Hong laughed.

"Rainbow Rose?" Brother Zhao picked a name.

"Yeah man, this name sounds great." Brother Zhong laughed.

Watching Little Ye Tian and ThornyRose, these two knights who were defending and counter-attacking, FrozenBlood raised her eyebrow. Indeed, this matchup is very suitable to go against VastSea and DeepRepose. The Rainbow Delay can misdirect DeepRepose's shots and VastSea can't attack ThornyRose directly since he isn't a shield fighter who focuses on attack power. She changed the scene to the jungle area. SpyingBlade was on his way to the top lane. Will he be able to ambush CloudDragon successfully? She then saw Lin Le was farming the jungle monsters while humming a song or two. Suddenly, WindDragon was getting closer using invincibility. She screamed in her thoughts. Shit, Lele! Behind you!

WindDragon was getting closer and closer, everyone outside the arena was soaking in cold sweat. The fans from The Three Brother's fan club shouted together. "Brother Le! There are people ambushing you!"

The bundle of hair on Lin Le's head suddenly stood upright and bent to WindDragon's direction, signaling him that there was a danger.

Oh, someone wants to ambush me. Hehe, I got you!  With a hand on his waist, he continued to hum songs and killed the jungle monsters, pretending that he did not know the ambush was coming.

On purpose, Lin Le let the monster land a hit on him. Then, swiftly, he swung his giant blade to his back as he made a big step backwards. Immediately, WindDragon blocked it with his sword, revealing himself from invincibility. He stumbled to the back and his heart sank. Retreat!

Lin Le pretended to be shocked. "Why are you behind me? Oh! You wanted to ambush me! Such petty moves! Now, die!"

As he spoke, Lin Le punched at him fast. WindDragon got hold of himself and dodged Lin Le's punch. Just when he was about to counterattack, Lin Le changed his fist into a chop and struck upwards! It hit WindDragon's chin directly, knocking him off into mid-air. Just when he wanted to slash with his giant blade, his bundle of hair stood upright again. In a smooth motion, Lin Le turned and blocked Yellow Spring's incoming black two-handed sword. He then pouted. "You these bad guys, always ambush me!"

Upon landing on the ground, WindDragon dashed towards Lin Le, planning get rid of him together with YellowSpring. Yet, the chills he got from beside him prompted him to swing his sword subconsciously. *Dang* A long sword was revealed when the swords clashed and SpyingBlade slowly came out from the blurry shadow.

WindDragon faked a strike and retreated through the bushes. Meanwhile, YellowSpring felt wasted as he dodged Lin Le's uppercut. Without any delay, he also turned and followed the retreat plan. Looking at the situation, SpyingBlade had no intention of chasing after them. But Lin Le had. Just when Lin Le wanted to go, he quickly shouted. "Don't chase after them. There might be traps or ambushes. Focus on farming."

"Luckily you got here in time. If not, I would have died in those cunning and low-class bastards' hands." Lin Le stopped moving and nodded as an expression of gratitude to SpyingBlade.

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