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"We're here!" Long Huishan strongly patted Chen Xiang's back. All along the way, she kept looking at them, but since Lv Qilian was unwilling, it was obvious that Chen Xiang had done it on purpose to make her look bad. Thinking of this, Long Huishan became even more furious.

"Humph!" Lv Qilian pushed Chen Xiang away and gently wiped her red lips with the back of her hand. Her cheeks were red and bashful, as she did not dare to look at Long Huishan directly.

"Let's go, it's no big deal!" Long Huishan chuckled and helped Lv Qilian tidy up his clothes that had been messed up by Chen Xiang, then got off the car with her first.

Chen Xiang licked his lips and laughed as he followed behind them.

Once he got out of the car, Lv Qilian regained the aura of a female superior, which was a huge difference from her previous bashful and flirtatious attitude.

After entering the City Lord's Mansion, Lv Qilian brought Long Huishan and the others into a secret meeting room. There were already a lot of people inside.

Most of these people were people that Chen Xiang was very familiar with, such as Gu Dongchen, Devil-killing Heavenly God and Penalty Heavenly God. These were all old acquaintances of Chen Xiang.

There were only two people here whom Chen Xiang did not know, a handsome man in white and a tall, powerful, one-eyed man. Once Chen Xiang came in, he paid attention to the two people. He noticed that when Long Huishan and Lv Qilian came in, the man in white clothes's eyes lit up, and Chen Xiang was sure that the man in white was the son of Fu Tian School.

"Miss Long, are you here on behalf of the Ice Dragon Race?" Gu Dongchen said with a smile. Of course they knew that the ice dragon had returned, and it even possessed extraordinary strength. It occupied the dragon vein, and was an extremely powerful force in the entire Ice Dragon Race.

"No, I have already joined the Hundreds of Flowers Village." Long Huishan also returned the greeting with a smile, and then sat down.

The white clothed man stood up and smiled: "I am an elder of the Fu Tian School. As my father is a Leader, he has a lot of things to do, so he cannot come.

Everyone nodded their heads, indicating that they understood. Other than Chen Xiang and Long Huishan, everyone else had a good impression of this man in white, because he was extremely polite and polite.

"This must be a famous Female Dragon King of the Ice Dragon Race. I am Fu Tiangao, and am honored to meet you." The white clothed man cupped his hands towards Long Huishan.

Long Huishan only nodded his head, his expression indifferent.

For Lady Lu to be able to obtain such a great general like Female Dragon King, your Hundreds of Flowers Village will definitely become more powerful in the future. This is truly a cause for celebration. " Fu Tiangao said to Lv Qilian.

Everyone could see that Fu Tiangao had other motives towards Lv Qilian and Long Huishan, because even though they had been in the sect for a long time, they had not seen this brat flattering them like this.

"Right, who is this brother that came in with you?" Fu Tiangao looked at Chen Xiang. Although he had an extremely amiable smile on his face, Chen Xiang could catch an extremely strong hostility in his eyes.

"Chen Xiang!" Chen Xiang said indifferently, then sat down right beside Lv Qilian. One glance was enough to tell that his relationship with Lv Qilian was pretty good.

"So it's the once famous Chen Xiang, I've heard a lot about him." Fu Tiangao saw that Chen Xiang was very casually sitting at the seat beside Lv Qilian, and he was a little jealous. He said: "All of us are here today to represent a certain force.

"He can represent my Nine Heaven School!"

"There's also the Devil-killing Divine City!"

Gu Dongchen and Ren Tianyong immediately expressed their intentions. They were telling Fu Tiangao to understand his position here.

Fu Tiangao immediately smiled apologetically: "As expected of a famous person, amazing, admiring!"

Fu Tiangao had just suffered a setback and felt even more unwell in his heart.

Just as he sat down, Lv Qilian said, "Chen Xiang can also represent my Hundreds of Flowers Village."

Gu Dongchen and the others were secretly laughing in their hearts. That group of terrifying women in the Hundreds of Flowers Village were basically all very close to Chen Xiang, so of course Chen Xiang could represent the Hundreds of Flowers Village.

"Brother Shen is truly worthy of my admiration." Fu Tiangao still had a gentle smile on his face, but he was bleeding with hatred in his heart. He did not expect Chen Xiang and Lv Qilian's relationship to be so good, and knew that they had also entered the Hundreds of Flowers Village before.

For someone like him who trained in the Yang Recovery Art, the Hundreds of Flowers Village was a sacred place to him. Which one of the girls inside wasn't talented and outstanding, and if he could get them, not only would he be able to improve his cultivation, but he would also be able to satisfy his desire to conquer her.

However, right now, someone had already beat him to it, which was why Fu Tiangao hated Chen Xiang so much. Of course, Chen Xiang's status also made him jealous.

"Young Master Fu, how much do you know about those Evil Insects? Do you know their weaknesses? " Gu Dongchen asked, because Fu Tian School could be considered a rather strong sect, as long as they were not enemies, they could be allied with them, having more people and more strength.

Fu Tiangao said: "For the time being, we don't know. There are disciples hiding in the Underworld Sect who only know about the Evil Insects. The news that we just received was that there are still some in the Underworld Sect, and these Evil Insects are all under the control of the Hell Devil Emperor! However, the Hell Devil Emperor only has temporary control, and the one who can control the Evil Insects in the end is the mysterious Divine Nations. "

"But everyone, don't worry, the insects that are attacking are all in the first batch, they're not very strong!" If the insect army wanted to be strong, then they had to have a lot of strength first! The queen bug was newly born, so the first batch that the queen bug produced was very weak. What we need to do now is to kill the queen bug and kill her. The queen bug will die and the other demonic insects will commit suicide in despair because the queen bug has a huge mental impact on them! Those evil insects were born by the insect Queen, so the thought that they imparted to the insect Queen was that she was alive. "

The Devil-killing Heavenly God asked, "If the insect queen wants to become stronger, does it mean that she has to rely on these demonic insects to bring her strength to them?"

Fu Tiangao nodded: "Yes, the evil insects will go out to hunt and absorb the blood and energy of humans or beasts. They will condense a type of evil bead, and after it is formed, it will be fed to the queen bug. The insect queen eats a large amount of evil beads and becomes stronger continuously. The stronger the insect queen is, the faster she can lay her eggs, and the more powerful the demonic insect will be when she grows up. "

Chen Xiang and the others understood why Yue'er said that a powerful Giant God World would be destroyed by these Evil Worms. Once the insect had grown to a certain level, it would be very difficult to control.

"Do you know where the queen bug is now?" Wu Kaiming asked: "If we knew, we would have immediately gotten rid of the insect! Of course, the thing that worries us the most are the bugs secretly raised by the Hell Devil Emperor. This is the greatest threat. "

Chen Xiang really wanted to know which Divine Nations raised this thing, they were simply playing with fire. If they really lost control of these insects, then that would be playing with fire.

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