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However, everything was not over.

After the departure of Luo Qingcheng, there was still half of the forces left behind in the mountains. The black robed men started to surround them, their eyes were cold and revealed a glint of blood thirst.

Ren Huang immediately awoken from his grief and when he saw the undisguised killing intent in the eyes of the black robed men, a feeling of despair shrouded his heart.

He knew it! Luo Qingcheng would never be so kind!

"Ye Mei." Ren Huang called out immediately.

Ye Mei awoke from his stupor as he turned to look at Ren Huang. When he saw Ren Huang nod his head, Ye Mei clenched both fists tightly and lowered his head, making his best effort to endure. After a moment of silence, he then slowly raised his head and walked towards Jun Wu Xie.

"Palace Lord, promise me one thing." Ren Huang turned to the Spirit Jade Palace Lord by the side and said in an astute tone.

"What is it?" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord had still not recovered from the devastating blow of losing so many disciples.

"These old bones of mine are worthless, but my disciple still has a long life ahead to enjoy. This old one here can only ask you, no matter what, please take her and escape." Ren Huang said with furrowed brows.

"Escape?" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord was immediately startled and shocked back to reality by Ren Huang's words. He raised his head in question and when he saw a black robed men who had gradually surrounded them, his heart sank to the bottom in an instant!

Luo Qingcheng never had the intention to let them go!

"Luo Qingcheng went back on her words!!" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord had his eyes wide open in anger, seeing the situation before him, anyone could understand immediately. Luo Qingcheng had brought Jun Wu Yao away first, she never the intention to abide by her promise and had left some people behind to eradicate them!

Previously, they still had Jun Wu Yao to battle with them. But now that he had been taken away, the only person left capable of fighting these people was only Ren Huang. They had been forced to dead end!

"She had always been such a person." Ren Huang said in a calm manner, he did not know why but at the moment of death, his heart was extremely calm.

"Senior Ren Huang...." The Spirit Jade Palace Lord had sensed the abnormality of Ren Huang.

At such a moment, how could Ren Huang be so calm? Moreover his words... Why did they seem ominous?

He had entrusted him to take care of his disciple, did it mean....

"Senior Ren Huang, you can't..."

Before the Spirit Jade Palace Lord could continue his words, Ren Huang raised his hand and interrupted him.

He raised his head slightly as his gaze swept the surroundings. The casualties of the Spirit Jade Palace disciples had amounted to ninety percent, even if they survived, they were seriously injured. Not to mention fighting, they won't even capable of protecting themselves. If these black robed men attacked, everyone here would die!

Luo Qingcheng could even strike out at Jun Wu Yao, this showed the extent of her viciousness. She would never allow anyone among them to walk away alive.

Ren Huang finally glanced at the bloody mangled back of Yan Bu Gui who was protecting Su Ya beneath, he then shifted his gaze to Jun Wu Xie who was standing in the bellowing wind. At the corner of his lips, hung a smile of peace and tranquillity.

He had lived a long life, experienced prosperity, returned to the basics and lived simply. However, there was no achievements in his life that he was proud of, only... two disciples and one grand disciple that made him feel that he had not lived his life in vain.

This life, he had no regrets!

"Bring them away." Ren Huang took a deep breath and his gaze became extremely resolute.

Almost at the same moment that Ren Huang had opened his mouth, Ye Mei rushed to Jun Wu Xie's side and wanted to pull her away.

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