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What surprised Chen Xiang was that the God of Fortune was actually a young man. He looked so young, and if not for the fact that there were four gods behind him whose might were oppressing him, Chen Xiang would not have believed it at all.

As soon as the God of Fortune entered, he looked towards Devil-killing Heavenly God and smiled faintly. "Devil Slayer, I heard that you have some important announcement today, otherwise, I wouldn't bother to come here. To be honest, this competition is definitely won by our Wealth Divine Palace."

His words were not arrogant at all. Their Wealth Divine Palace was extremely rich, and just by using high-grade divine tools, he was able to cause others to lose their temper.

"Brat, one hundred billion, do you dare to bet?" Devil-killing Heavenly God sneered.

Although the God of Fortune looked like a teenager, his Wealth Divine Palace had already been in the Gods Realm for many years, and was one of the ancient shrines. The reason the Devil-killing Heavenly God called him a little kid was not because he looked young, but because the Devil-killing Heavenly God was an antique in the first place.

"Okay, but. I can take out 100 billion God's Coins, that is something that there is no need to question, but for you … " The God of Fortune chuckled and shook his head, "Back then, I remember that the Fire God also made a bet with me. If his father didn't step in, he would have lost Fire Divine Palace to me already."

There was actually such a thing, which caused the disciples of the Fire Divine Palace to immediately feel that they could not lift their heads.

"It's been so many years, and we haven't gotten together yet. After all these years, everyone must have accumulated quite a bit of divine money. How about we gamble for a few rounds right now?" The God of Fortune's soft and tender voice drifted to every corner of the hall, causing everyone to start discussing amongst themselves.

As long as one was a normal person, he or she would not gamble with the God of Fortune.

Devil-killing Heavenly God took out a fiery-red bead that was as big as a head. He raised it high up and said, "How about I use this as a collateral?

"Alright." The God of Fortune's eyes immediately lit up. He smiled in delight and said, "I really didn't come here for nothing today. I'm taking this Divine Flame Pill for sure."

Chen Xiang looked at the fire pellet, and only felt a formless wave of heat attacking his Divine Sense Sea. If not for Devil-killing Heavenly God putting it away, he felt that he would have been burnt.

Not long after Devil-killing Heavenly God had raised the Supreme Flame Pellet, the bodies of many people started to blaze. If not for the fact that their gods had hastily extinguished the flames, they would probably have been burned to death.

"What a powerful item." Chen Xiang exclaimed in his heart.

Tai Qiang said as his brows knitted together, "This is a Flame Essence Pill condensed from the primordial flame formed by the primordial spirit that cultivates fire. This is a very precious thing."

"What is the Supreme God?" Chen Xiang asked in a low voice.

"Above the God of Heaven is the Supreme God. With this Supreme God Flaming Pill, one might be able to become a Supreme God. This is something that even God's money can't buy, otherwise, the God of Fortune would already be a Supreme God." Tai Qiang said.

Then, a group of people dressed in black walked in. The God of Fortune immediately looked over, and judging from the Evil Qi on their bodies, they were clearly from the Hell Divine Palace.

"Hmph." Devil-killing Heavenly God suppressed the anger in his heart and snorted coldly, no longer looking at the group of people in black robes and black hoods.

The Hell Devil Emperor was inside, and Chen Xiang could clearly feel that aura.

The meeting began at noon, and all would have to wait a while.

"The Divine Female Palace is here." Xiao Chou whispered into Chen Xiang's ear.

After Wang Jinshi heard it, he snorted lightly: "You little brats, you can go for those goddesses of the Divine Female Palace. The consequences will be severe."

Chen Xiang looked at the group of women dressed in light gold dresses. He did not find anyone familiar from inside, and even though those Goddess were beautiful, Chen Xiang was not interested in them.

Divine Female Palace attracted the eyes of many men, but Chen Xiang sighed lightly and stopped looking at it.

"There are still a few other shrines that haven't arrived yet. They are all brats that can't afford to lose face." A thunderous voice suddenly rang out, startling everyone. Everyone immediately quieted down as they looked at the vast arena below. There stood a large man with a dignified face, dressed in black armor, holding a large saber in his hand.

"I am Penalty Heavenly God, and am in charge of supervising the competition." Penalty Heavenly God suddenly looked towards Devil-killing Divine Palace and used a rough voice to ask: "Devil-killing Heavenly God, you say you have something to announce, but what exactly is it?"

"I want to declare war on Hell Divine Palace. Hell Devil Emperor will let the Evil God return to Gods Realm, and will cause my five beloved disciples and hundreds of divine hall disciples to all die." Devil-killing Heavenly God roared in anger, the divine power on his body was released, scaring many of the younger generation so much that their faces turned pale.

Everyone had heard of this matter, but no one knew that it was done by the Evil God. No wonder the Devil-killing Divine Palace suffered such heavy losses.

"Penalty Heavenly God, the reason Hell Devil Emperor let the Evil God escape is obviously to harm Gods Realm. Shouldn't you do something?" An Empyrean God of the Radiant Temple said.

A familiar voice of Chen Xiang sounded. It was the voice of the Hell Devil Emperor.

"The Evil God caused a huge commotion in hell, I could not suppress him, and allowed him to run out. This is my fault, I am willing to accept punishment, but I will not accept Devil-killing Divine Palace's declaration of war." Hell Devil Emperor's voice was very calm, but it carried a very uncomfortable sinister feeling.

Devil-killing Heavenly God had already expected that Hell Devil Emperor would not fight him directly.

"Then I will continue to declare war." Devil-killing Heavenly God glared at Hell Devil Emperor angrily, then said loudly: "Chen Xiang has already joined the Devil-killing Divine Palace, whoever dares to have any plans against him, if I knew, I would immediately destroy the divine hall he is in. This is in accordance with all divine palaces's rules."

Chen Xiang who possessed the Heavenly Alchemy had already arrived at the Gods Realm and even joined the Devil-killing Divine Palace. No wonder the Hell Devil Emperor would retaliate, in order to release the Evil God.

Chen Xiang had caused great losses for the Hell Devil Emperor, even the God of Fortune had been scammed, but now that the Devil-killing Heavenly God had said it this way, the people from the other halls did not dare do anything.

"Alright, since there's nothing much to announce, let's begin the competition for this year's conference. This is also the rule set by the construction of the all divine palaces back then. It's a competition that occurs once every million years." Penalty Heavenly God didn't seem to care about this at all, and he had already seen too much.

Chen Xiang had already sensed a few waves of energy approaching him, but were all blocked by the Devil-killing Heavenly God.

"Is that an ice dragon?" Chen Xiang looked at a tall and slim man standing beside the God of Fortune. His expression was wooden, as if he was a servant.

"This bastard." Chen Xiang glared at the God of Fortune. Back then, the ice dragon was forced to become a slave by the God of Fortune.

Just as Penalty Heavenly God was about to announce the start of the battle, Chen Xiang suddenly felt a light breeze blow past.

There were four very young men and two men and two women. They were all handsome and looked like two couples.



The two men called out 'father', while the two women called out 'master'.

At this moment, everyone was waiting for Penalty Heavenly God to announce the rules, but Penalty Heavenly God didn't.

Four young men suddenly appeared beside Devil-killing Heavenly God. It was obvious that even Penalty Heavenly God did not notice their arrival, causing a commotion.

"You two girls have been married for so long, but you still can't change your mind." Devil-killing Heavenly God laughed: "It's good that you guys are here."

There were not ten of them, only four. Among them, two were the sons of the Devil-killing Heavenly God and the other two were the wives of his sons. However, they were also disciples of the Devil-killing Heavenly God.

Devil-killing Heavenly God actually had a son. Forget about the juniors, only now did the divine gods know that the other divine gods didn't understand these four youths at all. However, they knew that they were very strong.

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