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Chen Xiang only came to the side of the pond and stopped. He did not plan to go down, he only felt a bit of cold air and knew that the water was definitely not hot water.

"Why aren't you coming down?" Long Huishan chuckled, Chen Xiang's eyes were currently fixed on her chest, only that place was covered by a red petal, he could not see anything.

"Big Sis Long, I have something important to do. After I found a bug, she ran away." Chen Xiang arrived at the edge of the bath where Long Huishan was leaning on and looked down without restraint. However, Long Huishan and the others could hide themselves well, causing him to be unable to see anything that he wanted to see.

"I remember that Fu Tiangao said that the queen was very big, so it was not convenient to move her, but she actually ran away." Long Huishan frowned slightly as he thought it was a little surprising. "Could it be that you've attacked the insect?"

"Of course not, I don't dare to attack. I just went near that place and exposed a bit of my aura, which would cause the queen to be alert. After she went into a rage and razed the entire mountain range to the ground, she drilled away from the ground." Chen Xiang thought back to it with a tinge of fear, "The Bug Queen is so powerful, I am no match for her."

Long Huishan's long legs stuck out of the water, and then, she gently rubbed it with her jade hands before putting it down again. Watching her, Chen Xiang secretly gulped a mouthful of saliva, while Long Huishan just chuckled lightly.

"Help me rub my back." Long Huishan laughed.

"Oh." Chen Xiang answered, his hands seemed to be unable to control himself as he reached towards Long Huishan's back and gently rubbed her shoulders.

Long Huishan murmured in great enjoyment: "I didn't think that a thick-headed old man like you would actually be able to do such a meticulous thing."

Chen Xiang only chuckled twice. At this time, he was indeed very serious as he rubbed Long Huishan's back and shoulders, and used his Chuangzao fire to secretly make his hands feel warm. For an ice dragon like Long Huishan, who trained in the Icy cold power all year round, it was also very comfortable to occasionally feel this kind of warmth.

"I'll inform Qilian, Gu Dongchen and the others right now." After Long Huishan took out the Communication jade Symbol paper, he asked Chen Xiang to explain the details to her, and then she passed them on to the big shots in the conference room one by one.

Long Huishan laughed: "Good little brother, you are always so tired. Are you really not going to come down and wash up together with me?"

"No more." Chen Xiang looked at the cold energy that leaked out from the water surface and shook his head.

"Hmph, are you that afraid of me?" Long Huishan pouted: "Earlier on that carriage, you said you wanted to take care of me, but now you're trying to take care of me."

Seeing Long Huishan's playful expression, Chen Xiang took a deep breath. Both of his hands moved like lightning deep into the water and pressed on Long Huishan's chest.

Long Huishan was truly unexpected, she had only planned to tease Chen Xiang a little, but she had never expected that the desire for Chen Xiang to possess her would be so strong.

"Little bastard, stop messing around." Long Huishan hurriedly shouted as he placed his hands perfectly on her chest, preventing her from escaping. Furthermore, he even rubbed her hands lightly, this feeling, would not be forgotten even if she died.

Just as Chen Xiang was feeling satisfied, there was someone standing at the door. It was Lv Qilian who was there, and she was a little surprised to see him.

Of course she could tell that Chen Xiang had forced it, because Long Huishan was struggling slightly.

After knowing that Lv Qilian had come, Chen Xiang hurriedly stopped and let go of Long Huishan. She only saw Long Huishan looking at Chen Xiang with a blushing face, although her face was filled with anger, there was still a trace of gentleness in her eyes.

"Damn brat." Long Huishan scolded. The water that was condensed from ice had already been thrown heavily into Chen Xiang's face. After being hit, Chen Xiang flew out and crashed into the wall.

Seeing Chen Xiang getting beaten up, Lv Qilian's face was also filled with joy. He then said lightly, "Quickly come out and get down to business."

Chen Xiang rubbed his face and curled his lips. Then, he walked out of the bath and sat on a chair in the hall outside. His face was a little red.

After that, Long Huishan also came out of the bath, and dressed in an ice armor, looking extremely domineering. Adding that her jade face was covered in frost, Chen Xiang felt a little afraid.

"I've already gotten the array disc, and will go find Gu Dongchen and the others later to discuss how to deal with Fu Tian School. Chen Xiang, you said that the insect empress ran away." Lv Qilian asked.

"He ran away, but don't worry. Yue Er will be able to find him, and right now I also have some understanding of the Bug Queen. Right now, I can't deal with her by myself, at least not with the strength of a god." Chen Xiang said.

Long Huishan said from the side, "I'll go with him. If you can't come back and call for help, you guys must stay here and defend the city."

Chen Xiang didn't even dare to look at Long Huishan, because that fierce gaze that Long Huishan used to look at him with earlier had already made him somewhat afraid.

"This... "Fine." Just a moment ago, she had personally witnessed how Chen Xiang had taken advantage of Long Huishan, and now, Long Huishan had actually suggested that she go with him, causing Lv Qilian to suddenly worry about him.

Long Huishan stood up, glared at Chen Xiang, and said: "What are you afraid of, I will bring your little lover back safely."

"Hmph, he's your little lover now as well, and he's even your little brother." Lv Qilian snorted, but his eyes were filled with laughter.

Chen Xiang coughed dryly twice, then said: "Let's go, let's take advantage of the fact that it's still night time, to make it easier to find the insect Queen."

Long Huishan looked at Yue'er who was in Chen Xiang's bag, nodded, and followed Chen Xiang into the teleportation room, teleporting out of the city.

Just like last time, they appeared in that forest that was filled with evil aura. After arriving here, Long Huishan had also put away the snow white ice dragon armor on her body and changed into a set of black tight clothes.

"Big Sis Long, I'm really sorry for what happened just now. I don't know why my head started burning …" I can't control it. " Chen Xiang said with a face full of guilt, because after Long Huishan's intense reaction, he was extremely uneasy.

"Damn brat, it's been so long since you last touched a woman." Just now, Long Huishan had felt Chen Xiang's deep feelings for him.

"It's been a long time, even though I have many women by my side … But I can't find the right time. " Chen Xiang laughed dryly.

Long Huishan punched him in the chest, and scolded him with a laugh: "You're really so afraid that I'll get angry, but I never expected you to be so brave, to actually dare come. If it wasn't for Qilian who just happened to come, maybe you would have gotten hit by it."

Seeing the carefree smile on Long Huishan's face, Chen Xiang secretly calmed down and laughed: "I'm just afraid that you will ignore me in the future, I don't want to lose you … … But come to think of it, did Big Sis Long think that Sister Qilian did not come at the right time, and felt a little disappointed? "

"Stop being so smelly." Long Huishan patted his head. Long Huishan was also very tall, reaching Chen Xiang's forehead, he was almost as tall as Chen Xiang.


Chen Xiang was actually very disappointed, but right at this moment, something unexpected happened. Long Huishan suddenly hugged him, and then used the sandalwood mouth to block his mouth, and actually took the initiative to kiss him. But what was even worse, Long Huishan's hand suddenly grabbed onto his chest with great force.

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