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Chapter 925 – Asking a Blind Man the Way, a Sword's Music in the Heart

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The summit was absolutely silent. Zhexiu, Tang Thirty-Six, and the disciples of the Mount Li Sword Sect silently watched Qiushan Jun and Chen Changsheng.

The most famous members of this young generation of cultivators were naturally Qiushan Jun and Xu Yourong. It was only later on that Chen Changsheng's name joined their ranks.

The relationship between the three was extremely complex, a story that could be narrated for a very long time.

But to everyone's best knowledge, Chen Changsheng and Qiushan Jun had never met.

The entire continent was very curious to see what would happen in their first meeting.

Today, they had finally met, so now what?

Qiushan Jun calmly bowed and said, "A tough journey."

Chen Changsheng calmly returned the bow and replied, "Long time no see."

In Wenshui City, Qiushan Jun had walked past him, but they had not truly met.

This being the case, this had been their first meeting since their farewell at the Mount Song Army headquarters.

The disciples of the Mount Li Sword Sect appeared rather perplexed at Chen Changsheng's reply. Did Eldest Brother and His Holiness the Pope meet before?

Zhexiu and Tang Thirty-Six glanced at each other in surprise.

Ye Xiaolian paid no regard to these matters. Her infatuated gaze constantly switched between Qiushan Jun and Chen Changsheng as she thought to herself, when I get back to the temple, how should I show off to my junior sisters?

Only Gou Hanshi and the disciples who had returned with Qiushan Jun yesterday knew that these two had interacted with each other at Sloping Cliff Horse Farm.

These people now had rather odd expressions as they watched this sight and recalled this matter. Bai Cai was finding it quite the challenge to stifle his laughter.

His curiosity piqued, Tang Thirty-Six strolled over and asked what was going on.

Upon learning the answer, he found himself rather speechless. Looking at Qiushan Jun and Chen Changsheng, he sighed, "Are the two of you blind?"

Qiushan Jun said, "You are Tang Tang?"

"You recognize me?" Tang Thirty-Six asked, surprise on his face.

He thought to himself, a person like Qiushan Jun actually recognizes me. He was rather proud, though it was this pride that quickly became the source of his anger.

"I hear that you had an unbearable stench when you came out of the ancestral hall. It looks to me that when you took a bath on the street, you forgot to wash your mouth."

Qiushan Jun shook his head, then indicated that Chen Changsheng should follow him into the cave.

Tang Thirty-Six was incensed by this comment. He didn't care that this person was Qiushan Jun or that this place was the Mount Li Sword Sect. He rolled up his sleeves, intending to engage in a cursing match.

Gou Hanshi quickly pulled him back and pleaded, "Senior Brother's mood isn't good today, so be a little understanding."

This was true. Although Qiushan Jun was not a gentle nobleman like Gou Hanshi, he had a rather generous demeanor and would rarely speak such biting and jeering words.

Tang Thirty-Six looked at the tightly shut door to the cave and laughed. "So it turns out that even Qiushan Jun can get angry from embarrassment."

As two of the most outstanding individuals of the younger generation of cultivators, it was hard for them to not be embarrassed by such stupid acts.

And this most embarrassing incident had been exposed in front of the crowd, after which they had been rudely assessed as blind. This was naturally a most awkward situation.

Moreover, for many other reasons, the relationship between Chen Changsheng and Qiushan Jun was already very awkward.

As a result, the two did not speak as they walked into the depths of the cave.

"Master, His Holiness the Pope has arrived."

After saying this, Qiushan Jun seated himself on the side.

A Daoist was seated on the prayer mat, his head lowered as he studied a book that looked like a sword manual, appearing extremely focused. The only part of his head that could be seen was frosty white hair.

Chen Changsheng knew that this was the Sect Master of the Mount Li Sword Sect and subconsciously shifted his gaze towards him.

Coincidentally, the Sect Master also raised his head, and their gazes met.

Chen Changsheng discovered that though the Sect Master had a head of white, his eyes were extremely clear and penetrating. There was no sense of age, only a refreshing clarity.

However, these clear and penetrating eyes also gave off an aura of inscrutability.

Chen Changsheng appeared somewhat surprised, as he felt that this grandmaster of the sword did not seem like someone who had only recently entered the Divine Domain.

"Before Junior Martial Uncle left, I had already crossed that threshold."

The Mount Li Sword Sect Master saw his doubt and smiled. "But there was no good reason to announce it, and I'm not like those Storms from before, needing to accrue vast tracts of land for my clansmen and disciples. Moreover, things like attending rituals are very troublesome, so I did not let the world know."

Chen Changsheng asked, "Then why…"

He naturally wanted to ask why the Mount Li Sword Sect had suddenly announced this matter to the world several days ago.

The Sect Master explained, "The Prince of Xiang broke through that threshold. If I remained seated, the minds of the people might have become unsteady."

Chen Changsheng understood his meaning and gratefully said, "Many thanks to Senior."

The Sect Master replied, "But this is a false reputation, a false power, and only Your Holiness can know. This old Daoist is most afraid of trouble. If there is nothing happening, I am completely unwilling to leave the mountain."

Chen Changsheng replied, "If it is not necessary, I will not disturb Senior's peaceful cultivation."

The Sect Master asked, "If Your Holiness does not want to disturb my peaceful cultivation, why are you sitting before me?"

Chen Changsheng was somewhat embarrassed, saying, "But this matter has to be resolved at some point."

The Mount Li Sword Sect Master forced a smile and asked, "That wolf cub's illness has been cured?"

Chen Changsheng shook his head. "Not only is it not cured, there's signs that it's getting worse."

The Sect Master sighed. "This being the case, meeting is far inferior to not meeting."

Chen Changsheng replied, "Besides seeing people, this visit to Mount Li is also to seek medical advice."

The Sect Master asked, "What do you mean?"

Chen Changsheng gave a summary of the state of Zhexiu's illness, then added, "I once read in the Daoist Canon that the Mount Li Sword Sect once had a Daoist technique that involved the upright, honorable, and wondrous music of the sword, of a most harmonious and forthright nature. I believe that this Daoist technique can temporarily control Zhexiu's Tide Rush of Blood for a time."

The Mount Li Sword Sect Master squinted as he asked, "Your Holiness's intention is to have that wolf cub learn this Daoist technique of my Mount Li Sword Sect?"

Chen Changsheng replied, "Correct. I request Senior's assistance."

The Sect Master said, "I really have heard of this Daoist technique, the Just Sword's Clear Music, but it has not been passed down for many years."

Chen Changsheng also knew of this matter, but he still had one last hope. "If the sword music's manual still exists, there's still a chance of learning this technique."

The Sect Master silently smiled, but he seemingly unintentionally closed the book he had been studying.

Chen Changsheng's gaze fell on the cover of this book and his eyes widened. It was the manual to the Just Sword's Clear Music!

The Sect Master faintly smiled and said, "The Just Sword's Clear Music truly has ceased to be passed down. I only began to learn it yesterday, and I cannot be sure when I will grasp it."

At this point, Chen Changsheng finally realized that the Mount Li Sword Sect had already made arrangements for this matter.

He clasped his hands and made a deep bow to the Mount Li Sword Sect Master, then said with a sincere expression, "Many thanks for Senior's assistance."

For an expert of the Divine Domain skilled in the sword to learn the Just Sword's Clear Music and then teach it to Zhexiu was naturally many times better than for Zhexiu to cultivate the technique on his own.

The Mount Li Sword Sect Master smiled, but did not respond.

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