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Chapter 924 – Meeting Qiushan in a Great River of Myriad Swords

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The swords exuded a chilling sword intent, swift and mighty to the extreme.

More frightening was the energy being released by these swords. It was steady and firm, like a mountain, or a mountain gate made from stone.

Mount Li had no mountain gate. Its swords served that purpose.

Tang Thirty-Six was not concerned about these swords hovering in the air. On the contrary, he found them very interesting.

He excitedly said to Chen Changsheng, "This is very similar to your sword style. Could it be that you were born so that you could come to Mount Li and learn the sword?"

Zhexiu was far more sensitive to danger than anyone else in their group, so he sensed that those swords could unleash a thunderous strike at any moment. He stepped forward and pulled Tang Thirty-Six behind him while his right hand gripped the hilt of his sword.

But he had forgotten that his sword was the Demon Commander's Banner Sword. The Mount Li Sword Sect was a righteous sect of the Human race, so it was extremely sensitive to the Qi of the Banner Sword.

Whooshwhooshwhooshwhoosh! Several hundred swords quickly flew out from the mountains.

Chen Changsheng had no time to react, but the Divine Staff, upon sensing the power and danger of these several hundred swords, appeared on its own and began emitting dazzling rays of light.

A divine Qi enveloped the stone path.

The Sword Separation Stone was not within this light.

All of Mount Li whistled and howled!

Countless swords burst out of the mountains, soaring through the clouds. They formed a magnificent river of swords that coursed through the mountains, protecting the peaks of Mount Li!

This was Mount Li's famed Myriad Sword Array!

Although the swords making up this river were not as famous as the ones from the Sword Pool, they were extremely sharp and had their own unstoppable momentum.

Let alone Chen Changsheng's party, even Zhou Dufu or the Tianhai Divine Empress would have found it impossible to directly confront the Myriad Sword Array.

Fortunately, this river of swords that traversed the sky only journeyed around the mountains and did not immediately attack them.

Chen Changsheng and Zhexiu didn't sense any killing intent, and faintly understood what the swords desired. The former gripped the Divine Staff while the latter loosened the grip on his sword, and both retreated several steps.

The river of swords was high in the sky, but its awe-inspiring sword intent was already on the ground, ready at any moment to cut everything on the stone path into powder with no hope of resistance.

Tang Thirty-Six was somewhat angry, thinking, Mount Li should clearly know who's coming, but they still insist on doing this. Are they just showing off their strength?

Once Chen Changsheng's group retreated behind the Sword Separating Stone, the several hundred swords became somewhat pacified, the grandiose river of swords also slowing.

"This is truly absurd."

Tang Thirty-Six said to Chen Changsheng, "You're Senior Su Li's direct disciple, a member of the Mount Li Sword Sect in every way, perhaps even a peer of the Sect Master. And yet these junior disciples actually dare to use the Myriad Sword Array to intimidate you. Aren't you angry?"

Chen Changsheng knew that his mood was assuredly foul and helplessly relied, "What do you think I should do?"

Tang Thirty-Six declared, "You should use your status as Pope to become part of the Mount Li Sword Sect and then become Sect Master, making Qiushan Jun and the rest of those fellows die from anger."

He said all this with a very loud voice, wanting all of Mount Li to hear.

"You scoundrel, how can your mouth still be so despicable?"

A rather familiar voice came from the path in front of them.

Tang Thirty-Six and the owner of this voice had quarreled many times, so he immediately recognized it. He sneered, "Do you really think that there's no chance of what I said becoming reality?"

Guan Feibai walked down the stone path. He wanted to retort with a few taunts, but then he realized that if Chen Changsheng really did enter the Mount Li Sword Sect, then with his status and seniority, Tang Thirty-Six's seemingly absurd proposition might really happen. As a result, his expression flickered.

At this moment, a voice, gentle but dignified, rose up from deep within the clouds.

"For Your Holiness's sacred body to honor us with its presence is the greatest honor for all of Mount Li."

The speaker was naturally the Sect Master of the Mount Li Sword Sect.

Guan Feibai controlled his emotions, solemnly bowed to Chen Changsheng, then brought the group into the cloud-shrouded mountain.

In a short while, they reached a stone pavilion halfway up the mountain.

Gou Hanshi, Liang Banhu, and an elder of the Sword Hall were waiting here for them.

When the Pope was paying a visit, any other sect would have received him well outside the sect, and the Sect Master themselves would have personally gone. However, Chen Changsheng had not come on a carriage today, and the Mount Li Sword Sect was also no ordinary sect. That they were able to do this on such short notice was already extremely courteous.

Gou Hanshi and Liang Banhu bowed to Chen Changsheng.

The name of Liang Xiaoxiao had long since vanished from the minds of the common people, but it was impossible for Chen Changsheng to forget. He was confident that Liang Banhu also would not be able to forget, which made the mood between them a little strange.

But this mood was quickly broken by what happened next: the elder from the Sword Hall prostrated to Chen Changsheng.

Chen Changsheng was greatly shocked. It had to be said that all the elders of the Mount Li Sword Sect's Sword Hall had profound cultivation levels. These were all elders of remarkable battle prowess, as well as stubborn and proud personalities. Even his status as Pope was usually not enough to make one of them prostrate to him.

He quickly remembered the matter Guan Feibai had discussed on their travels.

An elder of the Mount Li Sword Sect's Sword Hall was covering the retreat in a battle on the snowy plains but was surrounded by demon experts and almost ended up dead. In the end, he was saved by a Cinnabar Pill. Now that he thought about it, that elder of unparalleled courage was probably the one in front of him.

When he thought of this, Chen Changsheng hurriedly helped the elder stand up and then sternly bowed. In his view, someone like this elder, who had bled in battle for the sake of the Human race, was the one truly worthy of respect. In contrast, all he had done was use his blood to make a few Cinnabar Pills, which really didn't count for anything.

No more words were exchanged as the group made their way to the summit.

At this moment, several hundred disciples of the Mount Li Sword Sect had already gathered at the summit. There were presumably far fewer sword glows on the little plateaus of Mount Li's various peaks.

As these disciples gazed at Chen Changsheng's group, their eyes were both curious and wary.

Rivals and competitors of the past were now allies and comrades.

The relationship between the Mount Li Sword Sect and the Orthodox Academy was extremely complicated, so the expressions in these gazes were naturally very complicated as well.

Amusingly, only a small portion of these disciples was looking at Chen Changsheng, while another small portion was looking at Tang Thirty-Six. However, the vast majority of these disciples were gazing at Zhexiu, appearing somewhat restless as they engaged in whispered discussion.

This was naturally not because of Zhexiu's fierce reputation on the battlefield, but because of his relationship with Qi Jian.

Gou Hanshi slightly frowned at this sight, causing the disciples to instantly cease their chattering and assume a respectful stance.

After passing through the crowd, the group saw an ivy-covered cave in the distance, presumably the Sect Master's residence.

There was a stone clearing in front of the cave that was a little higher than the surroundings. The figure standing there was quite easy to see.

Of course, even if they were standing in a crowd of thousands, that person would still be the first to be seen.

Qiushan Jun turned around and looked at Chen Changsheng's party.

Chen Changsheng looked at him, not knowing what to say.

Yesterday, when he had decided to visit Mount Li, he had naturally imagined this sight.

He had originally imagined that Qiushan Jun would find some excuse to avoid this meeting, but only now did it occur to him, would Qiushan Jun be Qiushan Jun if he avoided this meeting?

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