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Chapter 912 – Mutual Loathing

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Silenced reigned throughout South Stream Temple.

Huai Ren could not answer Xu Yourong's question.

She knew that there was no room left to maneuver, but when she imagined the scene of the temple in ruins and its disciples dead, she still made one last attempt to convince.

"I know that this way of doing things goes against the laws of the church, but I cannot watch as the two of you drag South Stream Temple into the abyss."

She looked at Xu Yourong and Chen Changsheng and declared, "Neither of you have the right to do this."

Xu Yourong stood up and calmly looked into her eyes. "Before Teacher left, she said to me that South Stream Temple was made up completely of female cultivators who had innately delicate natures, that it was extremely difficult to eke out a living in this chaotic world, but to live one's life by quietly guarding one's Dao heart was an even more naive way of thinking, completely contrary to the Dao of South Stream Temple."

Huai Ren asked, "Could it be neither you nor Senior Sister recalled that the momentum of the world is like the flooding of the River of Hatred, that the slightest lack of attention will result in the overturning of the boat and the death of all hands?"

Xu Yourong answered, "Cultivating the Dao in itself defies the heavens. Even as delicate women, we must still grasp our Dao and press forward. Though standing on the riverside and watching the world pass by is truly charming and comfortable, if one is not even willing to get the bottom of one's shoes wet, how can one step upon the waves and finally reach the other shore?"

With these words, the blossoming trees swayed in the wind and the eyes of the disciples brightened.

"When I was young and lived in the capital, I jumped into the well of New North Bridge, and I stood on a bridge and jumped into a canal of the Luo River. Everyone thought that I was seeking death, but nobody knew that I only wanted to jump in to see what was true. Was there really a Moon? Was there really a legendary evil dragon? I even dared to do all this, so what does traveling down a river amount to?"

When Xu Yourong said this, Chen Changsheng glanced at her.

Before the battle of the Bridge of Helplessness in the capital, he had carefully investigated her, so he knew that these were interesting anecdotes from her childhood years.

"Master chose me to be Holy Maiden because she had a clear understanding of my personality and knew where I would take South Stream Temple."

Xu Yourong said to Huai Ren, "I can respect that you don't like my way of doing things and don't like Teacher's choice, but if you want to change everything? No."

Her voice was very soft, as pleasant to the ear as the most moving birdsong in a peaceful valley. There was no intentional threat in it, yet it also indicated that its words could not be questioned.

This was especially the case for the final word. Many disciples, Ping Xuan and Yi Chen included, recalled when Chen Changsheng had said the exact same word on the plateau.

'I can respect and understand, but I will not accept, will not be convinced by you, and certainly won't be changed by you. "No" is "no", and even if it's okay, the answer is still "no".'

But Chen Changsheng recalled that shout he had heard from Wenshui City's old estate in the snowstorm.

"Your second son is colluding with demons!"

Reputation was something he had only begun to gradually accumulate after the Grand Examination.

But Xu Yourong and Qiushan Jun had been raising their reputation from the day they were born.

They had lived on this world for far less time than these seniors, but in terms of reputation, who could compare to them?

All arguments came to an end.

Xu Yourong was the will of South Stream Temple.

In these ten-some verdant mountains, no one could shake her status, or even approach it.

Even if those who opposed her today were three most senior martial grandaunts.

Huai Ren sighed. As she saw Xu Yourong's expression, as serene as water, her own heart was one of stagnant waters. She asked, "Then how is Temple Master prepared to punish us?"

"I said that I could respect and understand. This being the case, Martial Aunt did not make too great of an offence. What punishment is required?"

Xu Yourong continued, "Martial Aunt's delight was to wander the world, but for the future of South Stream Temple, you were forced to cut short your cultivation and return. Now that I have broken out of seclusion, there is no need for you to concern yourself with the affairs of the temple. Thus, I invite Martial Aunt to continue traveling. I am confident that the scenery outside will not be lacking to the scenery here."

Given Huai Ren's seniority, it was truly rather inappropriate to punish her according to the laws of the church or the rules of the temple.

But to have these martial grandaunts remain at Holy Maiden Peak was even more inappropriate.

'Traveling' was just an invitation to leave so as to avoid mutual loathing whenever they met.

Xu Yourong had truly managed to handle this difficult matter with ease, with a broad and open mind. Presumably, even Huai Ren would be able to accept.

Yi Chen and Ping Xuan looked to Huai Ren with happiness in their eyes.

Just when Huai Ren was prepared to leave, Xu Yourong suddenly recalled another matter.

"But I do not wish for Martial Aunt to return after every little interval, as that will truly be a problem. Let us make it once every ten years then."

Yi Chen's and Ping Xuan's expressions slightly changed at these words. Would their master accept?

Inviting them to leave and travel could be understood as the courtesy of a junior, but only permitting them to return once every ten years was clear exile.

However, Huai Ren understood that what the Holy Maiden referred to by 'once every ten years' was the grand ceremony to the stars held every ten years at South Stream Temple.

Seeing as the Holy Maiden had not stripped her of her right to attend this grand ceremony, what could she say?

She ruefully sighed and walked out of the thatched cottage.

Huai Shu bowed to Xu Yourong and Chen Changsheng, then turned and followed.

Huai Bi was already following Huai Ren out. She appeared composed, but her eyelashes trembled, and her eyes flashed with unease and freedom.

But soon after, the unease and sense of freedom in her eyes were completely supplanted by shock and fear.

Xu Yourong's voice resounded once more through South Stream Temple.

"Yuan Yueqin, did you think you could leave?"

All of South Stream Temple's disciples raised their heads.

Some of them looked at each other while others looked around as they all thought, who is Yuan Yueqin? Was there such a disciple here?

Some of the more quick-witted disciples had already guessed.

Huai Ren stopped and silently turned to Xu Yourong.

Huai Shu had a rather perplexed expression, apparently confused as to what was happening.

Huai Bi had an extremely unsightly complexion.

More and more disciples began to understand that 'Yuan Yueqin' had been Martial Grandaunt Huai Bi's name before her ordination.

Huai Ren was somewhat uneasy.

Xu Yourong had not said 'Martial Aunt' or used the Daoist name. Instead, she had called her third sister by her secular name, the significance of which was obvious.

Huai Bi's humiliation turned to rage as she shouted at Xu Yourong, "Holy Maiden, what do you want to do?"

Huai Shu still had not completely reacted. She looked at Xu Yourong and asked, "She's still your Martial Aunt; how can you do this?"

Xu Yourong knew that Huai Shu had just this sort of personality and did not care. She only looked at Huai Bi and said, "Yuan Yueqin, you colluded with outsiders and attacked the disciples of the temple. Did you really think that after doing such things, I would let you leave South Stream Temple?"

Hearing this, Huai Shu finally woke from her daze. She glanced at Huai Ren, wanting to say something, but not knowing what she should say.

To those disciples that had been on the plateau, Xu Yourong's words made them recall the scene from back then.

They had formed the sword array, their wills united into a wall as they contended against Wuqiong Bi, the situation extremely dangerous.

At this moment, their martial grandaunt Huai Bi suddenly injured them, thus breaking the array.

How could they possibly forget this sight?

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