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Chapter 911 – South of the Stream, Somebody Speaks

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

In the depths of the forest was a clear and shallow stream. A grill had been placed on a rock by the stream, as had some leftover roast fish.

Qiushan Jun took a newly roasted fish from the grill and stuffed it in Bai Cai's hand, saying, "While eating fish, I'll see if you can learn how to keep your mouth shut."

Bai Cai was somewhat nervous. Taking the roast fish, he began to seriously eat, not daring to voice any more opinions.

The disciples of the Mount Li Sword Sect took out their swords and began to spear the fish in the stream. For a moment, the air was filled with the splashing of water and laughter of youths.

Qiushan Jun washed his hands in the stream and then sat on the rock next to Gou Hanshi.

Gou Hanshi said, "I didn't expect that after you left the Mount Song Army headquarters, you would actually take the long way back from Hanqiu City. You came back quite a few days later than you said you would in your letter."

Qiushan Jun explained, "When I went from Sloping Cliff to the Mount Song Army headquarters, I saw somebody from the family and followed them."

With Gou Hanshi's intelligence, he immediately noticed the problem in these words. "Who?"

After a pause, Qiushan Jun replied, "Chen Changsheng."

Once he and Gou Hanshi began to talk, the ruckus in the stream grew much quieter.

When he said the name 'Chen Changsheng', he attracted the gazes of all his junior brothers.

And when Qiushan Jun finished retelling the story of Sloping Cliff Horse Farm, the stream was absolutely quiet, everyone remaining silent for a very long time.

Gou Hanshi was also quite speechless. He apparently wanted to say something, but he failed to get the words out.

Bai Cai's face was swollen red as he had just narrowly managed to avoid choking to death from a piece of improperly chewed fish.

"What are you all thinking?" Qiushan Jun expressionlessly said.

Gou Hanshi smiled and shook his head, indicating that he had no view on this matter.

With great difficulty, Bai Cai swallowed down that piece of fish then repeatedly shook his head, indicating that he did not dare give any opinion on his eldest brother.

Qiushan Jun looked at him and said, "Say what you want to say."

Bai Cai hesitated for a long time before finally whispering, "Eldest Brother… aren't both your and his eyesights just a bit too poor?"

"Chen Changsheng is a decent person."

Qiushan Jun paused, then added, "Alas, we can't be friends."

He didn't know that Chen Changsheng had felt the same.

Gou Hanshi smiled and said, "I'm better than both of you in this aspect, because I can be friends with both of you."

Bai Cai squeezed his way onto the rock and squatted next to Qiushan Jun. "Eldest Brother, you're the truly outstanding one. No matter how formidable Chen Changsheng is, he still needed to rely on you today to walk away in one piece."

This was referring to how Qiushan Jun had used ten-some drawings to convince Bie Yanghong and break the Great Western Continent's scheme.

But no hint of pride or satisfaction could be seen on Qiushan Jun's face. On the contrary, it was rather gloomy.

"I didn't like Bie Tianxin, so I didn't care that much in the beginning, and treated the matter too carelessly. I didn’t expect that the people from the Great Western Continent would actually dare to kill him."

He fell quiet for a while, then said, "If I were just a bit more vigilant, he might not have had to die."

Gou Hanshi thought this over for a while, then patted him on the back. Changing the subject, he said, "For the closing of South Stream Temple, do we want to do anything?"

"Junior Sister has never needed anybody to worry about the way she does things."

"Zhexiu apparently seems to be having difficulties."

"We'll talk about it when we get back."

Qiushan Jun rose and began walking out of the forest.

The Mount Li Sword Sect disciples in the stream hurriedly ran out of the water and used true essence to dry their clothes. Carrying ten-some fresh fish, they followed behind.

The mountain path was still quiet and peaceful. The birds had felt it safe and returned to the forest, and the air was filled with their pleasant songs.

From the mountains came the sounds of monkeys tussling with each other.

Qiushan Jun leaned his head to listen for a while, then took a sip from his wine pot and led his junior brothers down the mountain path, his clothes drifting in the wind.

The plateau on the summit of that mountain was empty of people, but the plateau upon which South Stream Temple sat was packed. Beneath the green trees and flowers, several hundred disciples of South Stream Temple quietly stood, no longer as nervous as they had been in the past few days. Upon smelling the cloying fragrance of the flowers, a few of the younger disciples even sniffed a few times.

The problem had still not been resolved, but since the Holy Maiden had already left her seclusion, what did these disciples have to worry about?

In the deepest part of South Stream Temple's complex, two prayer mats were laid out at the highest position in the thatched cottage. Xu Yourong and Chen Changsheng were seated there.

At this sight, Huai Shu slightly frowned in displeasure while Huai Bi silently pondered her own thoughts.

Huai Ren slowly said, "Your Holiness the Pope has suffered significant injuries. It would be best if you went to rest."

It was obvious what this most senior martial grandaunt of South Stream Temple meant.

Regardless of what opinion Xu Yourong had on closing the temple or on the return of these martial grandaunts from their travels, these were all internal matters of South Stream Temple.

Since they were internal matters, they should be resolved by South Stream Temple. Even if Chen Changsheng was the Pope, it was not inappropriate for him to sit here.

But her words failed to produce a reaction.

All the South Stream Temple disciples, both within and without the thatched cottage, remained calm and quiet as if they had not heard anything.

Xu Yourong also acted like she did not hear. She only quietly looked at Ping Xuan and Yi Chen.

Before entering seclusion behind the stone wall at the summit, she had handed over administration of South Stream Temple to these two senior sisters.

Her calm gaze was now clearly asking them to give an explanation for today's events.

Huai Ren sighed, wanting to say something.

Xu Yourong continued to ignore her, her gaze remaining fixed on Ping Xuan and Yi Chen.

Although they were disciples of the same generation, Ping Xuan and Yi Chen had no will to remain standing. They had been kneeling for some time.

Yi Chen's eyes were moist, her voice shaky. "I truly did not know what to do."

As she said this, tears dripped from her eyes.

Xu Yourong knew that her nature had always been gentle and agreeable. Presumably, she had been unable to withstand her teacher's endless exhortations last night, resulting in her agreement to the closing of the temple on the plateau.

Ping Xuan was much calmer, saying, "This disciple knows her wrongs, but Master is old and weak, and she had no ill intentions. I ask for Temple Master to be lenient."

Huai Ren appeared somewhat startled. She didn't expect that this disciple that had defied her several times today on the plateau would now plead for mercy on her behalf.

But she did not accept these words because even now, she still believed that she was correct.

She calmly narrated the events of the past few days to Xu Yourong. Just like last night and today, she clearly explained why she wanted South Stream Temple to close for ten years.

From start to finish, Xu Yourong did not say a word, only quietly listened.

Huai Ren said, "Today's matter seems to have been peacefully resolved, but Holy Maiden, by breaking out of seclusion, you have inevitably paid an extremely heavy price."

Chen Changsheng glanced at Xu Yourong.

Huai Ren continued, "What if these things continue to happen? Holy Maiden, how many times can you continue to pay such a price? How many times can Holy Maiden Peak pay such a price? The Imperial Court and the Li Palace, this war between teacher and disciple—why must we disciples of the temple have to bleed for them?"

At this moment, Xu Yourong finally spoke.

She spoke very softly, yet also clearly, with all the disciples standing beneath the trees able to hear her loud and clear. And these words went straight into Huai Ren's heart.

"Martial Aunt is an elder, so it is only proper that you concern yourself with the matters of the temple, but you are not the temple master. Or do you mean to say… that you want to take my seat?"

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