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Chapter 776 – The Last Three Moves, Darkness, and Opening Eyes

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

What was Chen Changsheng's strongest move? Logically speaking, it was naturally the Heavenly Tome Monoliths. Whether it was the black stone he had obtained from Wang Zhice's portrait in the Lingyan Pavilion or those stone pearls from the Garden of Zhou that had been tied around his wrist for many years, they were the most important objects in the world, supreme existences that were absolutely irreplaceable.

But the Heavenly Tome Monoliths were too profound, and it was simply impossible for him to completely comprehend them at his current level. In normal circumstances, he could only use them to nurture his spiritual sense and was unable to use them in battle. However, he had still concealed the Heavenly Tome Monoliths behind the three thousand swords tonight, tossing them towards the Demon Lord. This was because he was well aware that the Demon Lord was the person in the world that most understood the Heavenly Tome Monoliths, so it was highly likely for his mind to be shaken.

Shaking his mind was a more refined way of speaking. To put it more coarsely, he just want to give the Demon Lord a fright.

Only by giving Demon Lord a fright would he be able to conceal his final move and create a surprise.

It now seemed that his plan had succeeded.

The landscapes and darkness covering the Demon Lord's face had been cleaved open and an extremely thin and clear wound had appeared between his eyes, from which blood now flowed.

The blood of the Demon Lord naturally was not red, but surprisingly it wasn't green either. It was gold.

Seeing the Demon Lord's face covered in golden blood, Chen Changsheng suddenly thought of a face on the stone wall of the Great Hall of Light.

That had been the face of a celestial god, and also a demon god.

An extremely callous voice rose up, echoing through the mountain ranges and gradually resonating between the heavens and earth.

The howling winds between the mountains and the snow still rumbling down the side of the distant solitary peak became even more terrifying, crossing through the opening in the mountain range and shattering countless lanterns several dozen li away in Gaoyang Village.

The Demon Lord looked into Chen Changsheng's eyes and said, "Even if Su Li were here himself, he wouldn't be able to kill me with a single slash, and this is nothing more than a strand of sword intent he left behind."

As he spoke, no emotion could be seen on his face. It was abnormally indifferent, suffused with a matchless solemnity and absolute divinity.

Then, he suddenly began to laugh, revealing his mouth filled with pure white teeth.

As it laughed this divine face seemed to gain the emotions of a living being, not emotions of peace, but primal, barbaric, and terrifying emotions.

Chen Changsheng looked at the Demon Lord's white teeth, his body cold. Ever since leaving Xining Village and going to the capital, up until tonight, his greatest anxiety had arisen from the tempation of his true blood, but in reality, in the past few years, the only person to truly state the intention of drinking his blood and feasting on his flesh…had been the Demon Lord. This was now his second try.

An unimaginably grand power had crushed the last sword intent Su Li had left in this world.

That strength imbued with that primal and chaotic Qi did not disappear, but traveled along the path created by the now-vanished sword intent toward Chen Changsheng.

Countless tiny impacts resounded out almost simultaneously, like a forest in midsummer suffering a sudden chill, causing countless insects to fall to the hard earth.

Chen Changsheng's arm bones were instantly shattered into several hundred fragments, after which his shoulder blades and breastbone also began to crack, just like the dried-up lakebed he was currently standing in.

A spurt of blood shot out of his mouth and struck the Demon Lord's face.

The golden blood was diluted by the red and those broken landscapes seemed to enter twilight, the sunset casting its glow over countless corpses drenched in blood.

Traveling in the exact opposite direction of that blood, Chen Changsheng took leave of the ground and retreated backwards.

A hint of surprise flashed across the Demon Lord's eyes.

In order to destroy Su Li's sword intent, he had paid no small price, and the injuries that he had suppressed for two years had suddenly broken out again.

And yet Chen Changsheng did not die and could even move, clearly surpassing the limits of what his body should be able to bear at his current level of cultivation.

It appeared that his body was even stronger than the bodies of demon experts, but why?

Icy winds howled as Chen Changsheng retreated backwards, his body flickering in and out of view. He was incredibly difficult to catch, appearing to be in several places at the same time.

Countless stars twinkled in the darkness, and as his feet tread on the darkness, he stepped on the positions of the stars. From the moment he began his retreat, he had begun using the Yeshi Step.

His body had been bathed in the true blood of the Black Dragon and possessed an unimaginable level of toughness, the second surprise he had given the Demon Lord.

This was his last chance to escape.

He only needed to take this final step and he would be able to break out of the darkness and reach a certain place in the ruins of the courtyard.

He had prepared an array there, along with an incredibly secretive path that led deeper into the mountains.

Of course, even if he reached that place, he might not be able to escape. After all, his opponent tonight was the Demon Lord.

No matter how many moves, preparations, or surprises he had, none of it gave him any confidence. Perhaps it was precisely because he was not completely confident that before he made this final step, Chen Changsheng snatched through the air at the black stone in the darkness. At the same time, his spiritual sense fell on the ground.

A stretcher lay in front of the Demon Lord. On the stretcher was the young array master.

Chen Changsheng was confident that he could send the young array master into the Garden of Zhou. This way, even if he couldn't survive, the young array master might still have some hope.

However, just when his spiritual sense fell on the stretcher, something very strange happened.

An extremely weak yet bizarre Qi followed his spiritual sense into his body and struck his Ethereal Palace.

This was a very stealthy strike and not at all powerful, but it very exquisitely disrupted his true essence circulation.

Crucially, he was currently using the Yeshi Step.

The smallest error would result in failure.

To go south while walking north was a mistake.

His next step should have stepped on the ground next to an old plum tree several dozen zhang away.

Now, it stepped on air.

His feet fell on the night sky.

It was colder here, the wind faster, as he was now several dozen zhang in the air.

The wind howled and a shadow shut out the stars, accompanied by a cruel and ruthless cry.

Intense pain came from his shoulders and neck.

Nanke appeared behind him, her sharp fingernails infused with a green light grabbing his arms, carrying him higher into the sky. Even more frightening was that some sort of invisible string had appeared between her two wings and was constantly hacking at his throat. In a flash, it had already sunk into his flesh and caused blood to drip out.

The Demon Lord looked at the scene in the sky and licked the blood at the corner of his lips, calm and expectant.

With a daughter who had the fastest speed in the world, he was utterly unconcerned about the prospect of Chen Changsheng escaping.

Chen Changsheng had been caught by Nanke and seemed powerless to resist. He could only wait to be killed and then eaten.

Just like how his body was high up in the cold sky, there was no place from which he could borrow power.

But he would not surrender. Not even fate had been able to make him submit, so how could a real foe or plight do it?

In the wilderness, he had learned three swords from Su Li.

At this time, he chose without hesitation to use the mightiest of them, the Blazing Sword.

This attack was composed of three sword techniques.

The True Sword of the Orthodoxy was also called the Sword of Slaughter. In the last battle of the Grand Examination all those years ago, he had used this attack to force Gou Hanshi to retreat.

The final move of the Mount Li Sword Style had been used by Liang Xiaoxiao in the Garden of Zhou to commit suicide and put himself into a wretched state, and Chen Changsheng had also used it once.

Tonight, he used these two resolute techniques at the same time.

He did not believe that Nanke had the ability to stop him…from dying.

As for the last technique…it naturally had to be Mount Li's Secret Sword of the Golden Crow.

I can burn the heavens, earth, and man into nothing. What can you do about it?

Nanke could not comprehend his sword intent, but she sensed what he was attempting to do, and even someone as cold as her felt a little fear.

These three sword techniques were too fast, too desperate.

The Demon Lord's callous voice spoke once more. "You want to die? It's not that easy."

Chen Changsheng's flesh was his final hope. He would not allow anyone to snatch it away, including Chen Changsheng.

He stretched out his hand towards the sky and a sheet of darkness fell towards Chen Changsheng!

He wanted to use his incomparably tyrannical and most powerful demon technique to swallow up Chen Changsheng's last three moves!

His expression was so stern, so focused, that he didn't notice…

Right in front of him.

Right at his feet.

Right on that stretcher.

The young array master suddenly opened his eyes.

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