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Chapter 775 – Still Another Move

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The stone pearl looked very ordinary and there seemed nothing special about the stone seal.

Only the extraordinary individuals of the Divine Domain could clearly sense the violent energies that could wreak havoc on the world contained within them.

Ever since he had snuck into the Garden of Zhou all those years ago, that seal had remained tied to his waist, so he was very experienced with such matters. Consequently, he could determine that the Garden of Zhou had now fallen into Chen Changsheng's hands, but he could not understand for the moment just how Chen Changsheng could use the stone pearl given his current cultivation level.

After all, even with his own profound cultivation, he still had to handle the seal with care, so how could Chen Changsheng do it?

Another three stone pearls flew through the darkness.

A storm suddenly descended upon the world of the Demon Lord's face, making it appear incredibly bleak.

With a thought, the seal's position in the night sky went through an extremely subtle adjustment, and a small gust emerged from nowhere.

The Demon Lord emitted a Qi as deep as the darkness, but it soon became abnormally bright and upright, seemingly divine.

The position of the seal and the change in his Qi fell upon the four stone pearls. This was interaction and also questioning, communication.

The berserk Qis of the three stone pearls were also gradually pacified.

The stone pearls and the seal floated in the night sky. Glimmering in reflected starlight, they looked just like real stars.

They silently stood across from each other, their positions seemingly unchanging and eternal, looking just like a star chart.

Even this is possible? Chen Changsheng was stunned at this sight. He felt that the wind blowing across his face had gotten much colder, the chill piercing into his bones.

"Many years ago, I comprehended the wondrous knowledge of the ordering of the stars from studying the star charts in the Mausoleum of Books. I didn't expect that only after more than a thousand years would I have a chance to use it for the first time."

When he thought of those ancient matters, even the Demon Lord felt emotional. He looked at that stone seal and the pearls in the night like he was looking at the future.

The Heavenly Tome Monoliths that Chen Changsheng had obtained in the Garden of Zhou were unquestionably his strongest, and also final, move, but now it had been stopped. Shortly the Demon Lord would drink Chen Changsheng's true blood, and with the acquisition of so many Heavenly Tome Monoliths, those wounds that had lingered for a thousand years would probably recover in a single day. There was even a chance that he might break through.

He would then return to Xuelao City and slaughter all those traitors, cast his unfilial son into the abyss, and seat himself upon the throne once more. He would lead the army south, pass through Tianliang and enter the capital, break past Mount Li and march until the Southern Sea, finally uniting the continent. He would then construct countless great ships and cross the Eastern Sea, making landfall on the Great Western Continent and becoming the true master of the world!

Finally…he would lead the three races on an expedition, using a grandiose momentum to sweep through the Sacred Light Continent and accomplish an unprecedented feat!

Countless scenes flashed past the Demon Lord's eyes. A tyrannical aura gradually manifested around him, and his lips gradually perked upwards, his joy reaching its peak.

He waved his sleeve at the darkness, effortlessly knocking down the last several dozen swords.

At this moment, he thought that he would see the ideal conclusion, yet he did not expect that he would first see a pair of eyes.

These were Chen Changsheng's eyes, bright and calm, serious and focused. There was no despair, not even a sense of defeat within them.

Chen Changsheng did not remain where he stood to await his defeat. From the moment he attacked, he had already left the ground, charging towards the Demon Lord.

Behind the three thousand swords piercing through the world were the Heavenly Tome Monoliths, and behind the Heavenly Tome Monolith was himself, but rather than a sword, he held a letter.

There was already a tear in this letter.

Upon seeing this letter, the Demon Lord's eyes narrowed, an intense vigilance emerging within them.

His strength tonight was far from its peak and he was certainly not invincible, but he was still powerful. This was especially the case in terms of cultivation and awareness, where he had always occupied the highest point of the world.

Only a scant few could trigger his instinctive sense of danger.

There was one in the Great Western Continent.

There were two in White Emperor City.

Only one remained in the capital.

Where had this letter come from? Just who had written it?

The most famous letters in the world were those written between the Demon Grand Scholar Tungus and the Pope of the Human race countless years ago. The most intelligent figures in the world had ignored the deep sea of blood and resentment between the Human and Demon races and discussed many important problems within their letters, which they published to the world.

Both the Council of Elders in Xuelao City and the Imperial clan in the capital were deeply concerned about this relationship and wanted to protest, but none dared to, as the statuses of these two figures were too high. At the time, there had been no Great Zhou Dynasty, but the Daoist religion was still the Orthodoxy, and the Pope possessed an incredible prestige and authority. Tungus had been the teacher to several generations of Demon Lords, so his status was similarly unquestionable.

After these letters, the next most famous was that denouncement of Tianhai spread across the world after the bloody incident of the Orthodox Academy twenty-some years ago.

Although it was a denouncement, it could also be considered a letter that the Chen Imperial clan and the conservative faction of the Orthodoxy had written to the people of the world.

In the most recent few years, the most famous letters had naturally been the letters that Su Li had left for the world before taking the Holy Maiden to travel to the other continent. One letter had killed one elder of the Longevity Sect and heavily injured a few others while also shattering the sect's great array, severing a few secret paths of retreat. Another letter had chopped off Zhu Luo's arm in the Myriad Willows Garden outside Hanqiu City. One letter had been sent to the Orthodox Academy, passing on sword intent to Chen Changsheng, routing Wuqiong Bi of the Storms of the Eight Directions, and even engaging in a battle with the Tianhai Divine Empress's Wooden Sword Little Phoenix in the night sky over the capital.

Other than the writer Su Li, the deliverer Xu Yourong, and a few people within the Orthodox Academy, no one knew that Su Li had actually left four letters to the world.

Three letters had been opened and used, but there was still one letter that had remained in Chen Changsheng's bosom this entire time.

He had not used it in the Mausoleum of Books, as he had not known which side to choose between the Divine Empress and the Pope, and even if he had used it, it wouldn't have been able to change the situation. He had not used it when killing Zhou Tong, as he was confident, and this letter was too important and unique, so it was too much of a waste to use it on Zhou Tong. The only time he had almost used the letter was when Eunuch Lin had entered the Orthodox Academy with the resolve to kill him, and also on that night…when his teacher Shang Xingzhou had made his way to him through the snow.

Tonight, his opponent was no ordinary person, but the Demon Lord.

In the face of such a legend, this mythical being, Chen Changsheng had no illusions of being able to escape through a fluke. He had chosen without hesitation to use all the moves he had.

The swords of the Garden of Zhou, the monoliths of the Mausoleum of Books, and the letter from Mount Li.

The letter instantly exploded as an invisible sword intent soared upward on a whirlwind towards the stars.

The starlight shattered and the sword intent became real, stabbing straight at the Demon Lord.

A light splitting sound could be heard in the darkness.

It was like water being parted, clouds being halved, the sky being cleaved in two.

Those landscapes were cleaved apart.

That world was cleaved apart.

That darkness was cleaved apart.

The layers of mist that had shrouded the Demon Lord's face for countless years were forcefully cut open by the incredible might of that sword intent.

His true face appeared in the world.

His suddenly rising eyebrows like inky mountains.

His hawkish eyes, as unfathomably cold as a dark pool.

The Demon Lord's palms came together.

It was like two mountains that had stood sentinel on two banks of a river for countless years coming together.

The sword intent Su Li had left behind was caught between them.

A straight and vivid wound appeared on the Demon Lord's face.

It was right between those inky mountains, right between those dark pools.

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