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Chapter 77 - The Stepping Stone for Someone Else

After entering the inside of the Mu Manor, Mo Fan unfortunately heard Feishi, Li Wenjie, and Guo Caitang having a discussion about himself. Within his heart, he thought about what kind of expressions they would have if they knew that Fan Mo and Mo Fan were the same person.

Forget it, let’s focus on the matters of the duel today.

Entering Mu Manor’s large dinner hall, there were indeed numerous tasty delicacies being placed on the table. Mo Fan, who was just getting hungry, was about to start eating before he came face-to-face with a handsome mustachioed man who was surrounded by young, unmarried women.

“Good brat, you really dare to join the banquet!” the moustached man glared at Mo Fan.

“Head Instructor, you’re also here to eat and drink for free?” Mo Fan didn’t think that Head Instructor Zhankong would be here as well.

“Cough, what are you saying!” the mustached Zhankong broke loose from the crowd of young women. He pulled Mo Fan to the side as he asked with his eyebrows cocked, “How about it, why don’t you join my army when you graduate? If you are able to enter a good Magic University, then our army will be able to support the whatever large cost of your Magic University. I know that you brat has caused trouble for the master. The government can protect you, and guarantee that you will be able to stomp on these second generations if you aren’t satisfied! We will clean up your mess!”

This wasn’t the first time Zhankong wanted to pull Mo Fan into his army, and it was very hard to say if it was only to have Mo Fan give back the precious Bone Scythe Shield.

“No, protecting the borders everyday is boring, I still wanna take a stroll around the big cities,” Mo Fan rejected him.

“What’s so good about a large city? Reinforced concrete, vehicle emissions and putrid stench. How is it better than our large stronghold with an enchanting scenery with bird songs and fragrant flowers. If you’re not satisfied with the meals, then you could go to the outside and hunt a few Magical Beast to bring back home to eat, how free is that?” Zhankong said with his face filled with smiles.

“Either way, I’m not enlisting,” Mo Fan said with certainty.

“Alright, alright, you brat sure is unyielding. If you nod your head today, then this Head Instructor will definitely help you settle any big matters in the future. Since it’s like this, then I won’t care even if you get beaten half dead by that guy Yu Ang.” Zhankong started getting angry.

With Zhankong’s reputation, he could get any young Magicians he wanted as they all begged him to take them in, yet, this kid didn’t even give him any attention!

As Mo Fan was about to walk away, Zhankong’s pressed his finger onto Mo Fan’s shoulders.

“Head Instructor, what is the meaning of this? Are you going to make me join by force?” Mo Fan asked in confusion.

At this moment, Zhankong had retracted that vulgar yet handsome uncle appearance, between his eyebrows showed a hint of seriousness as he whispered, “Not joining my team is fine, but help me with one small matter.”

“What matter?” Mo Fan was puzzled.

“When you battle that kid Yu Ang, bemindful.”

“Mindful of what?”

“Just be more mindful.”

“I don’t understand.” Before Mo Fan could inquire more, two middle-aged men and women who looked important were walking over.

They appeared to be familiar with Zhankong. Zhankong immediately smiled as he greeted them.

Mo Fan was completely confused, he didn’t know what Zhankong wanted him to do.


Not too long after, Principal Zhu, Deng Kai, Yang Zuohe and the more important characters of Bo City began to appear. Mu Zhuoyun personally brought Yu Ang along to greet all of them.

Principal Zhu represented the Magic School, he was the Mt Tai of all the Magic Schools in Bo City.

Deng Kai was the head of Hunters Union, his position was naturally aloof.

Yang Zuohe represented the Magic Association, his power approached the previous two.

The one representing the Military was Zhankong, and it could be said that he was the strongest Magician in this crowd of people, and the true God of War of Bo City!

Mu Zhuoyun didn’t need any introductions, he was the head of this Elemental family!

Mo Fan unexpectedly realized that he had met all these important characters of Bo City, thus, did that mean he himself was also an important character?

(Ed. Note: Sure, it’s all about you, Mr. MC)

The fact is, Mo Fan also knew that he was quite a distance away from that group of people. He was able to easily receive the attention of these people at the top of the ladder because of his identity as a student who excelled beyond the common. Once he entered society, and the great tides washed by, he reckoned that they would quickly forget about him.

The three instructors, Luo Yunbo, Pan Lijun, and Baiyang, were also participating. Based on what Mo Fan had found out from the mouths of those veterans at the stronghold, these three Instructors powers were a bit stronger than the Hunter Team’s Captain, Xu Dahuang. They were all people who were approaching Intermediate Mage.

The truth is, those who had reached Intermediate Magician in Bo City could count as impressive. Any power would try to offer a powerful person benefits to rope them in.

Frankly speaking, if Mo Fan were to reach Intermediate Magician, then Mu Zhuoyun would no longer dare to cause trouble for him. The amount of Intermediate Mages in Bo City could be counted on two hands.


“Mu Zhuoyun really went all out this time, he invited so many people here. It feels like those who have the slightist bit of prestige are invited, and they came here to give old Zhuoyun enough face.” Inside the banquet, there were already a few people whispering.

“How could that be, the Mu Family has already produced a Mu Ningxue, their future position won’t be on the same level as it is currently. Who doesn’t know that old Zhuoyun will quickly be able to cover the skies with his hands. Today, he will introduce his little tyrant of Bo City. Thus, if you want to be able to make something out of yourself in Bo City in the future, how could you not come? If you don’t come despite being invited, then I reckon you’ll be dragged onto the blacklist,” a man who looked like he should be from the Magic Association whispered.

“Isn’t that a bit exaggerated?” another person said.

“It’s true, it’s definitely true. Look at us, at what age did we cultivate to Intermediate Mage level, and then look at Mu Ningxue, how old is she? From that, you can tell the amount of power the Mu Family will be able to grasp in the future.

“That’s why other than Boss Zhankong, someone who has transcended beyond common people like us, everyone will have to treat old Zhuoyun with respect. I really don’t understand what that foolish brat called Mo Fan is really thinking. Even we have to say yes to everything Mu Zhuoyun says, yet he talks back… He really doesn’t want to stay in Bo City!

“Sigh, that’s hard to say. I’ve heard that Mu Ningxue and Mu Zhuoyun’s relationship isn’t too good. If Mu Ningxue says to not touch someone, then Mu Zhuoyun can’t be too excessive.”

“Yeah, besides, I’ve heard that kid Mo Fan is the student with the highest grades in Tian Lan Magic High, and he obtained the backing of Boss Zhankong during his Practicals. Principal Zhu and Deng Kai would definitely protect this kind of student. Even if the two don’t want to offend Mu Zhuoyun, Boss Zhankong wouldn’t care about that. Who has Boss Zhankong ever been scared of? Whoever touches his soldiers, he would crush everything on his way to their home!”

As Feishi realized these people were discussing this, he immediately went up to them to join them.

Not long after, Feishi came back. Xiaoke was curious, so she asked Feishi, “Brother Feishi, why is everyone discussing the matter of Yu Ang and that person called Mo Fan?”

“Oh, I also just found out. Mo Fan is representing the strength of Magic Schools to a certain degree. He will be using the identity of a student of a Magic School to duel against Yu Ang, who is a disciple of an Ancestral Family. The winner would naturally obtain an opportunity to cultivate at the extremely super ultra precious Underground Holy Spring of Bo City,” Feishi explained.

“So it’s like that, I heard that it has been many years since a student from a Magic School has entered the Underground Holy Spring.”

“That’s normal, the schools have many students to tend for. Having one or two incredible geniuses appearing occasionally counts as a good harvest. The disciples of the Ancestral Families are the Elites; they may not have as many people as the schools, but they are all Elites. It won’t be too weird if that person called Mo Fan becomes the stepping stone for someone else today,”

“It feels quite lamentable, an outstanding student who emerged victorious from fifteen hundred people is still not better than someone from an Ancestral Family,” Xiaoke sighed, “Being born into a good family is a skill.”

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