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Chapter 78 - Tonight, Supporting Role

Mo Fan walked around and obtained some news from the people around.

That’s what I thought, what was the point of making two youngster’s duel so grand? As it turns out, it is actually a duel between the powers of Bo City.

This battle was indeed not a bad thing for himself. Perform well during the duel and he’d make a name for himself, that’s not bad at all!

“Zhoumin, Xiaohou, He Yu, Zhang Yinglu, Xu Zhaoting, Wang Sanpang… How come you guys are here too?” Mo Fan suddenly discovered a group of relatively young figures. It turned out they were his classmates.

“The school had a few spots, and Mu Bai helped getting us in here. It’s not every day that you see the school’s number one expert fight with the disciples of an Ancestral Family, how could we not come and see?” Xu Zhaoting sounded a bit sour.

For Xu Zhaoting, a great Lightning element user, this spot was originally his. In the end, it was stolen by Mo Fan, who killed his way here.

However, after what happened during Practicals, Xu Zhaoting’s scorn towards Mo Fan was no longer as fierce as before. Everyone’s lives were basically saved by Mo Fan. In fact, he was actually hoping for Mo Fan to perform brilliantly during the duel this time, so he could regain some face for the Magic Schools.

“Brother Fan, I just saw Uncle Mo Jiaxing’s name on the invitation list, I reckon it was done by that guy Mu He,” Zhang Xiaohou said.

“That’s a good thing.”

“Mo Fan, you need to do your best,” Zhoumin said with a pure smile.

Mo Fan nodded.

The Mo Fan from two years would never have imagined that his duel would turn into such a passionate topic among the crowds today.

That is also good, the feelings of having so many eyes on you is also an once in a lifetime experience, it’s way better than being in the dark with no one knowing of you!


“Everyone, everyone, I’m thankful for everyone who made it here to congratulate my son. Time always flies by so fast, some of us will definitely reach a point where we are unable to cast magic. Bo City’s future will inevitably be seized by those younger, and ever more outstanding youths. You may think that I have invited everyone here for my son’s Coming-of-Age Ceremony, that is a mistake. I have always believed in the students surpassing the master, I, Mu Zhuoyun, am only able to do this much for Bo City. I am only able to help preserve the current state of this Bo City that has given birth to many Magicians and outstanding, talented people. However, in the next ten to twenty years, Bo City will be in the hands of the young and will become even more prosperous. Becoming an increasingly more flourishing Mage City is definitely possible. Don’t you think that I should be holding a majestic banquet for the future of Bo City, so everyone can witness it together?” Mu Zhuoyun was the organizer, he raised the goblet with red wine as his face filled with a red aura to hint to the present guests.

“Alright, let’s give a toast for the future of Bo City!” Yang Zuohe was the first to stand up as he greeted Mu Zhuoyun.

“The people present are all those who have the qualifications to discuss our Bo City. Master Mu Zhuoyun is not the only one who is looking forward to the future of our Bo City; this toast, I will drink all at once!”

The present guests also stood up as they toasted before drinking it all.

Amongst the people in the hall, Mo Fan discovered that Mrs. Tangyue, who was also present at the banquet, was feeling as sick as he was from what Mu Zhuoyun had said. She even rolled her eyes during the toast.

He didn’t know which part of Mu Zhuoyun that Mrs. Tangyue was against.

Realizing his ambitions, after the impassioned and mighty Mu Manor, that almost emitted golden rays, feast had ended, naturally, they welcomed the most important play of the day —— the Magic Duel!

Many of these people really did not come here to listen to Mu Zhuoyun’s stereotypical speech. They just wanted to know whose family the Underground Holy Spring would fall on this year.

There were numerous Magicians within Bo City who were in the Primary level and had only been able to use the same Magic, so much that their old hands began to develop calluses. Whereas how many were there exactly who had actually taken a step into the realm of Intermediate Mages?

Stardust was unfathomable; some people displayed talents from the start, yet at the end of the day, they were unable to cross that threshold. Thus, those who had been Primary Magicians their whole lives could be found everywhere. Hence the heavenly treasure, the Underground Holy Spring, that was able to infinitely increase a Magician’s chances to approach the Intermediate level, became a holy item everyone was yearning for even in their dreams...

Unfortunately, it was only opened to the younger generations of Magicians who were filled with unlimited possibilities. Furthermore, only one person could enter every year, and few could win against the disciple of a Ancestral Family.

When Mo Fan was just a student, he didn’t know that Bo City had this kind of heavenly treasure. He also didn’t know that time being rude and impetuous would allow him to hit the cultivation opportunity which numerous people within Bo City were thirsting for.

It seemed to comply with the saying: If you don’t do your best, then you won’t know how great your strength is.


The time of the Magic Duel finally came. Mo Fan was already waiting in the inner arena of the Magic Duel after hearing the arrangements from Mu Zhuoyun.

An elliptical center emerged in the duel arena; it was much bigger than the training grounds of the school. It approached the size of a sports stadium.

On both sides were ascending seats, more then enough to contain today’s invited guests of the Bo City.

Mo Fan was standing in the center of the duel arena. In fact, he had been standing there for a while.

Yu Ang was late, it was clear that Mu Zhuoyun wanted to give him a gorgeous appearance on stage.

This kind of feeling wasn’t good.

This made Mo Fan feel like he was in a bullfighter ring. He was the bull that was released onto the ring so everyone could watch him, let the spectators understand what kind of weight this bull had. To see the sturdy physique and sharp bull horns. Then the leading role, the handsome and elegant matador, brilliantly enters the arena a little while later. All kinds of lighting begins to flicker and all kinds of applause screeches.


My son, that’s right, that is my son.” Mo Jiaxing was definitely optimistic, he was cheerfully telling the old employees of Mu Family at the side.

“Not bad, Old Mo, it could be said that you brought a change of fortune,” a worker who dealt with the garden said.

“Is that right, as long as he doesn’t get completely beaten. I have heard this Yu Ang is normally unusually fierce against his own brothers and sisters,” a worker who is in charge of cleaning said.

“The youths are just testing their skills, how could they be fierce,” Mo Jiaxing chuckled.

In Mo Jiaxing’s view, this was just a very common duel. He also thought that a great character like Mu Zhuoyun wouldn’t have the mind of a child. The truth is, a lot of the people knew that Mu Zhuoyun wanted to stomp on this Mo Fan who didn’t know the difference between heaven and earth.

“Bets, I bet on this kid Mo Fan being beaten in a single move!”

“Shit, no matter what, he is still the number one student of Tian Lan Magic High, how could that be possible?”

“I will bet on it either way, I have heard of Yu Ang’s abilities many times before.”

As everyone was incessantly discussing this, Yu Ang, who was wearubg a unique garment, finally emerged.

His clothes looked like they were made of leather, but at same time, they also looked like high quality silk. It was sparkling beneath the illumination of the lights. His entire person looked like a prince who was walking into his palace.

In terms of the appearance, it was clear that they put a lot of effort into it. This really caused a huge contrast with Mo Fan, who wore sandals to the arena.

After Yu Ang wore high class clothes, his entire demeanor had immediately risen by a few levels. Adding to his already tall stature and somewhat feminine traits, bedazzling a few girls was natural.

On the snowy white clothes was a design that fused the family’s ice magic diagram. Yu Ang brilliantly entered the arena, and the corner of his mouth displayed a confident smile that indicated that he was the main character today.

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