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Chapter 60 -  Come Forth, Lightning!         


"Fire Burst!" Xu DaHuang bellowed,the strong flame in his hands split the night, flying towards the Colossal-Eyed Ape Rat.

Feeling the heat behind him, the cunning Rat tried to dodge to the side.

This move by the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat astonished Mo Fan. It had keen senses to detect the speedy attack by Xu DaHuang...

It was obviously going to miss. Monsters wouldn't stand there like a dummy in school, waiting to be attacked.

"Hide? Futile!" Xu DaHuang laughed in mockery.

The fireball landed where the Colossal-eyed Ape Rat first stood, missing it completely.

"Burst!" he chanted the twist to the technique.

In that instant, a ray of light emerged from the extinguishing fireball as it burst open!!


The cloud of fire exploded, waves of fire quickly swallowed everything from the point of impact.


The crimson flames engulfed everything in a 3 meter radius, including the Rat which thought it had evaded the attack.

A tremor appeared in the air, the explosion was blinding!!

Through the flames, Mo Fan could faintly see the Colossal-Eyed Rat get swallowed up in crimson. Its fat bulk was thrown five, six meters away, slamming head-first into the canteen walls.

Cornered, the Colossal-Eyed Rat thrashed for its life, now stripped of that monstrous air. Now, it was just a half-dead sewer rat.

At this, Mo Fan's lips stretched into a giant "O"!


Fire Burst-Scorch!!

That overbearing burst effect left no chance for that agile Big-Eyed Rat. The burn and cremation effects paled in comparison to that direct and violent burst effect!

Mo Fan never would have thought that the squad leader of the Hunter Team had trained the Fire Burst technique to the third level, that burst effect nearly killed the Rat instantly.

Man, if he had known Fire Burst-Scorch during the Spirit Wolf encounter, he could have ended it in a blast. Would he have needed to run, to need those stalagmites? If those stalagmites weren't everywhere, and the monster positioned directly underneath... Last time, he was lucky.

Unbelievably cool!

At this point, Mo Fan's heart toiled like the raging waves of fire.

Thinking about how his fireball could reach this level, his passion for training blazed.

As long as he could master Fire Burst-Scorch, that Yu Ao wouldn't be his match, that old geezer Mu ZhuoYun could be smacked so hard that his face would be swollen!

Yes, no matter what, I have to reach the third level for Fire Burst before I graduate, and blind the titanium dog eyes of those old geezers in the Mu Family!

The experience and skill of the Hunter Team was apparent when they predicted that the Rat would run after the blast. Fei Shi and Guo CaiTang sealed the escape routes of the Rat using their techniques.

"Ku~~~~~~!!!!" the Big-Eyed Rat roared, and leapt unexpectedly towards Guo CaiTang.

Guo CaiTang paused, her Ice Vine technique froze the spot where the Rat had just fled. She did not anticipate that the Rat could still thrash so violently.

"Xiao Ke, Water Meld, now!" Squad Leader Xu DaHuang tensed at this sight.

Xiao Ke panicked, frantically linking the Water Star Rails.

Nervous, Xiao Ke slowed down and couldn't cast Water Meld in time.

While Guo CaiTang, having faced dangers like this before, grit her teeth and leapt to the side.

Although she couldn't dodge it completely, as long as she could save her vitals, losing an arm was better than dying.

"Lightning Seal-Python Mark!!"

Multiple seals swarmed in the distance just as the situation turned for the worse.

These seals flogged the Colossal-Eyed Rat and flayed its flesh. The Python marks on the Rat drilled frantically into its muscles, leaving it unable to run.

Halfway through its dash, the Rat seized up and slumped onto the concrete, rolling to a stop before Guo CaiTang's legs.

Guo CaiTang paused as she saw the twitching Rat, before jumping back a few meters away. She stared in disbelief at Mo Fan.

"Good Job, Fan Mo!"

"Man, this Colossal-Eyed Rat has to be mutated, why is it more violent than the One-Eyed Wolf? Half-dead and it is still attacking rather than running!" Fei Shi exclaimed, still shocked from the ordeal.

"I've told you so many times, be on your guard, be on your guard!! Guo CaiTang almost died… If not for the Lightning Mage we recruited today, would the monster be paralyzed? How else do we stop the Rat from staking it all?" Squad Leader Xu DaHuang burst into a tirade.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's fault." Xiao Ke stammered.

"Apologies wouldn't help if someone died, they can't hear it in their graves! As the only water mage in the team with defense capabilities, your job is to be on your guard! Be ready with your Star Rails at all times!" Xu DaHuang bellowed at Xiao Ke.

Mo Fan was slightly surprised, he had expected Captain Xu DaHuang to just nag instead of lashing out at such a cute girl.

However, he wasn't wrong, magicians of different elements had different roles to play when forming a Hunting team. A single mistake in a strategy was not only lethal, but would spell disaster for the entire team. Monsters killed in an instant!

Xiao Ke bit her lip and said nothing, having realized the severity of her mistake.

Guo Caitang did not blame Xiao Ke, instead, she continued to stare at Mo Fan.

She was about to die, but this greenhorn had saved her life!

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